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Lightning photo

Crop circles database

table of very many crop circles found (1000+), during the years up to 2010, sorted by date
Crop circles
Understand thunderstorms and lightnings

The most comprehensive crop circle table ever

(in construction, hundreds of localities will be added soon)


years 2011 (start) to 2007

From the year 2006 to the year 1994

2006-12-22GermanyLower Saxony, Gut Wellersen, nr. Göttingenmustardpic
2006-10-25GermanyCrop circle at Lower Saxony, Göttingenmustardpic
2006-10-18GermanyCrop circle at Lower Saxony, Göttingenmustardpic
2006-10-01GermanyCrop circle at Lower Saxony, Jühndetriticalepic
2006-09-09USACrop circle at Kansas, Beloitsorghumpic
2006-08-28CanadaCrop circle at Alberta, Provostpic
2006-08-18CanadaCrop circle at Ontario, Schombergsorghumpic
2006-08-16USACrop circle at Illinois, Geneseosoybeanspic
2006-08-15EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Etchilhamptonwheatpic
2006-08-13EnglandCrop circle at Gloucestershire, Kemblewheatpic
2006-08-11GermanyCrop circle at Lower Saxony, Meensen (3)wheatpic
2006-08-11GermanyCrop circle at Lower Saxony, Meensen (2)wheatpic
2006-08-08EnglandCrop circle at Lincolnshire, Waltham, nr Grimsbywheatpic
2006-08-06EnglandCrop circle at Oxfordshire, Blowington Hill, nr. Uffingtonwheatpic
2006-08-05GermanyCrop circle at Bayern, Selbbarleypic
2006-08-05EnglandCrop circle at Scotland, Fife, on the banks of the river Taywheatpic
2006-08-04EnglandCrop circle at Oxfordshire, Toot Balden (2), nr Garsingtonwheatpic
2006-08-01EnglandWiltshire, Hackpen Hill, Nr Winterbourne Monktonwheatpic
2006-08-01EnglandCrop circle at Hampshire, Old Sarum, nr Salisburybarleypic
2006-08-01GermanyCrop circle at Lower Saxony, Meensen (1)wheatpic
2006-08-01GermanyCrop circle at Bavaria, Hadorfwheatpic
2006-07-31CanadaCrop circle at British Columbia, Armstronggrasspic
2006-07-30EnglandCrop circle at Oxfordshire, Toot Balden, nr Garsingtonwheatpic
2006-07-28EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, East Fieldwheatpic
2006-07-26EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, East Kennettwheatpic
2006-07-25EnglandCrop circle at Arreton, nr Newchurch, Isle of Wightwheatpic
2006-07-24EnglandCrop circle at Hampshire, Gander Downwheatpic
2006-07-24GermanyCrop circle at Brandenburg, Bredowwheatpic
2006-07-22EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Milk HIllwheatpic
2006-07-22EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Windmill Hillwheatpic
2006-07-22EnglandStaffordshire, Chartley Castle, nr Stowe-by-Chartleywheatpic
2006-07-19EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, West Overtonpic
2006-07-19SwissCrop circle at Bern, Gümmenenwheatpic
2006-07-19EnglandCrop circle at Berkshire, Straight Soleywheatpic
2006-07-18EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Rabley Woodspic
2006-07-18BelgiumCrop circle at Oost Vlaanderen, Haalertpic
2006-07-18SloveniaCrop circle at Krapjepic
2006-07-17GermanyCrop circle at Nordrhein-Westfalen, Bergheim-Stommelnwheat
2006-07-17GermanyCrop circle at Bayern, Gablingenwheatpic
2006-07-17BelgiumCrop circle at Waterloowheatpic
2006-07-17BelgiumCrop circle at Waterloo, Lions Moundpic
2006-07-17EnglandCrop circle at Cambridheshire, Coploe Hill, Ickletonwheatpic
2006-07-16GermanyCrop circle at Brandenburg, Seeburg, nr. Berlinoatspic
2006-07-16GermanyCrop circle at Baden-Württemberg, Bambergenwheatpic
2006-07-16CzechCrop circle at Semily, Turnovwheatpic
2006-07-16HollandCrop circle at Zeeland, Dreischoorwheatpic
2006-07-16HollandCrop circle at Noord Brabant, Etten-Leurwheatpic
2006-07-15EnglandCrop circle at Norfolk, Cess Road, Burlingtonpic
2006-07-15GermanyCrop circle at Bavaria, Oberhausenwheatpic
2006-07-14PolandCrop circle at Warzawa, Kepnawheatpic
2006-07-14EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Babury Castlewheatpic
2006-07-13HollandCrop circle at Noord Brabant, Zevenbergenbarleypic
2006-07-13PolandCrop circle at Makowarskwheatpic
2006-07-13GermanyCrop circle at Hessen, Calden-Ehrstenwheatpic
2006-07-12GermanyCrop circle at Bayern, Hanfeldwheatpic
2006-07-11EnglandCrop circle at Kent, Kits Coty, Burhamwheatpic
2006-07-11EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Liddington Castle, nr Swindonwheatpic
2006-07-11GermanyCrop circle at Bayern, Hassfurtwheatpic
2006-07-11EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Aldbournewheatpic
2006-07-10BelgiumCrop circle at Brabant, Kessel Lopic
2006-07-10GermanyCrop circle at Baden-Württemberg, Schwetzingenrye?pic
2006-07-09EnglandCrop circle at Hertfordshire, Datchfordpic
2006-07-09HungaryCrop circle at Mezokomarompic
2006-07-08EnglandCrop circle at Oxfordshire, Wayland Smithy, Uffingtonwheatpic
2006-07-08EnglandCrop circle at Oxfordshire, Uffington (above White Horse)wheatpic
2006-07-08EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Savernake Forest, Marlboroughwheatpic
2006-07-08EnglandCrop circle at Kent, Boxleywheatpic
2006-07-08HollandCrop circle at Hoeven, Noord Brabantwheatpic
2006-07-06EnglandCrop circle at Hertfordshire, Astonwheatpic
2006-07-06EnglandCrop circle at Blofield, Norfolkwheatpic
2006-07-06GermanyCrop circle at Bavaria, Marloffsteinwheatpic
2006-07-04EnglandCrop circle at Kent, Wouldham, nr Rochesterwheatpic
2006-07-04HollandCrop circle at Gelderland, Berg en Dalpic
2006-07-03SwissCrop circle at Argau, Stettenwheatpic
2006-07-02EnglandCrop circle at Oxfordshire, Rollright Stoneswheatpic
2006-07-02GermanyCrop circle at Baden-Württemberg, Niederbiegenwheatpic
2006-07-01ItalyCrop circle at Marche, San Biaggio di Osimo (Ancona)wheatpic
2006-07USACrop circle at Illinois, Bellevillesoybeanspic
2006-06-30EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Avebury Trusloewheatpic
2006-06-29USACrop circle at Indiana, Huntingburgwheatpic
2006-06-29ItalyCrop circle at Piemonte, Pralormo (Torino)wheatpic
2006-06-28ItalyCrop circle at Marche, Osimowheatpic
2006-06-25USACrop circle at Indiana, Huntingburgwheatpic
2006-06-25ItalyCrop circle at Piemonte, Poirino, Torino
2006-06-25GermanyCrop circle at Bavaria, Memmelsdorfwheatpic
2006-06-25Bosnia – H.Crop circle at Zapadno-hercegovačka, Ljubuški
2006-06-24EnglandCrop circle at Kent, Pilgrims Way, nr. Burhambarleypic
2006-06-24ItalyCrop circle at Marche, Montegranaro (AP)wheatpic
2006-06-23ItalyCrop circle at Marche, Montegranaro (AP)wheatpic
2006-06-23ItalyCrop circle at Emilia Romagna, Lizzano (Cesena)wheatpic
2006-06-23BelgiumCrop circle at Hoelbeek, Bilzenpic
2006-06-22EnglandCrop circle at Kent, Lower Blue Bell Hill, nr. Burhamoatspic
2006-06-21EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Silbury Hill, nr. Aveburywheatpic
2006-06-21GermanyCrop circle at Hessen, Dörnbergwheatpic
2006-06-21EnglandCrop circle at Norfolk, Cess Road, Nr Marthamwheatpic
2006-06-21EnglandCrop circle at Norfolk, Marthamwheatpic
2006-06-21EnglandCrop circle at Norfolk, Grove Fram, nr. Marthampic
2006-06-19EnglandCrop circle at Oxfordshire, Dentongrasspic
2006-06-19CroatiaSplitsko-dalmatinska, Vidoši, Vinjani Gornjigrasspic
2006-06-19EnglandCrop circle at Hertfordshire, Watton Road, Knebworthwheatpic
2006-06-17ItalyCrop circle at Tuscany, Calcinaiawheatpic
2006-06-17BelgiumCrop circle at Lions Mound, Waterloowheatpic
2006-06-16FranceCrop circle at Deux Sévres, La Mothe-Saint-Héraywheatpic
2006-06-16ItalyCrop circle at Marche, Santa Lucia, Recanati (Macerata)wheatpic
2006-06-15FinlandCrop circle at Southern Finland, Southern Finlandweeds
2006-06-15CroatiaCrop circle at Varaždinska, Brezovawheatpic
2006-06-12EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, North Farm, nr West Overtonwheatpic
2006-06-11EnglandCrop circle at Dorset, Waterditch Farm, nr Christchurchbarleypic
2006-06-10ItalyCrop circle at Marche, Cartoceto (PU)alfalfapic
2006-06-09CroatiaCrop circle at Međimurje, Vrhovljanwheatpic
2006-06-09ItalyCrop circle at Asti, Isola d'Astiwheatpic
2006-06-09ItalyEmilia Romagna, Gavello di Mirandola (MO)wheatpic
2006-06-09GermanyCrop circle at Hessen, Gut Burghasungenrapepic
2006-06-07ItalyCrop circle at Piemonte, Rocchino, Acqui Termewheatpic
2006-06-02USACrop circle at Kansas, Heringtonwheatpic
2006-06FranceCrop circle at Loiret, Montagrisoats
2006-06ItalyCrop circle at Friuli Venezia Giulia, Pordenonewheat?pic
2006-05-30EnglandCrop circle at Oxfordshire, Botleyrapepic
2006-05-29FranceCrop circle at Deux-Sevres, La Couardebarleypic
2006-05-28ItalyCrop circle at Piemonte, Appendini di Buriascowheatpic
2006-05-28FranceCrop circle at Loiret, Amillybarleypic
2006-05-26ItalyCrop circle at Piemonte, Gallo d'Alba (Cuneo)barleypic
2006-05-21EnglandCrop circle at East Sussex, Alfristonrapepic
2006-05-21ItalyCrop circle at Lombardia, Rho (Mi)barleypic
2006-05-19ItalyCrop circle at Piemonte, Rocchetta Belbo (Cuneo)barleypic
2006-04FranceCrop circle at Charente Maritimegrass
2006-03-30AustraliaCrop circle at Queensland, Conondalegrasspic
2005-12-09CanadaCrop circle at Ontario, Sudburyicepic
2005-11-30USACrop circle at Texas, Sabine Passgrasspic
2005-09-30USACrop circle at Michigan, near Lake Eriecornpic
2005-09-27ItalyCrop circle at Lombardia, Meda (MI)grasspic
2005-09-13AustraliaCrop circle at Byron Baysandpic
2005-09-01SwissCrop circle at Bern, Binggeli
2005-08-28CanadaCrop circle at Alberta, Near High River, south of Calgarybarleypic
2005-08-27CanadaCrop circle at Saskatchewan, Steelmanwheatpic
2005-08-25GermanyBavaria, Ermreuth - Dachstadt, Markt Igensdorfwheatpic
2005-08-21EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, East Field (2), nr Alton Priorswheatpic
2005-08-21EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Juggler's Lane, Nr Cherhillwheatpic
2005-08-21USACrop circle at North Dakota, near Northwoodwheatpic
2005-08-21USACrop circle at Illinois, Coles Countycornpic
2005-08-20EnglandCrop circle at Kent, Meopham Station (2), nr Sole Streetwheatpic
2005-08-20EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Marden (2), Nr Chirtonwheatpic
2005-08-19SwissCrop circle at Interlakenwheatpic
2005-08-16GermanyCrop circle at Lower Saxony, Stadtoldendorfwheatpic
2005-08-15EnglandBuckinghamshire, Weston Turville, nr Aylesfordwheatpic
2005-08-14EnglandScotland, Luthrie, Nr Dundee - North East Fifewheatpic
2005-08-14CanadaCrop circle at Saskatchewan, Aneroidpeas
2005-08-14CanadaCrop circle at Saskatchewan, Aneroidpeas
2005-08-13EnglandCrop circle at Oxfordshire, Woolstone Hill, nr Uffingtonwheatpic
2005-08-13GermanyCrop circle at Bavaria, Nördlingenwheatpic
2005-08-12EnglandCrop circle at Kent, Bluebell Hill (2), nr Maidstonewheatpic
2005-08-09EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Shelbourne, nr Oxenwoodwheatpic
2005-08-09EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Marden, Nr Chirtonwheatpic
2005-08-09EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Waylands Smithy, nr Ashburywheatpic
2005-08-09GermanyCrop circle at Bayern, Würzburgwheatpic
2005-08-09EnglandCrop circle at West Sussex, Lancing, nr Worthingwheatpic
2005-08-09EnglandCrop circle at Hampshire, North of Winchesterwheatpic
2005-08-07GermanyCrop circle at Bavaria, Wollomooswheatpic
2005-08-03GermanyCrop circle at Altnuifra, Baden-Württembergwheatpic
2005-08-03EnglandWiltshire, Collingbourne Kingston, nr Ludgershalllinseedpic
2005-08-03EnglandWiltshire, Savernake Forest, nr Marlboroughwheatpic
2005-08-03GermanyCrop circle at Sachsen-Anhalt, Osternienburgwheatpic
2005-08-03GermanyCrop circle at Bavaria, Hanfeld - Starnbergwheatpic
2005-08-02CzechCrop circle at Pardubicepic
2005-08-01GermanyCrop circle at Bavaria, Hörzhausenpic
2005-07-31EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, The Ridgeway, nr Aveburywheatpic
2005-07-31GermanyCrop circle at Wendeburg, Lower Saxonywheat
2005-07-30GermanyCrop circle at Bavaria, Eggolsheim - Adelsdorf
2005-07-30GermanyCrop circle at Sachsen, Waldenburgwheatpic
2005-07-29EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Avebury Stone Avenuewheatpic
2005-07-28SwissCrop circle at Zuerich, Reutlingenwheatpic
2005-07-27EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Avebury Manor, nr Aveburywheatpic
2005-07-26EnglandCrop circle at East Sussex, Houndean Bottom, Nr Leweswheatpic
2005-07-26GermanyCrop circle at Brandenburg, Wernitzwheatpic
2005-07-24ItalyCrop circle at Piemonte, Alessandriapic
2005-07-24EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Aldbourne (2), nr Swindonwheatpic
2005-07-24EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Aldbourne (1), nr Swindonwheatpic
2005-07-24GermanyCrop circle at Bavaria, Dillingenwheatpic
2005-07-24EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, East Kennett, nr Aveburywheatpic
2005-07-23EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Aveburywheatpic
2005-07-23SwissCrop circle at Bern, Bätterkindenoatspic
2005-07-22EnglandOxfordshire, Watlington Road, near Chalgrovewheatpic
2005-07-21GermanyCrop circle at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Golmwheatpic
2005-07-21SloveniaCrop circle at Drazenci near Ptujwheatpic
2005-07-20EnglandCrop circle at Hampshire, Kings Worthy, near Winchesterwheatpic
2005-07-20SwissCrop circle at Freiburg, Balliswilwheatpic
2005-07-19EnglandEssex, Hadleigh Castle, near Southend-on-Seawheatpic
2005-07-18EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, East Field, nr Alton Priorswheatpic
2005-07-18GermanyMeckl.-Vorpommern, Drammen./Rothenkirchen, Ruegen
2005-07-18SwissCrop circle at Bern, Münchenbuchseebarleypic
2005-07-17EnglandCrop circle at Hampshire, Sheep Pond Lane, Nr Droxfordwheatpic
2005-07-17EnglandCrop circle at Kent, Boxley, near Maidstonewheatpic
2005-07-17EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Milk Hill (3), Nr Stanton St Bernardwheatpic
2005-07-17GermanyMeckl.-Vorpommern, Gustow/Datzlow - Isle of Ruegenwheatpic
2005-07-17GermanyCrop circle at Rheinland-Pfalz, Kelberg - Müllenbachcerealpic
2005-07-17EnglandCrop circle at West Sussex, Sompting, Nr Worthingwheatpic
2005-07-16EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Waden Hill, Nr Aveburywheatpic
2005-07-15GermanyCrop circle at Bavaria, Wüstensteinbarleypic
2005-07-15EnglandCrop circle at Oxfordshire, Garsingtonwheatpic
2005-07-15EnglandCrop circle at Oxfordshire, Garsingtonwheatpic
2005-07-15EnglandCrop circle at Oxfordshire, Garsingtonwheatpic
2005-07-14GermanyCrop circle at Lower Saxony, Kalkriese - Bramschewheatpic
2005-07-12EnglandCrop circle at Somerset, Clays End, Nr Twertonwheatpic
2005-07-12PolandCrop circle at Borekpic
2005-07-10EnglandCrop circle at Hampshire, Telegraph Hill, nr Winchesterwheatpic
2005-07-10PolandCrop circle at Mlynypic
2005-07-10ItalyCrop circle at Piemonte, Monteu da Po (TO)wheatpic
2005-07-10EnglandHertfordshire, Maple Cross, nr Rickmanworthbarleypic
2005-07-09EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Silbury Hill (2), nr Aveburypic
2005-07-09GermanyCrop circle at Rheinland-Pfalz, wheatpic
2005-07-09SwissCrop circle at Kanton Schaffhausen, Neunkirchwheatpic
2005-07-09PolandCrop circle at Kwieciszewiepic
2005-07-09PolandCrop circle at Wistka Szlacheckapic
2005-07-08SwissCrop circle at Kanton Zürich, Eglisaubarley?pic
2005-07-08PolandCrop circle at Wejherowiepic
2005-07-07PolandCrop circle at Trzeciewiec near Bydgoszczwheatpic
2005-07-06EnglandCrop circle at Kent, Meopham Station, nr Sole Streetwheatpic
2005-07-06GermanyCrop circle at Bavaria, Unterweilenbachwheatpic
2005-07-05USACrop circle at Ohio, Greene Countywheatpic
2005-07-03EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, East Field, Alton Priorswheatpic
2005-07-03EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Horton, nr Devizeswheatpic
2005-07-03ItalyCrop circle at Marche, Montegranarowheatpic
2005-07-02ItalyCrop circle at Marche, Offida (AP)wheatpic
2005-07-02PolandCrop circle at Godziecinpic
2005-07-01USACrop circle at North Carolina, Weaverevillegrasspic
2005-07-01SwissCrop circle at Bern, Studenbarleypic
2005-06-28EnglandCrop circle at Hampshire, Hannington, nr Kingsclerepic
2005-06-28GermanyBaden-Württemberg, Gondelsheim, nr. Karlsruhebarley?
2005-06-28EnglandCrop circle at Oxfordshire, Cuxham, nr Watlingtonwheatpic
2005-06-28GermanyCrop circle at Rheinland-Pfalz, Kalt (n. Koblenz)wheat?pic
2005-06-27BelgiumCrop circle at East Flanders, Nieuwerkerken
2005-06-26EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Silbury Hillbarleypic
2005-06-26ItalyCrop circle at Emilia Romagna, Panocchiawheatpic
2005-06-26EnglandCrop circle at Hampshire, Telegraph Hillwheatpic
2005-06-26EnglandCrop circle at West Sussex, Sompting, Nr Worthingwheatpic
2005-06-25GermanyCrop circle at Nordrhein-Westfalen, Lohmar-Scheiderhöhewheatpic
2005-06-25ItalyCrop circle at Marche, Morrovalle (MC)pic
2005-06-25GermanyCrop circle at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Neustrelitz
2005-06-24GermanyCrop circle at Rheinland-Pfalz, Schmitshausenwh, ba, rypic
2005-06-24ItalyCrop circle at Marche, Montegranaro (AP)wheatpic
2005-06-24EnglandCrop circle at Hampshire, Telegraph Hill near Winchesterwheatpic
2005-06-23EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Windmill Hill, nr. Avebury Trusloewheatpic
2005-06-23EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Rockley Down, nr Marlboroughwheatpic
2005-06-23USACrop circle at Wisconsin, Trevorwheatpic
2005-06-22EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Boreham Down, nr. Lockeridgewheatpic
2005-06-22EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Lurkley Hill, nr. Lockeridgebarley?pic
2005-06-22USACrop circle at North Carolina, pic
2005-06-21EnglandCrop circle at Oxfordshire, Toot Baldon, nr Southendbarleypic
2005-06-21ItalyCrop circle at Marche, Osimopic
2005-06-20EnglandWiltshire, Monkton Down, nr Winterbourne Monktonwheatpic
2005-06-20BelgiumCrop circle at Brabant, Halle-Booienhoven / Dormaalwheatpic
2005-06-20BelgiumCrop circle at Brabant, Zaventempic
2005-06-20GermanyNordrhein-Westfalen, Köln-Esch (nr. Cologne)wheatpic
2005-06-19EnglandHampshire, Stephen's Castle Down, nr Corhamptonpic
2005-06-19EnglandCrop circle at Kent, Bluebell Hill, nr. Maidstonewheatpic
2005-06-18EnglandCrop circle at Lincolnshire, Burwell, nr Louthbarleypic
2005-06-18PolandCrop circle at Central Poland, Paprosryepic
2005-06-18ItalyCrop circle at Marche, Montegranaro (AP)wheatpic
2005-06-18GermanyNordrhein-Westfalen, Köln-Esch (nr. Cologne)barley?pic
2005-06-17PolandCrop circle at Central Poland, Paproswheatpic
2005-06-17PolandCrop circle at Central Poland, Paproswheatpic
2005-06-13PolandCrop circle at Zlotowiepic
2005-06-13ItalyCrop circle at Umbria, Marscianopic
2005-06-12EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Clatford Bottom, nr Marlboroughpic
2005-06-12EnglandNorth East Somerset, Stantonbury Hill, Marksburypic
2005-06-12EnglandCrop circle at Oxfordshire, Garsingtongrasspic
2005-06-12SwissCrop circle at Kanton Thurgau, Wetzikonpic
2005-06-12USANorth Carolina, Green Mountain, Yancey Countygrasspic
2005-06-12USACrop circle at North Carolina, Green Mountaingrass
2005-06-11EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Milk Hill, Nr Stanton St Bernardpic
2005-06-09ItalyCrop circle at Emilia Romagna, Sala Baganza (PR)wheatpic
2005-06-09ItalyCrop circle at Emilia Romagna, Mercato Saracenopic
2005-06-07ItalyCrop circle at Toscana, Arezzobarleypic
2005-06-06ItalyCrop circle at Piemonte, Roddiwheatpic
2005-06-05EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, The Firs, nr Beckhamptonwheatpic
2005-06-03CanadaCrop circle at Manitoba, Sandy Baygrasspic
2005-06-03EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Horton, nr Devizeswheatpic
2005-06-02ItalyCrop circle at Toscana, Peccioli-Capannoli (PI)wheatpic
2005-06-01ItalyCrop circle at Friuli Venezia Giulia, Ranzano (PN)barleypic
2005-06-01HollandCrop circle at Gelderland, Doetinchemgrasspic
2005-06-01GermanyMecklenburg-Vorpommern, Poppelvitz, Isle of Ruegenbarley
2005-05-31PolandCrop circle at Mlynywheatpic
2005-05-29EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Milk Hill, Nr Stanton St Bernardwheatpic
2005-05-28EnglandCrop circle at Oxfordshire, Southend, Nr Garsingtongrasspic
2005-05-25GermanyB.-Württemberg, Empfingen-Nordstetten, Horb am Neckarbarleypic
2005-05-22ItalyCrop circle at Piemonte, Macellowheatpic
2005-05-16EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Pewsey
2005-05-12EnglandCrop circle at Oxfordshire, Garsingtonrapepic
2005-05-10EnglandCrop circle at Hampshire, Bishop's Suttonrapepic
2005-05-06GermanyBaden-Württemberg, Berwangen - Massenbachhausenrapepic
2005-05-01EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Golden Ball Hillrapepic
2005-05-01MexicoCrop circle at Michoacán, Moreliaoatspic
2005-05-01GermanyMecklenburg-Vorpommern, Breesen, Ruegenrape
2005-04-28CyprusCrop circle at Limassolpic
2005-04-26USACrop circle at Missouri, Kansas Citygrasspic
2005-04-23EnglandEast Sussex, Earwing Hill, Ringmer, Nr Lewesrapepic
2005-04-23EnglandCrop circle at Lincolnshire, Briggrapepic
2005-04-21EnglandCrop circle at Oxfordshire, Gothamrapepic
2005-04-19EnglandCrop circle at Doncaster, St Catherine's Wellrapepic
2005-04-17EnglandCrop circle at Dorset, Ripley, nr Bournemouthrapepic
2005-04-06HollandCrop circle at Noord Brabant, Hoevengrasspic
2005-01CanadaCrop circle at Ontario, St. Catharinesicepic
2005-00-17EnglandCrop circle at Hampshire, Sheep Pond Lane, Nr Droxfordwheatpic
2004-11-23RussiaCrop circle at Cyxom Loresnowpic
2004-11-01ItalyCrop circle at Piemonte, Carmagnola (TO)wheat
2004-10-17CanadaCrop circle at Ontario, Waterloocornpic
2004-10-07CanadaCrop circle at Saskatchewan, Moose Jawwheat
2004-10-06CanadaCrop circle at Saskatchewan, Assiniboiawheat
2004-10-01CanadaCrop circle at British Columbia, Chilliwackcornpic
2004-09-25ItalyCrop circle at Lombardia, Briosco (MI)wheat
2004-09-22CanadaCrop circle at Saskatchewan, Humboldtbarleypic
2004-09-21ItalyCrop circle at Emilia Romagna, Malandrianograsspic
2004-09-11CanadaCrop circle at Quebec, Noyancornpic
2004-09-10BelgiumCrop circle at Meeuwen-Gruitrode, Limburgcornpic
2004-09-09USACrop circle at Ohio, Rardencorn
2004-09-02CanadaCrop circle at Saskatchewan, Wadenawheatpic
2004-09-01USACrop circle at Ohio, Miamisburgcornpic
2004-09CanadaCrop circle at Ontario (2), Breslau (2)corn
2004-09CanadaCrop circle at Ontario, Breslaucornpic
2004-08-31ItalyCrop circle at Lombardia, Terdobbiate (NO)ricepic
2004-08-28HollandCrop circle at Assen, Drenthebarleypic
2004-08-26CanadaCrop circle at Alberta, Calgarygrasspic
2004-08-24DenmarkCrop circle at Bornholm, near Ronne
2004-08-22EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Roundway Hill, nr Devizeswheatpic
2004-08-22EnglandCrop circle at Oxfordshire, Garsingtonwheatpic
2004-08-20SwedenCrop circle at Dalarna, Backmoenpic
2004-08-18EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Roundway Hill, nr Devizeswheatpic
2004-08-16EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Roundway Hill, nr Devizeswheatpic
2004-08-14EnglandCrop circle at Oxfordshire, Garsington, nr Oxfordwheatpic
2004-08-11EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Shalbourne, nr Hungerfordwheatpic
2004-08-10USACrop circle at Ohio, West Unionsoybeanspic
2004-08-10CzechCrop circle at Kutna Hora, Kutna Horawheat
2004-08-09EnglandWiltshire, Blacklands Golf Course (2), nr Calnewheatpic
2004-08-08EnglandCrop circle at East Sussex, Woodingdean (2), nr Brightonpic
2004-08-07EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Wilton Windmillwheatpic
2004-08-06EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Hillwood, Aldbournewheatpic
2004-08-06PolandCrop circle at Strzelnwheatpic
2004-08-05EnglandCrop circle at Oxfordshire, Toot Baldon, nr Oxfordwheat
2004-08-04USACrop circle at Maury County, Nr Spring Hillcornpic
2004-08-04CzechCrop circle at Sumperk, Pisarovoats
2004-08-03EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Silbury Hillwheatpic
2004-08-03EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Blacklands Golf Coursewheatpic
2004-08-03EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Etchilhamptonwheatpic
2004-08-03EnglandCrop circle at Hampshire, West Meonwheatpic
2004-08-03EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Etchilhampton Hillwheatpic
2004-08-02EnglandCrop circle at Oxfordshire, nr Rollright Stoneswheatpic
2004-08-01PolandCrop circle at Strzeln, Wylatowowheatpic
2004-08CanadaCrop circle at British Columbia, Matsquicornpic
2004-07-31CzechCrop circle at Hodonin, Zeleticecereal
2004-07-31CzechCrop circle at Kutna Hora, Kutna Horawheat
2004-07-30EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, West Kennett (2), Nr Silbury Hillwheatpic
2004-07-30EnglandCrop circle at Kent, Nashenden Farm, Wouldhamwheatpic
2004-07-30CzechCrop circle at Uherske Hradiste, Sumice II.wheat
2004-07-30CzechCrop circle at Sumperk, Novy Malin II.oats
2004-07-29EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, West Overton, nr Aveburywheatpic
2004-07-29EnglandCrop circle at Norfolk, Bramptonwheatpic
2004-07-29USACrop circle at Washington County, Cottage Groveoatspic
2004-07-28EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Tan Hill, nr Stanton St Bernardpic
2004-07-28EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Savernake Forest, nr Marlboroughpic
2004-07-28EnglandWiltshire, Pewsey White Horse (4), nr Pewseypic
2004-07-28EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Patney, nr Chirtonwheatpic
2004-07-28BelgiumCrop circle at Nukerke, Oostvlaanderenbarleypic
2004-07-28CzechCrop circle at Sumperk, Novy Malin I.oats
2004-07-27CanadaCrop circle at Ontario, Ashgrovewheatpic
2004-07-26EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Golden Ball Hill, nr Alton Barneswheatpic
2004-07-26EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Avebury Down, nr Aveburywheatpic
2004-07-26HollandCrop circle at Noord Brabant, Vlijmenwheatpic
2004-07-25EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Etchilhampton Hill, nr Devizeswheatpic
2004-07-25EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Scratchbury Hillwheatpic
2004-07-24SwissCrop circle at Wiesendangenpic
2004-07-23HollandCrop circle at Noord Brabant, Hoevenwheatpic
2004-07-23CzechCrop circle at Kromeriz, Rataje-Popovice II.wheat
2004-07-23CzechCrop circle at Kromeriz, Rataje-Popovice I.barley
2004-07-22EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Pewsey, White Horsewheatpic
2004-07-21EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Silbury Hillwheatpic
2004-07-21EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Woodborough Hill, nr Alton Barneswheatpic
2004-07-21CanadaCrop circle at Ontario, Grand Bendwheatpic
2004-07-20EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Pewsey White Horsewheatpic
2004-07-19USACrop circle at Chippewa County, Wisconsin, Tildenoatspic
2004-07-19CzechCrop circle at Klatovy, Brod u Kolinceryepic
2004-07-18EnglandCrop circle at Surry, Margery, nr Reigate Hillwheatpic
2004-07-18EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, wheatpic
2004-07-18HollandCrop circle at Noord Brabant, Millbarleypic
2004-07-18CzechCrop circle at Uherske Hradiste, Sumice I.wheatpic
2004-07-18CzechUherske Hradiste, Ostrozska Nova Ves - Kunovicewheatpic
2004-07-18CzechCrop circle at Zlín, Zlínwheat
2004-07-17EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Windmill Hill, nr Avebury Trusloewheatpic
2004-07-17EnglandSomerset, Chewton Mendip, nr Glastonburywheatpic
2004-07-17SwissCrop circle at Worbpic
2004-07-16HollandCrop circle at Gelderland, Harnhemwheatpic
2004-07-15EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, North Down, nr Beckhamptonbarleypic
2004-07-15EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, South Field, nr Alton Priorspic
2004-07-14EnglandKent, The Pilgrim's Way, Burham, nr Maidstonepic
2004-07-14EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Wood Bridge, nr North Newtonpic
2004-07-14USACrop circle at Connecticut, New Milfordcornpic
2004-07-14BelgiumCrop circle at Ianden, Limburgwheatpic
2004-07-14CzechCrop circle at Uherske Hradiste, Modra - Velehradwheat
2004-07-13EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire., West Kennett Longbarrowpic
2004-07-13EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Savernake, nr Marlboroughwheatpic
2004-07-13CzechCrop circle at Frydek - Mistek, Brusperkrye
2004-07-12CanadaCrop circle at British Columbia, Prince Georgegrasspic
2004-07-11EnglandCrop circle at West Sussex, Steep Down, nr Somptingwheatpic
2004-07-11ItalyCrop circle at Piemonte, Marene (CN)oats
2004-07-10EnglandCrop circle at Hertfordshire, Bury Farm, Nr Pegsdonwheatpic
2004-07-10PolandCrop circle at Wylatowopic
2004-07-07PolandCrop circle at Bydgoszszwheatpic
2004-07-07CanadaCrop circle at Alberta, Taberbarleypic
2004-07-07ItalyCrop circle at Umbria, Fontevole (PG)wheatpic
2004-07-06FranceCrop circle at Essonne, Boussy-Saint-Antoinepic
2004-07-05EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Market Lavington, nr Devizespic
2004-07-05PolandCrop circle at Wylatowowheatpic
2004-07-05USACrop circle at Ohio, Eagle Twonoat
2004-07-05AustriaCrop circle at Mitterdorfwheatpic
2004-07-05EnglandCrop circle at Warwickshire, Coombe Abbey Country Parkpic
2004-07-05USACrop circle at Ohio, Hillsborocornpic
2004-07-04ItalyCrop circle at Lombardia, Desio (Mi)pic
2004-07-04CzechCrop circle at Sumperk, Sumperkwheatpic
2004-07-03USACrop circle at Iowa, Eagle Groveoatpic
2004-07-03SwissCrop circle at Kanton Zurick, Thalheimwheatpic
2004-07-03EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Rabley Wood, nr Marlboroughpic
2004-07EnglandCrop circle at Bedfordshire, Shillingtonpic
2004-07CanadaCrop circle at British Columbia, Grand Forksbarley
2004-07EnglandCrop circle at Hampshire, Beacon Hill, nr Newburywheatpic
2004-06-30EnglandEast Sussex, Tegdown Hill, Hollingbury, nr Brightonbarleypic
2004-06-30USACrop circle at Utah, Spanish Forkbarleypic
2004-06-30EnglandCrop circle at Hertfordshire, Watton Roadwheat
2004-06-30EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Rabley Wood, nr Marlboroughpic
2004-06-30EnglandCrop circle at Hertfordshire, Watton Road, nr Knebworthwheatpic
2004-06-30ItalyCrop circle at Umbria, San Martino in Colle (PG)wheatpic
2004-06-29USACrop circle at California, Solano Countywheatpic
2004-06-29GermanyCrop circle at Saarland, Bedersdorfwheat
2004-06-28DenmarkCrop circle at Fyn, Glamsbjergbarley
2004-06-27ItalyFriuli Venezia Giulia, Campolongo del Torre (UD)pic
2004-06-27EnglandCrop circle at Hampshire, Andoverpic
2004-06-27HollandCrop circle at Valkenburg, Limburgpic
2004-06-27ItalyCrop circle at Emilia Romagna, Lizzano, Cesenapic
2004-06-27GermanyLower Saxony, Bramsche, near Osnabrueckwheatpic
2004-06-27SwissCrop circle at Kanton Schaffhausen, Buettenhardtwheatpic
2004-06-26EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Milk Hill, Nr Alton Barneswheatpic
2004-06-26ItalyCrop circle at Emilia Romagna, Panocchiapic
2004-06-26GermanyCrop circle at Rheinland-Pfalz, Südwestpfalzwheat?pic
2004-06-24HollandCrop circle at Berg en Dal, Gelderlandpic
2004-06-24ItalyCrop circle at Emilia Romagna, Casalbaroncolo (Pr)pic
2004-06-24CanadaCrop circle at New Brunswick, Erbs Covegrasspic
2004-06-24CanadaCrop circle at Ontario, Essex Countysoybeanspic
2004-06-23PolandCrop circle at Domatkovryepic
2004-06-22BelgiumCrop circle at Heers, Limburgpic
2004-06-22ItalyCrop circle at Lombardia, Cormano (MI)pic
2004-06-22PolandCrop circle at Stawincapic
2004-06-22PolandCrop circle at Szczeciniewheat?pic
2004-06-21EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, North of Gopher Woodwheatpic
2004-06-21GermanyCrop circle at Saarland, Wallerfangenwheatpic
2004-06-20ItalyCrop circle at Piemonte, Cuneopic
2004-06-20EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, East Field, nr Alton Barneswheatpic
2004-06-20GermanyNordrhein-Westfalen, Pulheim (near Cologne)wheatpic
2004-06-19ItalyCrop circle at Lombardia, Baranzate (MI)pic
2004-06-18RussiaCrop circle at Southern Russia, Znamenskygrasspic
2004-06-18HollandCrop circle at Gelderland, Wijchenwheatpic
2004-06-18ItalyCrop circle at Piemonte, Pontecuronewheatpic
2004-06-16EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Honey Streetwheatpic
2004-06-15EnglandCrop circle at Sussex, Woodingdeanpic
2004-06-15EnglandCrop circle at East Sussex, Ringmerwheatpic
2004-06-15USACrop circle at Missouri, Sedaliagrass
2004-06-15DenmarkCrop circle at Jylland, Viborgryepic
2004-06-14SpainCrop circle at Castellfollit del Boixpic
2004-06-13HollandCrop circle at Wijchen, Gelderlandwheatpic
2004-06-13PolandCrop circle at Zamek Bierzglowickiryepic
2004-06-12ItalyEmilia Romagna, Bacciolino di Mercato Saracenopic
2004-06-12HollandCrop circle at Wageningen, Gelderlandpic
2004-06-11USACrop circle at North Carolina, Branchvillewheat
2004-06-10ItalyCrop circle at Emilia Romagna, Borello, Cesenapic
2004-06-10EnglandHertfordshire, Telegraph Hill, nr The Icknield Waypic
2004-06-10EnglandCrop circle at Hampshire, Fort Nelson, nr Portchesterpic
2004-06-07ItalyCrop circle at Friuli Venezia Giulia, Pordenone
2004-06-06GermanyNordrhein-Westfalen, Koln-Esch (near Cologne)wheatpic
2004-06-05GermanyCrop circle at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Isle of Rügenbarleypic
2004-06-05ItalyCrop circle at Piemonte, Acqui Terme (AL)pic
2004-06-05ItalyCrop circle at Lazio, Sabaudia, Latinapic
2004-06-04EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Rushallbarleypic
2004-06-03ItalyCrop circle at Toscana, Orciano (Pisa)pic
2004-06-02ItalyCrop circle at Lombardia, Rho (Mi)pic
2004-05-31GermanyRheinland-Pfalz, Rhine-Isle Petersause, near Mainzbarleypic
2004-05-30EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Nr Overton Hill, West Kennettbarleypic
2004-05-28EnglandCrop circle at East Sussex, Loose Bottom, nr Falmerbarleypic
2004-05-26PolandCrop circle at Zlotowobarley?pic
2004-05-26EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Ebbsbourne Wakerape
2004-05-26CanadaCrop circle at Northwest Territories, Nahanni Buttetrees
2004-05-26CanadaCrop circle at Northwest Territories (2), Nahanni Butte (2)trees
2004-05-25EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Pewsey, White Horse Hillwheatpic
2004-05-24USACrop circle at Arkansas, Cay Countywheatpic
2004-05-22BelgiumCrop circle at Zellik, Assepic
2004-05-17EnglandHampshire, Telegraph Hill, nr. Cheesefoot Headrapepic
2004-05-16PolandCrop circle at Wylatowowheatpic
2004-05-15PolandCrop circle at Zabnopic
2004-05-09EnglandEast Sussex, Tegdown Hill, Patcham, nr Brightonrapepic
2004-05-07HollandCrop circle at Noord Brabant, Hoevengrasspic
2004-05-07GermanyCrop circle at Mecllenburg-Vorpommern, Isle of Rügenrapepic
2004-05-07GermanyCrop circle at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Isle of Rügenrapepic
2004-05-07GermanyCrop circle at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Isle of Rügenrapepic
2004-05-04GermanyCrop circle at Baden-Württemberg, near Sinsheimrapepic
2004-05-03EnglandCrop circle at Hampshire, Icknield Way, nr Pegsdonrapepic
2004-05-02GermanyCrop circle at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Isle of Rügenrapepic
2004-05-02GermanyCrop circle at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Isle of Rügenrapepic
2004-05-01EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Bishops Cannings Downrapepic
2004-04-28GermanyCrop circle at Rheinland-Pfalz, Südwestpfalzrapepic
2004-04-24NorwayCrop circle at Hardangerviddasnowpic
2004-03-28AustraliaCrop circle at Sunshine Coast, Conondalegrasspic
2004-00-06PolandCrop circle at Strzelnwheatpic
2003-11-30CanadaCrop circle at Ontario, Grand Bendwheatpic
2003-08-08EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, South Field, Alton Priorspic
2003-08-08CanadaCrop circle at Saskatchewan, Revenuewheatpic
2003-08-06EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Morgan's Hillpic
2003-08-04EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Milk Hillpic
2003-08-03EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Morgan's Hillpic
2003-07-28EnglandWiltshire, Burderop Down, nr Barbury Castlepic
2003-07-27EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Hackpen Hillpic
2003-07-27EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Woodborough Hillpic
2003-07-20EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Hackpen Hillpic
2003-07-20EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, West Stowellpic
2003-07-19EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Beckhamptonpic
2003-07-14EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Woodborough Hillpic
2003-07-13EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Avebury Trusloepic
2003-07-12ItalyCrop circle at Lombardia, Turbigo (MI)wheatpic
2003-07-06EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Green Street, Aveburypic
2003-06-30ItalyCrop circle at Umbria, San Mariano, Perugiapic
2003-06-27ItalyCrop circle at Toscana, Fornacette, Pisawheatpic
2003-06-24EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Stanton St. Bernardpic
2003-06-21EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Windmill Hillpic
2003-06-20ItalyCrop circle at Marche, Montegranaro (AP)pic
2003-06-16ItalyCrop circle at Piemonte, Perosa Canavese (TO)wheatpic
2003-06-16ItalyCrop circle at Toscana, Cortona, Arezzowheatpic
2003-06-16ItalyCrop circle at Lazio, Tre Fontane (Roma)pic
2003-06-15ItalyCrop circle at Marche, Montegranaro (AP)
2003-06-15ItalyCrop circle at Lazio, Sabaudia, Latinawheatpic
2003-06-15EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, All Canningspic
2003-06-14ItalyCrop circle at Veneto, Le Glorie di Correggiolipic
2003-06-13ItalyCrop circle at Marche, Montegranaro (AP)pic
2003-06-09ItalyCrop circle at Marche, Potenza Picena (AP)pic
2003-06-09ItalyCrop circle at Lazio, Capena (Roma)pic
2003-06-08ItalyCrop circle at Marche, Montegranaro (AP)wheatpic
2003-05-27ItalyCrop circle at Sardegna, Settimo San Pietro (CA)
2003-05-20ItalyCrop circle at Friuli Venezia Giulia, Ranzano (PN)barleypic
2003-05-19ItalyCrop circle at Emilia Romagna, Loiano (BO)grasspic
2003-04-22ItalyCrop circle at Sardegna, Villaspeciosa (CA)pic
2002-08-27EnglandCrop circle at Berkshire, Crooked Soleypic
2002-08-18EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, The Sanctuarypic
2002-08-15EnglandCrop circle at Hampshire, Sparsholtpic
2002-08-15EnglandCrop circle at Hampshire, Winchesterpic
2002-08-14EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, East Field, Alton Priorspic
2002-08-11EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Etchilhamptonpic
2002-08-02EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Windmill Hillpic
2002-07-28EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Avebury Hengepic
2002-07-28EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Knoll Downpic
2002-07-24EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Barbury Castlepic
2002-07-22EnglandCrop circle at Hampshire, Rogate, nr Petersfieldpic
2002-07-22EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, South Field, Alton Barnespic
2002-07-21EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Beacon Hillpic
2002-07-18EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Windmill Hillpic
2002-07-17EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Pewsey White Horsepic
2002-07-15EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, East Field, Alton Priorspic
2002-07-04EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Stonehengepic
2002-06-23EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, West Overtonpic
2002-06-02EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Avebury Trusloepic
2001-08-19EnglandCrop circle at Hampshire, Chiboltonpic
2001-08-14EnglandCrop circle at Hampshire, Chiboltonpic
2001-08-14EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Milk Hill, Alton Barnespic
2001-08-10EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Woodborough Hillpic
2001-08-04EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Honey Streetpic
2001-07-28EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Old Shaw Villagepic
2001-07-28EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Stanton St. Bernardpic
2001-07-28EnglandCrop circle at Hampshire, West Tistedpic
2001-07-25EnglandCrop circle at Cambridgeshire, Great Shelfordpic
2001-07-15EnglandCrop circle at Hampshire, Chilcomb Downpic
2001-07-15EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Windmill Hillpic
2001-07-11EnglandCrop circle at Cambridgeshire, Great Shelfordpic
2001-06-24EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Liddington Castlepic
2001-06-17EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Badburypic
2001-06-09EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Berwick Bassettpic
2001-05-01ItalyCrop circle at Sardegna, Villaspeciosa (CA)
2000-08-13EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Woodborough Hillpic
2000-08-07EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Pewsey White Horsepic
2000-08-07EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Stanton St. Bernardpic
2000-08-06EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Hortonpic
2000-07-27EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Bishop Canningspic
2000-07-25EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Beckhamptonpic
2000-07-24EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Silburry Hillpic
2000-07-24EnglandCrop circle at Oxfordshire, Uffington White Horsepic
2000-07-22EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Avebury Trusloepic
2000-07-19EnglandCrop circle at Hantshire, Everleigh Ashespic
2000-07-15EnglandCrop circle at Hantshire, Bishop's Suttonpic
2000-07-02EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, East Kennettpic
2000-07-02EnglandCrop circle at Hantshire, Uphampic
2000-06-30EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Milk Hill, Alton Barnespic
2000-06-27EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Bishops Canningspic
2000-06-20SloveniaCrop circle at Pečarovci, Murska Sobotawheatpic
2000-06-19EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Southfield, Alton Priorspic
2000-06-18EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Windmill Hillpic
2000-06-11EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Silbury Hillpic
2000-05-07ItalyCrop circle at Sardegna, Villaspeciosa (CA)pic
1999-08-04EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, West Kennett Longbarrowpic
1999-07-28EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Beckhamptonpic
1999-07-23EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Barbury Castlepic
1999-07-21EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Liddington Castlepic
1999-07-19EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Devils Den, Clatfordpic
1999-07-18EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Cherhillpic
1999-07-16EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Honey Streetpic
1999-07-16EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Windmill Hillpic
1999-07-04EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Hackpen Hillpic
1999-06-24EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, West Overtonpic
1999-05-31EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Barbury Castlepic
1999-05-30EnglandCrop circle at Hantshire, Penton Graftonpic
1999-05-02EnglandCrop circle at Hantshire, Middle Walloppic
1998-08-09EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Tawsmead Copsepic
1998-08-08EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Beckhamptonpic
1998-07-11EnglandCrop circle at Hantshire, Farehampic
1998-07-05EnglandCrop circle at Hantshire, Danebury Hillfortpic
1998-07-04EnglandCrop circle at Buckinghamshire, Dadfordpic
1998-06-20EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Beckhamptonpic
1998-06-19EnglandCrop circle at Hantshire, Clanfieldpic
1998-05-03EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, East Kennettpic
1997-08-08EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Milk Hill, Alton Barnespic
1997-07-30EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Etchilhamptonpic
1997-07-23EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Silbury Hillpic
1997-07-11EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Alton Priorspic
1997-05-04EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Barbury Castlepic
1997-04-20EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Barbury Castlepic
1996-08-02EnglandCrop circle at Bedfordshire, Barton Le Claypic
1996-07-29EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Windmill Hillpic
1996-07-27EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Liddington Castlepic
1996-07-07EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Stonehengepic
1996-07-06EnglandCrop circle at Hantshire, East Oakleypic
1996-07EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Ashbury Oxonpic
1996-06-17EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Alton Barnespic
1996-06-11EnglandCrop circle at Cambridgeshire, Girtonpic
1995-07-04EnglandCrop circle at Hantshire, Punchbowlpic
1995-07EnglandCrop circle at Hantshire, East Meonpic
1995-07EnglandCrop circle at Hantshire, Extonpic
1995-07EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Winterbourne Bassetpic
1995-06-26EnglandCrop circle at Hantshire, Longwoodpic
1995-06-20EnglandCrop circle at Hantshire, Gander Downpic
1995-06-19EnglandCrop circle at Hantshire, Bishop Suttonpic
1995-06-17EnglandCrop circle at Hantshire, Cowdownpic
1995-06-13EnglandCrop circle at Hantshire, Telegraph Hillpic
1995-06EnglandCrop circle at Hantshire, Brockhurst Parkpic
1995-05-28EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Beckhamptonpic
1994-08-10EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Avebury Hengepic
1994-07-23EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, West Stowellpic
1994-07-23EnglandCrop circle at West Sussex, East Deanpic
1994-07-15EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Bishops Canningspic
1994-07EnglandCrop circle at Wiltshire, Berwick Bassettpic
1985-08ItalyFriuli Venezia Giulia, Castions di Zoppola (PN)
1983-06-05ItalyCrop circle at Lombardia, Varzi