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Crop circles


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Part 5


(deratizer, deufoizer, desaucerizer,

the first notch on the barrel, still will be two)


What is most likely to be found on the site of genuine Crop Circle, created by exposure of lightning (lightnings) to a crop field, while resonance and interference effects of passing through (huge) currents (of course, they can be found on the area of flattened (damaged, weakened) crop anywhere):


  1. Geomagnetic anomalies – LIRM – unusual behavior of the compass


  2. Remnants of the static electricity – RSE – measurable


  3. Remnants of heat accumulated in the underground – IR photographs (but be careful, what some explorers Crop Circles offered somewhere on their sites as "IR" photos will not even hint published here, it is a completely blank drawings or photographs, completely free of any stated resources, against what he should also complete scientific dilettante only spit. No mention of the measuring method used, the sensitivity of measuring instruments and sensors, spectral characteristics of sensors used. It is very often a common feature of similar studies, trying to pretend that they use only highly professional, specialized scientific methods and procedures, but act as a last dilettante, so that their infrared images look more like a discolorated classic color photos, which produces a twelve-year kid in any graphics program dozen per hour. No choice then only state, that even quite ordinary infracamera will go to capture infrared changes in soil (so it is a prediction) at any place in the field with lightning discharges. It remains a wonder than that in areas where the Crop Circles was found has already not been made similar measurements. So 2012, remains one crop season before, Mayan Threat will be fulfilled and Stones will go out of business, how ancient Mayans predicted.


  4. Particles of Fe and FeO.Fe2O3 (magnetic? - In any case sensitive to magnetic fields. They can arise by cathodic and pyrolytic reduction) located in the soil - maybe even adhering to the crop ears, stalks and leaves by influence of temporary magnetizing stalks (conductor even with very high resistance) caused by current passing through


5. Dead flies, often strictly singed, adherent to the crop, (flies swept sunbathing); can be found in relatively large distance from the pattern; not in all cases - probably not preceded by rain and insects were not sufficiently speed for hide- A bolt from the blue

left photo © Dr. Uwe Engelmann, right © Janet Ossebaard     


Many Crop Circles (but also many cases of flattened (damaged, weakened) crop) probably created by double exposure – the first discharge plants only "prepares", creates "sensitive layer" of weakened plants, which are much more sensitive to any mechanical and physical stimuli, and to them records the next discharge yet, which occurs after a few weeks or months.


Field of barley, where in 2010 not even a single lightning discharge occured (Benátecká Vrutice), withstand in the wonderful physical condition until harvest, although over it during the growing season swept a lot of severe winds and rain.
Since a long time the text is just a very serious, for a moment will be again lightened by a turning to jump to one more crazy.  Multiple symmetry, often very accurate, according to several axes (3-8 and more), strikingly similar to a kaleidoscope generated images. Its origin is not yet sufficiently physically explicable and clear. Perhaps thanks to of the huge electric charge, voltage and currents, which take place on that site.


  celtic cross 2002          px+ py+ pz orbital
Temporarily create something that could be explained as "analogy to atomic and molecular structures and crystal lattices", however gigantic dimensions. Projection of the three p orbitals in the plane perpendicular to the axis of one of them arises famous Celtic Cross, etc., in the case of orbitals d and f would be created a much more complex structures. Had to us the Celts tried to indicate in which direction take to proceed quantum mechanics, long before Schrödinger?


If someone wants to hear the ripening of grain, just go sometimes on crop field border of nearly ripened wheat, rye, or barley, possible clearly register a silent cracking. End of June, July and continue. Very interesting phenomenon.


One more crazy: Crop Circles - Quest For Truth [UFOs].avi 19:50/1:54:23

The vast majority of Crop Circles explorers and documentary are saying about them, they are a phenomenon of modern times, although admitting that it could occur even in ancient times. Yes, existed, and some phenomena and images of ancient civilizations may be their projections (Stonehenge, the Celtic Cross and other). Even it is not impossible that the ancient civilizations (their agriculturists) knew that they come from lightning, but forgot to tell us that, or this experience by word of mouth from generation to generation was not preserved alias disappeared. Maybe some Archimedes drew it to the sand before someone jabbed him. Maybe it is somewhere written in wedge shaped script, or shown in some illustrations, but still has not been explained or translated. Crop circles and lightning, as well as any other natural forces (and destruction ) considered as a work of God, and therefore perhaps even did not consider it necessary to somehow overemphasis, that one is the cause of the second, and if the cause of both one and the same is, after all this from their point of view must understand everyone, or not?


(another crazy) Maybe would be possible to look at the fact that the figures in recent years appear somewhat more. Probably, one possible reason is - who seeks finds, and in the days when circles were not searched in the fields, ie, before 1970, could not even be found at all. The idea of as it looked English crop fields in the 70th years, as before, and what they look like today. Visually, probably not too indistinguishable, except for one little thing. Considerably differed namely by used processing technique. In the 70th years and earlier still served to farmers there postwar boneshakers weighing just over 2 tons and width of the rear tires about 30 cm, even the horse to plow served sometimes. Today, there are running about on that fields John Deeres weighing over 5 tons, twice the width of the tire and the same goes for weight and tire machines attached to them (seeding, fertilizer distribution). They will create a much larger field tramlines, that will work much strongly as a lightning rods. Better lightning conductors - more lightnings. More lightnings - more circles. Do not destroy my circles. But not even tell it to the farmers so far.


Another important difference from previous years is the continuing industrialization of rural - underground today's industrialized landscapes is directly interlaced with underground lines - utilities, many streams have often does not flow in ditches along the fields, but in the pipe drains below. All utilities can participate in an unusually intense seduction of current underground, to bring about possible side effects (resonance and interference of abnormally strong currents).


The observed increase in the number of shapes on the world gradually from 80, 90 years and beyond may not be too statistically provable fact, but not entirely impossible that this is indeed. Only in recent years can be regarded as constant frequency of observations, namely the relatively high. Farmers themselves will never report regular patterns in their cereals, but sensational public do. Since the sensational public will always outweigh the sober part of the population, supply of observations will not decrease. But it is not excluded that in some following years will be completely objective to reduce the number of observed regular patterns. Their occurrence may to some extent, in addition to countless other circumstances, be linked to solar activity and its periodicity. That in recent years has undergone some peaks and frequency of occurrence figures need not directly copy them. No value can not increase indefinitely, nor the average temperature of the Earth, nor the number of patterns found in the fields. If the average number of regular shapes, that are found each year in the fields, sometimes really starts to fall, will not be missing to anyone, and eventually in future we'll be glad to heat a bit more. When the fake hockey stick graph collapses like a house of cards, or twisting as the pattern consisting of dominoes (Domino Effect). The only exceptions of farmers reporting are their strictly professional and scientific publications. Those are paid attention elsewhere in this site. As highlighted there, farmers have the issue of creating patterns (circles) in the crop relatively widely mapped, know its cause, understand the issue and do not consider it necessary to give it any unnecessary publicity.


Nancy Talbot (BLT; Crop Circles - Quest For Truth [UFOs].avi 19:32 speaking about "great electrical charge", somewhat erroneously perceive it as resulting voltage, which is formed between the chalk subsoil, and fog, at the end of summer (or perhaps in the spring ) rolling around the English hillsides.


Nancy Talbot (BLT team; Crop Circles - Quest For Truth [UFOs].avi 1:03:00) – microwave pulse, moisture turns into steam escaping from the tissues – extends and bends nodes. Something like this will never be possible to simulate in laboratory. Extension and bending of nodes cause never, never and never again really nothing other than geotropism (negative), případy, where immediately after lodging (damaging, weakening) nodes plants were extended or bent really do not exist, it is just a very common mistake of many Crop Circles explorers, who, unfortunately, by many times repeatedly patched the known as a typical agricultural half-scholar. Of course, there may be discovered patterns, having immediately after their locating bent and extended nodes, but it is not caused by anything other, than that the crop was lying for several days, pattern was found several days after its creation (lodging (damaging, weakening)). Explorers Crop Circles have absolutely no idea about the amount of energy, that would be needed to ensure the processes, that they describe (evaporation of water), and what those power amounts would have consequences on the plants vitality.


The above statement of Crop Circles explorers only confirms the sad fact, that they have never visited any area with quite commonly, irregularly lodged (damaged, weakened) crop, that did not visit from their point of view any "unknown energy". Would have found within one exactly the same symptoms and anomalies, and above all nodes, including what they described as "exploded nodes" or "expulsed cavities", which would be for them really difficult to explain. As explained on another page, these phenomena are in no way caused by the gas pressure inside nodes, which would them seemingly "expulsed", all such phenomena are caused entirely by natural growth changes gradually and slowly growing, slightly, on some points irregularly drying and dying cells and tissues. But these, even after almost complete dying and drying will not stop successfully fulfill the function of vascular tissue - which can be easily verified in any part of the plant - node, internode, leaf (to be demonstrated, set photo from experiment + timelapse)


It is also possible, which would have been much worse, that Crop Circles explorers has ever made a similar observation, but before the general public simply concealed them. For something like that would be better not probably even suspect them. Although, agricultural lowbrows, who quite regularly from their wide observations just choose what suits them, is possible suspect of anything. Maybe just from that any similar findings considered to be continually recurring exceptions, that only continuously and repeatedly confirmed their rules.


The fundamental error of all so called hoaxers - foot circlers - circlemakers or cropcirclemakers, so called therefore, that in fact they have never even been in the field, let alone there during night were creating a pattern (except for a few awkward - paid demonstrations in front of TV cameras, but by day), is the fact that they even at least do not mention one of the most important facts, absolutely necessary to move in the field, is that it is very necessary, that the field was not even a hint of wet, let alone after a rain or even during rain. Everyone, once again, everyone, and one last time, absolutely anyone who has with walking through a field at least the minimum experience, knows that walking on a wet field, even in rubber boots and appropriately waterproof clothed, even in the tractor tracks (in wet conditions the worst walkable parts of the field), on top of that during the night under flickering light hand torches, or the moonlight, and to all that (!!!!!) still carry anything in their hands, so that resulting from this very limited abilities fast enough to compensate the balance when slipping, would prove (let alone free of charge), just complete idiot. Or the author of these paragraphs. During the observation and photographing in the fields completed at especially in the tramlines hundreds kilometers, but at night never (really and only a work for blockheads and fools). But research has ended up, and never will get him there again even by a pair of oxen, photographs have been acquired enough, only during the first three years of research just over 18 000, the year 2011 is not yet fully evaluated. Anyone who attended fields in any order at least occasionally, would have that fact very well remembered, and certainly would not have been failed to mention about that. Another question that would be possible ask hoaxers - how did they move in a field of grown rapeseed, several weeks before harvesting (even in this medium patterns appear).


The moving in such a material, in any way, even a meter by meter, is absolutely impossible. Grown canola creates a completely impenetrable thicket into which is possible enter only by a combine harvester. 

Who has ever seen a pattern in this material had completely logically conclude that any human attempt to create it would inevitably failed completely (he is right, Chairman!), plants look as if on them worked a huge power (several tonnes per few m2) many days. In fact, there was working on them just only their own weight and damage to cells and tissues. In young wheat, oats, barley, maize, also rape, in young stands of any crop is possible to easily move around without any difficulties, in more matured vegetation a little more difficult, even in the maize, even if completely grown-up, with the one exception: Any movement in grown oilseed is absolutely and completely totally impossible.


Even if the crop is flattened (damaged, weakened) sometimes very long after lightning discharges, just before harvest, probably more than 90% of all cases when the lightning hit the field. Of course it depends on how at the field and around major lightning rods present there the discharge spread, how many lateral and subsequent discharges appeared there and where everywhere they landed. Under objectivity, however, necessary to state that they were observed also a cases, when after recorded lightning discharge cloud - ground into the field did not occur any flattening (damaging, weakening) (Stratov 2009, 2010, Milovice northeast 2010). But this is considerably less than 10% of all observed cases.


One of the reported cases, when until the harvest was not flattened (damaged, weakened) anything at all (Milovice northeast, photo). This could be due to the fact that lightning hit really only a large pool, located on the field at the time of discharge, and nowhere else, or inaccuracies in the measurement position, which could actually end up on a nearby tree or bush (unobserved). It may thus be a phenomenon in scientific research not unique, so-called negative observations, which does not bring the expected results. The lightning discharge in addition already ended in crop significantly dried by ripening processes. Tissues would already be in such a condition, which does not allow substantially change their shape in order to would be manifested their more significant weakening, moreover, already may be significantly strengthened by partial drying. (foto, datum) Of course the reality is very easy experimentally verifiable at any time in the future.


Crop Circles - Quest For Truth [UFOs].avi 53:00 Bert Jannsen expresses a very interesting idea and one could say that almost hit the nail on the head, although not pronounced directly specified. First mentions that many of the figures lies in the direction of the tram lines – no, only describes an access route. Note J.L. - It often helps a variety of skeptics ideas, that the way they going along circlemakers, in order to avoid any observable access roads, that would help their disclosure. In fact, in the same direction has gone the only one "great creator" – throuhg them conducted and not far from them induced electric current.


(citated from Crop Circles - Quest For Truthh)

"All Crop Circles are one big fake, big hoax". While this is an objectively existing phenomenon, but people still are not able determine what is causing it. People are relatively very limited in thought processes (ways of thinking), still only research, whether patterns created aliens, or people. He thinks it's something in between, it's actually a (simplified translation) created by people themselves, but they still fail to realize how. He's right, Chairman! Patterns in the field really assist people to create by themselves, but just completely unaware how. Already just only thanks to it, that they anything grow in the fields, mainly crop. If there were no fields of crop, there would be no crop circles, it is simple and understandable fact. (but there is grass, any other vegetation, and inorganic materials)


Another important factor is that during cultivation are developed tramlines, acting both as a relatively good lightning rods, both are carried out directly by them basic " distribution of electrical energy". After the first discharge are in close proximity to tramlines created layers of heavily ionized air, water vapor and dust, that attract secondary discharges the same like as beer smell an alcoholic.


On the hundreds of images where captured effects of lightning discharges in the field, very often lies crop by tramlines, following them, between them, and just as frequently or even much more often in the center of quarter turns. Completely the same situation can be observed at a very high number of Crop Circles photos in their vicinity, also at distant locations and in the surrounding fields. Furthermore, B.J. correctly notes that the first are plants lodged (damaged, weakened), and then begin standing back up, as opposed for example BLT. Note J.L.: At first they are lodged (damaged, weakened), due to weakening of the lower most part, moving plant toxins towards roots.


The fact that the formation of patterns looks very analogous to the formation of latent image in sensitive layer in classic black and white silver halide material is shown at many places on this site dealing with this problem, it is one of the leading ideas of the whole research.


Two and a half of a year plus one to two days from the beginning of research, August 14, 2010, has been mentioned another analogy with the classical photo: latent image is into the "sensitive layer" in the field of crops stored under the flash of lightning illumination... (the use of flash illumination, only the amount of energy emitted by a "natural flash lamp" is 109 - 1018 higher, than that used during photographing)


UFO club named "Flash of Lightning" (Záblesk in Czech, link) is very interested in the phenomena associated with the appearance of crop circles. Noted here as only very curious fact. For example, it has become almost a tradition that in some documents and films dealing with the issue of Crop Circles is sometimes in the background as a symbol of mysteriosity screened a lightning shot striking during thunderstorm. (photo - an accompanying picture of the movie showing thunderstorm lightning)


For comparison, ordinary lightning, what is anyone in the camera, during discharge radiates energy up to 5 Joule, but rather a much smaller (tenths Joule). That what is called "flash" when shooting on a mobile phone (high-brightness LED) radiates energy 1000-10000 times smaller, but due to the quality of acquired forografie abundantly sufficient. Great studio flash units operate with energy 500 – 2500J. The single average lightning during a thunderstorm radiates energy in order 109 J, during the storm there are generated several thousands of them. A unique above average lightning radiates even 100-10000 times more energy. (Note: the sensitive layer of film or camera sensor usually grab no more than 1 / 100 000 light emitted by the flash unit, while to the "sensitive layer of the crop field" falls almost several tens percent of lightning light and almost all other its energy...)


Areas of flattened (damaged, weakened) and similarly damaged cereals and other crops due to the impact of thunderstorm lightning discharges in the whole world would be an estimated at 0.5-1.5 million km2 of altogether damaged and lodged (damaged, weakened) areas


Fe2O3 - noted somewhere else


A considerable degree may be on resulting shape of some figures involved mechanical vibrations and resonance of underground cavities, either empty (caverns), or filled with water (natural water reservoirs), or filled with a substrate that is filled with water (aquifer). In a film that describes the issue of Crop Circles is such an example displayed - Crop Circles appeared directly above the artificial reservoir, perhaps water. d


According to some theorists - skeptics who are trying to disprove any other forms of Crop Circles than humans or animals, create crop circles mating hedgehogs. Milovice (east, first field south of the road towards Zbožíčko). In May, identified lightning in the field of green wheat, in the best condition (wheat), after that not even signs of flattened (damaged, weakened) areas. During the same storm recorded two additional discharges of nearby barley field (about 0.5 km away). It began "dutifully impose to sleep" after a few days, exactly at the point of intervention, over time more and more. Wheat still remains like intacted. Second week - nothing. Third week - nothing. That wheat will not be flattened (damaged, weakened) at all... The discharge over the wheat was not like a weed or breathy toothless old-fellow, it was well over 30 000 amperes. Wheat at the time of lightning before full heading, completely green, barley full-headed, already started yellowing.

Just after about a month started in wheat "something" to appear (two photos above), however, looked very different from similar cases observed, when the stalks start bend to the ground at first considerably slowly. There are several observable places, quite irregular, with a suspiciously small area (2-3 square meters), but nevertheless thoroughly flattened (damaged, weakened), mostly not only bent but broken. In addition, as though between them resulted some connecting paths...


Hedgehogs? After a while, everything is clear. Behold!

picture date: 27. 6. 2010 (also both preceding)         picture date: 23rd 7th 2010, a few meters away 


So that, after all, just really copulating hedgehogs... The field was finally really lodged (damaged, weakened), more than two months after the discharge, at several locations (hundreds of square meters), much closer to measured lightning point, until immediately before harvest, but just exactly according to the rules for lodging (damaging, weakening) caused by lightning discharges, where some of the affected areas are never completely lodged (damaged, weakened), elsewhere lodged (damaged, weakened) completely, very rapidly but gradually begin getting back up (through nodes). Areas lodged (damaged, weakened) due to "mating hedgehogs" will rise never even a hint, they are really "overbended", there appear significant majority of broken stalks. Were there playing some D&D one with other? They were not doing there anything else anyhow (if ever have an odd field visited). That their dumb, say, monstrously silly creephole as being manufacturing circles in crop could believe perhaps Mrs. Bower...


Really very long period between the lightning discharge and lodging (damaging, weakening) this year (2010) observed only in Ostra (wheat - north of railyard), almost 4 months. Barley (south of railyard) is lodged (damaged, weakened) 1 – 2 weeks after the hit, immediately but slowly. At first only tens of square meters, far below 1%. Finally, estimated around 20 % of whole field area. Photographs on the page Chronology.


Make an attempt how chive by passing current may attract particles Fe2O3 or Fe.

results here


There are often in patterns cereals lodged (damaged, weakened) very significantly (very sharp, contrast and difference between affected and unaffected plants in their vicinity), and also that the effects often manifest themselves in the same place the following year. In contrast to creation of irregular shapes is possible that in some cases of creating Crop Circles was there sometimes in progress probably really exceptionally strong lightning. Perhaps it would be interesting to see if in the vicinity of some patterns does not lead underground water pipes. Groundwater certainly quite often - excellent conductor. The dose of electrical energy, which integrally operates on one plant, should be resolved to the part that will receive above-ground part of plants, roots and how much is captured in the soil to form substances adverse for plant growth (average portion per plant). In the case of plants with lower seeding density is likely to be such an integral dose much more frequently fairly reliably kills, as opposit for example from cereals, where can be energy distributed very unevenly. Such cases are processed fairly extensively in the agriculture scientific literature, for example, in monographs devoted to various kinds of agricultural crops. On the website will be a number of examples, mainly on the agriculture page of the section 2.01 and probably on some pages dealing with electrophytopathology


Some possible estimated causes to achieve very high contrast of imaging layer of crop possibly will be given a special, yet non-existent page High Contrast Effect


Crop Circles - Quest For Truth [UFOs].avi 1:42:55 - "absolutely stupid". M. Glickman wants to describe us, that the process of foreign civilizations (aliens), who are probably trying to indicate something to us, but proceed all that very carefully, instead they landed with their UFO and went up of them and said, "so here we are", is really somewhat stupid. He does not know that there did not operate any foreign alien civilization and that it is only the result of humanity initiatives ( agriculture) and entirely terrestrial forces - electricity and magnetism.


1:43:40 they are studying us (quite common and widespread opinion, in the Czech Republic it holds and widely promote for example Mrs. Pliskova). If this were true, would inevitably aliens have reach to the conclusion that all people are really very stupid... Never mind, the same thing about them (aliens) may think and certainly also really does the whole of humanity, because only a true idiot would be able to land directly on the power lines... (see Zuidland, several paragraphs down)


According to the very similar opinion it is an experiment, by that they try to provoke humanity to a reaction, and study its approach to the problem, as it tries to solve it: government and politicians sometimes tried to explain something in this direction, possibly their driving handles - military forces - results probably every time the same - zero - zero - zero... (1994)

On this site possible find, that Lucy performs questionnaire research of health problems, specific feelings and mental disorders inside the Crop Circles since 1994, and even in cooperation with the local surgeon has not reached to a satisfactory explanation, what would be the main reason of that. For this reason it will be best to announce them in a friendly way, that they were all moderately poisoned by chemicals, some of them would be really Extremely Dangerous Poissons, (Highly Toxic T+, Extremely Hazardous Substances, EHS), explain to them what subletal dose is, and in future do not forget to any newly discovered pattern quickly invite some toxicology experts.


"I need qualified medical help. I hope to be working with a local doctor who has kindly agreed to try and analyse these reports" that local surgeon has not reached for 16 years ( 1994-2010 ), to any result, it is not just an optimum...


For example, frequently referred sensation of metallic taste in the mouth is fairly typical for cyanide poisoning. Hydrogen cyanide (HCN) the discharge may create in the underground, due to the materials present and currents passing there up to kilogram quantities. Everything is there, H + C + N = HCN. The equation is not created according to the rules established in chemistry, and much more reminds mathematical equation. It is created quite apparently against chemical rules, and regardless of the composition of source materials and any accompanying reactions and intermediates. Due to the temperatures, energies, pressure, electrical current, voltage, ionization, and everything other that may happen there, really something like that would be going on there. Although such a formula would almost everyone even slightly informed chemist more like termed "chemical crazy". Some other chemist, just a little more informed, would perhaps even prefer a similar manner compiling equations directly expressed as chemical garbage. It's really unfortunately a rather serious matter. A small underground digester would really like to cook anything like that, and nearly above equation...


Incidentally, similar studies were carried out, electrical discharges in an enclosed space, and very simple chemicals, present there (H2, CH4, NH3, water) formed more complex chemicals, such as amino acids. Experiments conducted by Stanley Miller in 1953.


Find out the feelings from a person poisoned by ion CN(-), whether in the form of cyanide or hydrogen cyanide, is indeed a very rare coincidence or rather curiosity. In order to share with someone about their feelings, only rarely has more time than two minutes. The only guinea pigs, who were probably ever able to share their feelings after cyanide poisoning will probably remain forever those whom Lucy pulls into the field as kittens and let them fill out questionnaires about all that. Fortunately they obtained subletal dose, because most of them according to the testimony leave the field using their own legs.


"It is interesting to note that whereas the physical reactions are largely unpleasant, the emotional effects are predominately beneficial." - Something like that claims almost every drug user.

awareness of a `Presence` whilst visiting a formation, a peculiar sort of `metallic` taste, panic attacks, blurred vision.


visual hallucinations or physical sightings

"could not enter, a physical barrier was preventing me and I felt nauseous"

"reaching the outer ring of the Eye formation where I hit an invisible wall that forced me to double over. This was followed immediately by vertigo and dizziness."

"whilst measuring and photographing this formation, I started feeling nauseous and dizzy, especially in the upper area which looks like a `maze`. After leaving, the feeling went away."

"I began to feel quite agitated and finally had to leave. The effect was most intense in the higher part. We left the formation about 5 or 6 p.m. I felt fine until later that night when I woke up feeling nauseous. The next day I felt a weak and disorientated"

It felt really claustrophobic and was quite terrifying

By the time I reached the car I felt fine although I still had a slight `butterflies in the stomach` feeling.

This panic sensation was also reported by John Sayer whilst visiting the Spider's Web to the east of the Avebury complex:"The unease became worse, changing to foreboding, through panic to almost terror. As I retreated from the formation, I nearly broke into a run. I tried to fight against the feeling but it was overwhelming. I confess to being reduced to a state of paranoia by the time I got out of the field." - man describes a short term, but really directly textbook aberration under influence of drugs


"Metallic taste in mouth" – For example, a typical acute lead poisoning, but also many others, organic and inorganic poisons, including cyanides (!).


"Blurred vision" – After ten lager beer anyone may see blurry, and if not, still can knock out with a bottle of rum. Then what about a consumer of one joint?


Another interesting feature, which Lucy described on this page is that, that her colleague in one formation did not work for the camera FLASH... Probably realized that at the same place just recently worked his, say, 1012 - 1018 times more powerful colleague, and if it would be in his abilities, would ran from there as fast as it would be possible. But, as is known, photographic flash units do not have legs capable of moving... (2004)

HEALTH CATEGORIES. ORAL (metallic taste, tooth pain, unusual thirst)

CRANIAL (headaches) daches)

OCULAR (vision changes, hallucination)

AUDITORY (Acoustic) hearing voices, music etc.

GUT (nausea, diarrhoea, sudden hunger etc.)

SYSTEMIC (dizziness, weak knees, leg pain etc.)

MENTAL (thought processes affected, short-term memory loss, feelings of panic, terror, evil, peace, love and light, disorientation, sense of a Presence)


Dear Lucy! All described feelings of that guinea pigs are related to the ingestion of narcotic drugs and poisons, possibly by poisoning sublethal doses of deadly toxic substances (CO, HCN), that they were breathing during their visit in the pattern. Much more on another pages. That diarrhoea alias really nobody wishes to them. Due to the fact that without any warning and prevention attending collectively places with a very likely potential presence of Extremely Dangerous Poissons, derivable from thousands of written witnesses evidences, they probably really deserve it...


Much more on the page Health Problems


Zuidland, Zuid-Holland, NL. 2002. Here on the right is all nicely together with the lightning rod. Possible find also other shots, even with eg. Google Earth it is possible to fairly reliably convince, that just in this case those stupid aliens landed rightly on the high voltage wires. Better to kick them in their asses? For instance illustrative photo upright on this page, in the head, it is  possible to see there that wires - the same pattern.  


HV lines can be found near many patterns Crop Circles, and equally often even near any quite irregularly flattened (damaged, weakened) crop, there is built a special page. Any HV line attracts lightning better than only common Lightning Rod - there is cerated infinite count of ionised particles near that. Lightning Rods in Crop Fields (introductory photo - Thailand 2011)


It would certainly be interesting to find out information from companies engaged in electricity distribution (not in Czech), whether they have registered lightning hits into the power lines that run close to the figures, some time before their appearing.


CEZ (Ceske Energeticke Zavody - Czech Power Plants) – we do not deal with this issue. In our society is not a department, that recorded lightning strikes or phenomena associated with that. (2008; is no reason to assume, that in this direction over time anything has changed). It would be interesting to even ask whether and how they are protected against lightning damages power plants Temelin, Dukovany, also other...  There may be some disorder in the storage of lightning arrestors? Do they use them ever? Why are they completely not interested, how makes electricity their competitors...


The vast majority of the world's electricity giants owns and manages, or at least strongly supports, extensive basic research laboratories, really closelyly interconnected with academia, dedicated to research of storms, lightning, their physical principles and consequences. Not so a little, small, negligible CEZ in CZECH..


Crop Circles - CBC News (28 January 1989, Ann MacMillan) 10:17/14:23

"Our witness, Ray Burns, one of the few people in the world who claim to have seen how they formed a circle in the crop. It happened one evening, after a storm when he was out walking with dogs."

note J.L.: What to want more? During the storm had been the circle exposed, plants damaged in a circle shape due to the Lightning Discharge and they followed only its results. Also not excluded, that patterns were exposed long ago - up to several weeks, and observed storm only contributed to the moisture logged plants - up to several hundred tonnes per hectare, so it could arise thereDomino Effect, possibly contributed by the second lightning discharge energy, as described elsewhere. here. Teorie dvojího výbojevýboje

"First he saw a line 50-75 m long, not too wide, and when looked at it after a few seconds, began to form a circle around it."

(note J.L.: He saw several hundred of millions of plants exposed - damaged by lightning, by chance just at the moment, when their own strength (continuously weakening) was overpowered by their weight, increased of moisture supplied by the thunderstorm, due to their weakening. Registered exactly the moment when there started to take place Domino efekt. Probably just by chance at the time when there flew around some Butterfly...)


Will be presented an example of the herb chive. Possible see that after one or several discharges (energy of approximately 0,03J) in close proximity to plant. The vast majority of current does not pass through the plant only in its immediate vicinity, there act primarily infrared radiation and induced currents. Just one discharge is sufficient to all-out killing the plant part just below it. But the consequences may be observable only after several days. What take effect immediately, within a few seconds at most minutes, is the weakening of the stem. Will be displayed at the page experiments Chive disappointed, the first attempt - on one specimens of plant many times repeatable, the other specimens failed to repeat with the same impressive results. It is not impossible that this still succeeds sometime. Just daisies chive completely replaced. Over the longer time horizon (minutes, hours, days) behaves very similarly many other plants, for example spiny milk-thistle (sonchus asper). Long live the plantain ! Who will cross barley and plantain, becomes forever the ruler of the beer world... (also whisky, or any other malt-based drink)


Spiny milk-thistle (also other sow-thistle species) in addition, shows something, what has so far failed to reach on any other plant. Will be photo here.


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