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Crop circles


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Part 4


In many documents dealing with the issue of Crop Circles occur mention of completely unaffected plants, "foreign" admixed, in cultivated monoculture (aliens lodged (damaged, weakened) only barley, did not act on wheat also present there) - ff course, different moisture content, different resistance, different energy induced, different (lower) level of damage, greener plants may seem completely unaffected. At the time (observations 2010, foto foto), when barley is in some fields already in such a stage ripeness, that a substantial part of its stalk is dry straw, wheat in other fields is still very green with a high water content and electrical resistance certainly many thousand times lower, which thus represents almost a short circuit for induced voltages. Of course not excluded that after a few weeks will be lodged (damaged, weakened) also that different individuals admixed into monoculture, that have obtained a much lower quantity of electrical energy, but that's our dear Crop Circles explorers may never notice at all.


The voltage induced on the direct wire (in the distance) can be considered as a very soft energy source, whose voltage (the same proportionately current and thus also second power of energy fraction) during interconnection with low resistance of the conductor never ascend to such a high values as the voltage on the conductor with a resistance much higher. The same is true for energy, generated in other ways - direct conduction and electrostatic induction. Another possible way of electric current to the stalks of grain is what is called the stepping voltage and arises for example during falling of the HV wire to the ground - due to soil resistivity may be voltage between the two places on earth surface in human step distance many thousands of volts, and in the case of lightning of course much higher. In addition, a significant contribution to the damage of plants adds current passing through their roots during the dispersion of lightning current underground, ie, classically conducted current by the conductor - like by a wire, not induced.


Another interesting phenomenon is the fact, that in some places, where there happened a lightning discharge into the field, after several weeks grow young plants of the same species, whose period of germination could be estimated to approximately the time when there was the discharge. This may be a relic of ancient times, which originally served to preserve the species, which now grown and cultivated species of grain, of course, do not need, but surely would have been them useful, if on the globe has occurred a greater disaster. For example, the one ancient Mayans predicted for 2012 (that the Stones will go out of business). Typical in this respect are the seeds of some plants, perhaps from the Australian bush, perhaps also some other, that germinate only after the fire. Germinate before it would be due to the regularity of local fires was almost useless, because then would the entire population became extinct.


Explorers Crop Circles of course would be able to discover on their sites something similar, or even already have something like that captured in their photographs, but not evaluated.


Objectively is necessary to admit that some Crop Circles phenomenon explorers have long time before noticed that in the vicinity of figures is possible to register the existence of (or previous existence) "something incomprehensible electromagnetic". It should be further noted, however, that the figments, which they derive from that, may be in almost all cases classified as complete trumpery. We may dispute about it, we may even disagree with it, but that's all what can be done against it.


Bent and extended nodes:

They occur with absolutely every lodged (damaged, weakened) crop in the world. Not longer than during an hour immediately after lodging (damaging, weakening) is possible register at nodes growing changes, through which the plant is trying to correct a permanent deviation from the vertical direction. The fact that the Crop Circles researchers did not notice it yet (bended nodes at the crop lodged (damaged, weakened) anywhere), probably may be excused by their amazement, astonishment, enthusiasm for research of something fantastic and completely incomprehensible, and that is seemingly so easily available use idea of extraterrestrial or ethereal intelligence, that they unfortunately did not think ever to deal with something as ordinary and terrestrial, such as "commonly", completely irregularly flattened (damaged, weakened) crop, without patterns. Looking at some of the pattern formations in crop their discoverer probably can do nothing else than:

1. to be completely shocked

2. note: it is absolutely impossible to be manmade (he is right, Chairman!)

3. note: this had to create some form of intelligent life or creature or being (Here it is with the truth somewhat worse, Chairman)

a note to 3: the opposition of Crop Circles explorers against natural, without acting of intelligence formed patterns leads to the fact that in nature can not be made regular patterns only by themselves or only by (random) natural forces


Oh no, they can, just remember:

crystal lattices, crystal structures, crystallography

structure of the atom, electron shell, the molecular structure of materials, atomic and molecular orbitals and their hybridization, the construction of atomic nuclei

fractal structure of the excess electric charge discharge (Lichtenberg patterns), fractals in living organisms (vascular and nervous systems, the root systems, the shapes of deciduous and coniferous trees... Fractals in lifeless structures - shapes of galaxies, snowflakes, and finally, again and again: resonance and interference - physics, mechanics, electronics, optics.

(pictures, images, photos, images, photos, images)


There is no choice but appeal to explorers of Crop Circles phenomenon to carry out something that they have probably never done during more than thirty years of Crop Circles surveying.

Visit a field where a crop is lodged (damaged, weakened) complete irregularly, without any signs of a regular pattern. Also there they will find a lot of (absolutely identical) anomalous effetcs, bended and prolonged nodes. By comparing they will determine that nodes are absolutely indistinguishable from those that they found inside Crop Circles. They will find that flies are grilled in exactly the same as those inside Crop Circles. Infra, static electricity (malfunction), magnetic and others. vzorek.jpg, moucha.jpg Everything will be there, including expulsed cavities and explosed nodes, magnetic anomalies will discover and mobile phones will stop working. Exactly the same changes of nodes will also appear, even if experiments will be made by changing the direction of plant growth in the laboratory, just only by enforced changing the position of stalks. Again, also expulsed cavities will become. (correction of zero, blank, already mentioned)


Meanwhile it was necessary to do it for them by someone other. Visited hundreds of locations, where there was the crop lodged (damaged, weakened) quite commonly, higgledy-piggledy. In the great majority of cases they were a locations, where the field was struck by the lightning before, several hours, days or weeks before. On the Internet there are sites where it is (was) possible to obtain some limited information about the location lightning discharges (taken from external sources) with relatively high accuracy - tens to hundreds of meters. The error was caused rather by the fact that GPS location, where the discharge begins and where it strikes, in some cases may vary considerably, or by that even a single discharge itself may have several concurrent parallel arms and shoulders may have its restrikes, which may turn out to various locations areas, and generally considerably larger than one square kilometer. (reference to the literature, several images - kouty.jpg)


Very much so irregularly, completely higgledy-piggledy flattened (damaged, weakened) parts of crop fields on to an incredibly high number of photographs published in books and on websites of Crop Circles explorers, everyone can persuade by himself, as yet only a few of the most typical examples here.



The vast majority of patterns formed by lightning resembles modern art (simply said, like daub - irregular), only a small part are classic, antique, baroque, art nouveau - regular shapes, although some could also belong to the modern art.


Among other things, in the spring 2008, but even during next years often almost by accident, but also intentionally, taken a number of fields shots even "before action" (lightning), without any hit by lightning, or fields, although affected by lightning, but still without any signs of flattening (damaging, weakening). foto vzorky ze stožáru


Do pokusů zahrnout i výboje nad zcela nemag. mat - plast, dále Cu, Al, nakonec magnetický kov (krabice od filmu - nejdřív několik výbojů bez fe2o3 nebo fe pilin, pak s. Výboje v Al (obal) na vodě, i na nemagnetické pružné fólii. Zkusit práškový hliník.


něco o putování jedovatých látek rostlinou - že se dolní část v podstatě obětuje



The idea that the patterns occur primarily at night. It's at least one movie, Nancy Talbot states, but without giving any sources (great mistake!), that patterns occur most often between 4-5 am. Certainly not all, but sometimes may be a cause of the "domino effect" plants logged by early morning dew still in darkness and their subsequent stacking on the ground. It is not impossible but, that they create quite often during the daylight, but they are only discovered after several more days. This could be explained rather psychologically – probably never will be discovered Crop Circles during the night (in order to be inferred that they arose during the day). It is caused by quite natural fact, that during the night namely people are doing everything possible, observation of fields is definitely not between these activities. Almost impossible is accidental sighting from the flyover height by any means of transport, mainly due to the simple fact that in the night is darkness. Therefore, observers who are not able detect a pattern else than during the day, not even think about other answer than: "someone had to do it during the night". Pattern could easily arise during the day, maybe 5 days ago.


Much would have helped install a time-lapse cameras near places where the patterns most often appear, which might, in the present state of technology had to be no particular problem. It would thus be seen as a mere "ordinary" lodging (damaging, weakening) of crop and determine the time elapsed from the thunderstorm, while Time-lapse Canon could be programmed, that would capture also lightnings, incoming at their viewing angle. important feature of (some) Canon apparatuses is that, that they can be very good programmed for time-lapse recording and quick processes recording (lightning discharge)


Stalks bent, not broken. Broken stalks are certainly also occuring in Crop Circles, especially at the edge of pattern, mainly in the case of the Domino Effect. Explorers of Crop Circles effect presented the reality in a somewhat "modified" form, or the so-called more flexible format (Yes, minister), and a small percentage of broken stalks, not only bent, simply shoot or include in reports on their exploration either just " accidentally" omit, or consider them as an exception that proves the rule.


Xtreme Mysteries - 062 - Crop Circles, 2002, 01:47/24:34

(xtremem.jpg) Na horním okraji snímku (podél vodorovné tram line) je možné vidět úkazy typické u klasických výbojů blesku do polí. Kromě toho uvnitř obrazce je naznačen další, podružný obrazec. Podobné jevy se vyskytují u mnoha klasických Crop Circles. Jev je průzkumníky Crop Circles zcela opomíjený - jde o světlé čáry rozbíhající se od centra k okrajům, které pravděpodobně kopírují hlavní směry, kudy probíhala elektřina výboje v podzemí. Poznámka - něco podobného je možné pozorovat na mnoha dalších fotografiích Crop Circles, jedná se o obdobu dvojexpozice s tolik porovnávanou klasickou fotografií.


08:55 beneath high-voltage wires... to se docela shoduje s tím vším, co je naznačováno všude na těchto stránkách - vedení VN jsou velmi dobré hromosvody.


Lights, light phenomena moving over the field, often represented by images in films about Crop Circles. In these films is also evidenced, that in some cases it may be a forgeries, or (quite logically) out of focus flying objects (paper bag, seeds or plant parts). It can also be the case, that if suddenly released from the underground a bubble of highly ionized gas and dust, that has been recently exposed to the potential difference of residual static electricity several thousand of volts or more. In addition may contain flammable ionized gases (CO, H2), all of which might be present in the underground for many days after the discharge. It can fly about tens of seconds through the air downwind. At the same time also may phosphoresce, but even just to be different from the surrounding air, refractive index, spectral reflectance, transmittance or color, at least something of that maybe under above conditions complied. It could be even just a cloud of smoke or dust, that holds together some time static electricity or just air vortices. In addition, CCD sensor may under certain conditions record even only thermal differences. (explained elsewhere)


Yet another assumption: The fact that in some places good old England produce patterns much more against the rest of the world, could also be caused by that, if in those places were not present so often and so violent winds as in the rest of the world. This assumption is not supported by any evidence, from physical or from meteorological terms is likely to not find any fact, that would support this assumption. Rather some valley, somewhat protected from winds, which contradicts more like flat England. There will probably be rather some yet undescribed local geological anomalies. Something emerged, chalk subsoil exhibits significantly more frequent patterns, underground water can also participate (as well as in mechanical resonance), archaeology. Bolt from the blue?


Dead animals, insects - For example, dead worm on the discharge spot, after few days disappeared (photo), which can be attributed to the normal processes that take place in nature. Skeletons of vertebrates - such as birds - as it is written somewhere else, animals live in nature and do not make graves. Even feel sorry for little bird singer, but if it really died at the moment when the pattern was "exposed", probably it was only from shock and certainly was not directly hit right by the Return Stroke channel, because if this was done, would most likely explode. We would find from him almost nothing, or much more likely absolutely nothing.


Insects - (photo) grilled and scorched flies may be considered as relatively unambiguous evidence of lightning on examined location. No unknown energy, military experiments, extaraterrestrial or alien forces and so on.




One more "anomaly", which has been described by Crop Circles explorers. Some mention possible in "Ovni Crop Circles - Cercles dans les blés traces d'ovnis - Planete Tv 11.02.2006" – No, it was elsewhere else. Likely to be also traced in some Crop Circles sites and in some publications. Photos of patterns, where displayed "something enigmatic" (ghosts of another type), what on the place was not observable with the naked eye, and may occur partly (or even remotely enough) apart from the patterns photographed. Most likely, they are mostly images taken with digital cameras and camcorders, not classic material halogen silver. Possible explanation that on the picture is exposed also a part of the infrared spectrum, that the human eye does not perceive. Underground may be for certain figures stored still very large amount of thermal energy (again, the average lightning transmit power at least several hundred kilowatt hours up to several megawatt-hours), and although under the ground surface remains less than one percent, still causes such a change (thermal), which may be in the infrared spectrum very noticeable. While classical halogen silver materials are in infrared spectrum almost entirely insensitive, their spectral sensibility even in color and b & w panchromatic materials somewhere does not exceed around 690nm, limit of spectral sensitivity of human eye is somewhere between 700-720nm, sensitivity of conventional color CCD sensors greatly exceeds the threshold 780nm (1050-1100nm). For this reason it is in front of them placed IR filter, which often a part of the IR bandwidth releases, that in the vast majority of conventional photos does not matter. It is possible that on some Crop Circles picture were exposed some consequences of such a concurrent or subsequent discharge, which did not create any pattern, only to the nearby underground stored some "heat". Even discharges that really create patterns may thus illustrate their "escape routes" in the underground. ("the mistery (!!!) of the crop circles, bongiovani, caria", cd1). 11:15 (ap1, ap2) Alton Priors, Wiltshire 11th Jul 1997(Lucy P.) ap1.jpg ap2.jpg 18_51.jpg 18_59.jpg IR phenomena in Crop Circles locations explorers investigate, that is another named anomaly, but they pay them very poor and dilettante attention, so here will no reference or photos, although there are some on their pages. (odkaz a fototo z BLT research). CCDresponse.jpg Typical spectral response of a CCD image sensor. Adapted from


Dilettantism in access to some phenomena located at the point of Crop Circles is one of the main causes of the fact, why none of current Crop Circles explorers failed to hit the nail on the head, and recourse rather to a very superficial explanation, preferably completely unprovable. Just using a fairly primitive thermocamera could be completely objective to detect the presence of considerable amount of heat kilowatt hours stored in underground, and that it would be too long to aliens could not be tempt.


Ghosts. In some places appear in the next year, noticeable track, similar to the original shape where corn was not at all flattened (damaged, weakened) (but it is also possible, although significantly less than in the past year).

Cerchi nel grano (Maurizio D'Amato) 28_48-46_08.jpg

Cerchi nel grano (Maurizio D'Amato) 28_52-46_08.jpg

ghosts1.jpg © by Peter Sorensen

ghosts2.jpg Pics: Peter Sorensen

boh1.jpg photo No. 1 (c) Miroslav Zuzánek. The emergence of patterns probably between 2-4.7.1999 Photographs from 4. 7. 1999, when the pattern was discovered from by hang gliders Mr. Miroslav Zuzánek. The survey of patterns: 7.7.1999  

boh2.jpg photo No. 2 (c) Miroslav Zuzánek

boh3.jpg photo No. 5 (c) Miroslav Zuzánek Fotografie z 20.5.2000 The same place a few months later. Pattern is already clearly visible. In place of its appearance grew only limited vegetation.

Pictures taken from the page, where is possible to read more details


Pictures (boh2 a boh3) also printed in the publication "Pictograms in the Czech Republic and the energy system of the Earth - Beauty of agrosymbols in Moravia 2000 - 2006", authors Mgr. Tonička Plíšková a kol., with commentary: It was created probably between 2.7-4.7.1999. Discovered 4.7.1999 and 7.7.1999 was carried out the exploration. In the field, again near the railway line, were located 5 circles with almost identical diameters, which were in the range approximately 17,5m. According to the the condition in which was the pattern found, it was obvious that they were the first researchers from Záblesk, who entered in the shape. Construction of lodged (damaged, weakened) areas was highly precise, such a quality, with which to that time encountered in none of the examined Crop Circles. However, the presence of the pattern in Bohuslavice did not expire after wheat harvesting. After all standard agrotechnical operations, consisting mainly of plowed land, sowing new crops, etc...., the following year in spring was found the same pattern again. This time, however, not reflected in the vegetation as lodged (damaged, weakened) crop, but its retardation. Vegetation was in the location of all five circles dwarfed the entire growing season. (railway line may also appear as a lightning rod, note J.L.)


It is important to realize that on the site were conducted a huge electrical currents, among them there were various interferences that were observed not only in plants but also in the soil immediately below them due to electrochemical and termochemical processes that took place there. In addition, the plants deprived through the root system some plant toxins that were accumulated inside them, and those still may be located there in the soil. This makes it possible to observe in the following year - in places where larger currents conducted, would be created a large quantity for plants not strictly harmful, but also not really profitable compounds. Even the actual local conditions in places where no discharge has taken place, can cause various shades of ripening or ripe grain on large, completely not lodged (damaged, weakened) and healthy crop fields. It is a certain analogy of cropmarks known from Archeology.


Another anomaly, on Crop Circles explorers pages not found yet. cfad22_07.jpg cfad22_29.jpg Crop Circles - Crossover From Another Dimension (2006), 22:07-22:29 As possible to see on the photographs, unaffected grain clearly shows a higher degree of maturity (turning ears, while ears of affected corn are still perfectly straight - less ripened). Crop hit by electric current and products of electrolysis in the soil ripens clearly slower. Observed, photographed, many times, repeatedly. Sometimes may be observed a distinct difference in color – affected corn still green and untouched already safely straw yellow. Here, the evidence directly from explorers Crop Circles, + several own. Photographs 6.8.2010, Kounice – very similar case, also wheat, ears of corn stalks are lying in ripeness and size really a few weeks lagging behind. Sampled, from approximately 20 places crop affected and 20 places crop unaffected. Objectively speaking, the ears of unaffected vegetation in comparison with the flattened (damaged, weakened) vegetation are really greater (an estimated 20-30% of volume). Everything will be weighed, counted the number of grains per ear, average length and weight of ears, the average weight of grain. Později bude následovat zkouška klíčivosti (to pass inequality and unwillingness to germination caused by post-harvest ripening, not earlier than after two months). Detailed results and continuous measurement Possible from some other locations. The wheat, that really takes a lot of time, Chairman! (especially Ostrá this year - about 4 months...)


Statement or findings, which extends absolutely all the programs about Crop Circles:

It's risky to také electronic equipment into crop formation. On that equipment is very clearly written in thick letters, or at least in the instructions manual, "May cause malfunction by static electricity"! Here at the place where they are still stored in underground megajoules residual static electricity (in case of extremely strong discharges there would be a short time before that overground gigajoules or even terajoules of electric and many other types of energy...)


As an illustrative example can be described a case of poisoning with carbon dioxide (toxikologie..., str. LucyP.) Crop Circles - Crossover From Another Dimension (2006) describes metallic taste and all the other symptoms of poisoning approximately 49 minutes before the end of the document


Glickmann: Many people sleeps better, after leaving Crop Circles formation. Not surprisingly, they are in similar situationsi, as if they drank half a liter of rum, 5 beers, and even to it ate a couple of magic mushrooms...


Mysterious world-Crop circles.avi 17:12 Geology and connection with underground water. (not only that, JL comment, but with underground canals and pipelines, maybe very long unused, see photo) 18:25 - very impressive wind waves in the grain -


1686 Robert Plot scientist at Oxford finally concluded that some crop circles in Staffordshire (The natural history of Staffordshire) were caused by lightning. Quite a good estimate, many years before Franklin (he performed his research around the year 1750), it is not surprising at all that he remained misunderstood. Humanity does not want to understand even at the age of modern technology. But when they will see those pictures...


zskvo20_06.jpg zskvo20_13.jpg

is quite deeply rooted usual in many documentary films dealing with Crop Circles, that mystery of their origin is illustrated by a picture of the incident lightning...

20:33 Wild winds...

zskvo25_39.jpg Anomalies – elmag, elstat, drugs – : overwhelming well-being, euphoria, ease (something like that also reported by addicts after dosing), headaches, confusion and other problems barley standing here, just before flattening (damaging, weakening) that will appear afterseveral days


35:30 expulsed cavities


38:10 whether these circles produces anything or anyone, they must be a skilled mathematician. Compare with images from kaleidoscope. Suppose four-year child with a strong painterly talent that had never heard that there is something like mathematics, in the hand kaleidoscope and colored pencils. Paints such a pictures that when will be after 5000 years discovered, researchers write about them and the mathematical laws that they all found inside, stacks of thick books...


41:08 even a scientist is afraid to enter it


43:10 measurement of electromagnetics, powerful natural force. Even today, some observers argue that the emergence of Crop Circles was observed after a thunderstorm. See blog Tiffany Pliskova, iDnes: (Crop Circles Jitrava 2010) Pattern 2010 was established in a green crop after a great thunderstorms in recent days, near the patterns are carved hollows from water flowing down the slope (lightning rods, note J.L.), discovery of patterns in the wheat ears pressed firmly to the ground, corn stalks covered with mud, shape of the pattern was perfect...


2008 jitrava2008.jpg the first impression of the photographs gave the impression rather fake, but anyone can be mistaken... jitrava2010.jpg 2010

blog Tiffany Pliskova Crop circles in the land of city Šlapanice has a long tradition. Even popular actress Lucy Safrankova recalls in her book, as they were playing as a children in circles in the corn...


A drop of water falling on the water surface (photo) is also spreading out very symmetrically on multiple pages, while is never known in advance exactly on how many. It is also a single, short, jumping pulse incident from above.


Invitations to visit agrosymbols strongly not to accept

link is already broken (2011 autumn), originally on this site was found the sentence, which is cited in the paragraph below. On these pages it is already possible to find only in the document at (czech). This is a passage from a larger text "Hypotheses about the technology of creation agrosymbols",

1.1.1. lodged crop

Specific way of lodged (flattened) crop first tried to explain ideas, that it is a completely natural effect, that only accidentally creates a circular shape. This view, very soon abandoned for its absurdity, however found even after twenty years its supporters in Czech Republic.

Underlined sentence is possible after minor treatment at any time certify. Just before the word "accidentally" may be added a passage - "in some cases not"

The whole PDF document to the currently working linked site is intended as a "Workflow for Crop Circle surveying". Have no choice but strongly warn all those interested against any free research and work for similar sciolist like guinea pigs and cost-free information providers, and any Crop Circle never entered.

On the place is sometimes found as many harmful chemicals that would have satisfy the need to drug addicts for decades. Any invitation to visit of such a place therefore recalls a criminal offense "spread of drug addiction", which can probably be applied also to that document.

§ 287 The spread of drug addiction (Czech legislation))

(1) Who else brings to the abuse of other addictive substances than alcohol or in that him supports or who abuse of such a substance otherwise encourages or spread, shall be punished with imprisonment up to three years or prohibition of his business activities.


End of Part 4



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This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky