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Crop circles


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Part 2


Above all, it must be emphasized, that the explanation shown here, or any page of this website, in any case does not deal with concepts or fields of human activities such as Esotericism, Parapsychology, Psychotronics, Paranormal phenomena, Ufology, Spiritism, Astrology, Occult, Numerology, Oracle, Superstition.

Belief in aliens, Extraterrestrial life, including Extraterrestrials in fiction, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Astrobiology, Unidentified flying object, Military disc-shaped aircraft, Flying saucer, visitors from Universe, Outer space, Galaxy, Milky Way.

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Lucy Pringle herself, one of the most famous phenomenon documentarist, among other things, deals with a mysterious electromagnetic and electrostatic events at the point of finding the Crop Circles phenomenon( !!! interview is dated somewhere 2001, mentioned in many programs about Crop Circles and interviews with L. P.  

This page very noticeably reminds psychologist notes from interviews with individuals under the influence of drugs  

completely the same phenomena and effects 


part of text from  

(various identified unusual feelings of the people present at the location of the Crop Circles)  


list of health categories and their effects: 

 * Oral — taste (metallic), tooth pain, unusual thirst 

 * Cranial — headaches 

 * Ocular — vision changes, hallucination 

 * Auditory 

 * Intestinal — nausea, diarrhea, sudden hunger, etc. 

 * Systemic — dizziness, weak knees, leg pain, etc. 

 * Mental — thought processes affected, short-term memory loss, feelings of panic, terror, evil, peace, love and light, disorientation, sense of a Presence  

(end of citation) 


absolutely all without exception are classic, almost textbook cases of syndrome drugs, or poisoning by a variety of chemicals. It should be noted that, due to what had recently become on that place just above the ground and in the shallow underground happening, really, really is not surprising. There had been working on an area of several tens of square millimeters (or the volume of a few cubic meters) several millions or even billions or more of the Temelin power plant at one time, even if only for a few millionths of a second (on average 100) 


Very often witnesses recount that a variety of disease syndromes is leaving, pain diminish and they feel generally healthier. There is no wonder, because their bodies in those moments are most likely dealing with some completely different problems. If someone falls into water, certainly during the split second has completely forgotten that he was hungry, that he felt pain in his side or he had a tic in his eye. 


"many women claim to have suffered abnormal menstrual cycles and postmenopausal problems after going into a genuine crop circle"  

exactly the same symptoms occur after ingestion of drug or chemical poisoning...  


Lucy: I believe it is a result of the electromagnetic fields found inside the crop circle. Lucy knows that inside the Crop Circles is (was) electromagnetic field, but is not looking for, how could it arise. Yes, Lucy, there was huge electromagnetic file... from lightning. And there still maybe hundreds of kilograms very dangerous chemicals, like drugs or similar, even much worse. Gasses, ions, hazardous molecules, and megajoules of remaining static electricity underground. Also effect called LIRM - Lightning Induced Remaining Magnetism - not so dangerous.  


According to the description they are absolutely classic symptoms of intoxication with poisons or hallucinogenic substances. It is necessary to note, that the site was within a fraction of millisecond radiated above ground and underground such an ammount of power, to which the freight train drove dozens and truck of larger dimensions (full loaded truck, round 40 tons) hundreds or thousands of kilometers. There may be not very deep underground created a huge amount of pollutant emissions. Among them may be present but a few such as carbon monoxide, but apart from that yet the ....... ions, what's really finding just only for "case-hardened". Including extremely dangerous poisons and hallucinogenic substances, tens of kilograms or more, from which each person in a clear state of mind had to ran away as far as possible. In addition, there may still be stored a significant amount of residual static electricity (measurable - photo), which raises further mischief - "Auditory" (various sound sensations, cracking) and may cause a variety of luminescence. Residual static energy may continue to create dangerous chemicals. In the underground may continuously smolder for several days there present wood, humus, peat moss or similar issues, and so continuously add especially CO2 and CO 


Note to "auditory". Accumulated electric energy underground (tens of kilowatthours or more), immediately changed to heat, may cause a great pressure difference, that is able to create much more significant and noticeable sounds. Underground gasses or fluids may many days flow from places with higher temperature and pressure to others, also create sounds. Underground appearing solids (rocks, stones, boulders) may have in reducing and increasing temperature change the volume, there occurs a friction between them, which induces sounds again. Globe is after lightning discharges just here and there a little "rumbling in the abdomen" (underground). The process is actually incredibly similar to what happens in a stomach, for instance after overeating or flatulence. There are also in progress material transfers from place to place, with different pressures, in liquid or gaseous state. 


Notification of the evidence are likely to incite among Crop Circles explorers many confusions, but the first and only, who should always visit any newly discovered crop circle, should be regular staff of accredited toxicology laboratory (equipped with appropriate protective clothing, masks and measuring devices), and only after many days since the discovery of patterns they only would be allowed to issue a decision - it is allowed to enter this place, the concentration of toxic and hazardous fumes does not exceed a dangerous limit. Research of Crop Circles would be perhaps thanks to that much more expensive, but what's cheap today. Certainly better than if many random individuals made from theirselves completely involuntarily and unconsciously guinea pigs and tested a "metallic taste in the mouth" at the point where the Crop Circles is observed, while the metallic taste is just typical for some extremely dangerous poissons, among many other also ........).  


Almost all people who have been poisoned by any chemical, even with a lethal dose, and were successfully cured from that state, describe some feelings of strikingly similar to the same as what above.  


The vast majority of deadly poisonous substances applied in doses below the threshold for intoxication (sublethal) causes symptoms similar to drug exposure, while drug overdose cause death. When using any drug is as a matter of fact applied a sublimit dose of deadly poisonous substances. Put together with the effect of mysteriosity, complexity, incomprehensibility, and fearsome of pattern just discovered to the minds of Crop Circles phenomenon explorers weakened at the moment by even a variety of health harmful substances, and all this even in combination with another drug, rather the epinephrine (also drug), kind of drug opportunity to contact something alien, ethereal, inexplicably, not producible by people (indeed true), extra-dimensional, paranormal, no wonder that at that moment they are not able to think rationally and realistically. Let's leave them in their empire, partly self-created by them, let there meditate and create their own illusion about aliens and mysteriosity. But ourselves rather leave forever this empire of supernatural, and will continue mainly focus on the real reflection.  


Only through exposure to such drugs of suspected paranormal and mysteriosity it is possible to explain, that such narcosed explorers are able to explain the effect of prolonged and bended nodes by action of a "force", thanks to that they are changed in that way. Crop Circles explorers should be very gently announce that there were acting no other forces than the attraction of the earth, and a phenomenon that bends and stretches nodes called negative geotropism and through nodes (their bending) is trying to correct the flattening (damaging, weakening) of plants - trying to straighten the plant that is lying on the ground and it appears only and only after its bending to the ground, or during that. The process may not last only minutes or hours, but a number of days or even weeks. No, they think Crop Circles explorers phenomenon that occurs thanks to the actions of unknown forces or forms of energy, nodes are bent or prolonged within a few seconds to tens of seconds and therefore causes lodging (damaging, weakening) of plants. In some places there are even times in nanoseconds, as "observed". It had to be really interesting "observation".  


BLT Research: ( "node elongation (the stretching) that is a permanent effect caused by the formation energies" "In some crop formations the energy system involved is intense enough to cause bending of this apical (top) node", ie the forces take effect on plants, some nodes fire, other prolong and consequently plants are lodged (stalks bent to the ground). No, no, no, never, never, never, wrong, wrong, wrong. 


The purpose and operation principle of nodes (stalk nodes) on the plant of crop reliably explain to anyone the first-year students of any middle (in America high) agricultural school. One of the plant nodes function (Poaceae, but almost all other plants) is the leveling of deviations from vertical direction of growth, this is done by their enlargement at the point, which is the opposite to the deviation from the vertical direction (drawing) and the change is irreversible (this is done by the increasing the number of cells, not their size and shape). If the plant succeeds completely straighten, firstly bent nodes must straighten by further multiplication of cells on the opposite side, and thus remain noticeably elongated (drawing), if the plant is so weakened, that is not able raise anymore, no one tell it to nodes anyway, and they are just permanently extendig (in an attempt to elevate the plant, which fails). Often occur a combination of both phenomena, when the plant is so weakened, especially in the lower part, say that the first two nodes bottom to the ground have no longer enough power to raise the plant, thus are only extending, but others are able to raise at least the remaining part of the plant to the vertical direction (photo), thus significantly help when harvested, drawing principle. Velmi podobně jako kolénka, using a similar principle and to achieve the same function may behave also almost any stems without nodes, stalks or after tribes of any other plants, and of course any Poaceae plants even before in them occur to a greater differentiation of tissues. So do the stems of some plants in internodes, without using only nodes for this feature. One example is poppy. Their internodes are still containng significant amount of meristenatic tissues so that can perform the required function, without being limited to the internodes. 


In addition to that inside the plant occurs in a wide range of toxic substances for it immediately after the electric current effects, probably there occurs during the following days a "migration period", during that these toxic substances are relocated more into the lower parts of the plant, that thus effectively sacrifices for the successful "raising of offspring", In this case, processed cereal of grains and the best preservation of the genetic code. On the contrary, in the opposite direction, upwards, travel agents useful for the completion of a successful grain ripening. Although it does not look like that and it seems that the plant is almost dry and to suitable condition for harvesting there is in progress only controlled drying up, processes of maturation and transport of fluids are in progress until the last moment. Agriculturists know very well, that for instance barley, if harvested too soon, not yet completely ripened, takes many months to achieve optimal and balanced germination of grain.  

"Such a barley has a long period of post-harvest ripening"  

Production Technology of Malt and Beer, Kosař, Procházka, VUPS 2000,  

ISBN 80-902658-6-3, page 34).  


A wide range of processes occurring in plants under adverse growing conditions, which are also described cases of lodging (damaging, weakening) weakened plants, is possible to read in: 

Handbook of Plant nad Crop Stress, Mohammad Pesarakli, Dekker, 1999,  

ISBN 9780824719487.  

Excerpts from the book will be given a series of notes on other sites  


The basic fact that it is necessary to realize, is that any lodged (damaged, weakened) crop is firstly weakened, and it is necessary to find the cause of this weakening, and there is absolutely no need to look after aliens (E. T.). To the Crop Circles phenomenon explorers is of course necessary but very nicely thank, that such, although for them, still very difficult explainable and understandable phenomena, brought down by themselves in a pile more than enough. Anyone who would ever want try to explain the principle of the Crop Circles arising, would of course thanks to their great credit occasionally feel like a weasel in the henhouse, or a piglet in a strip of rye. Just only need grab a clever books, and start to try with explaining.  


There were really acting on plants "very high energy power", but very often really many weeks before the lodging (damaging, weakening). It was (very probably) mostly the electric energy, which was during the "electromagnetic explosion" induced inside plants, in their tissues. Another part of the energy may be supplied with electrostatic induction, and other by direct conducting of electrical current through highly ionized gas in the immediate vicinity of any high voltage discharge - photo, drawing - here a few tenths of mm, lightning several meters or even many tens of meters (as well as the corona discharge, drawing). Another part of the energy may be transferred the direct current conducting under the soil surface (mainly roots), and eventually may to the weakening significantly contribute electrochemical changes in the soil. The intensity of all the named phenomena entirely stop act in a certain distance, reduces with distance from the impact point, until at some distance completely stops. With no wind - a rare phenomenon in a thunderstorm - and uniformly distributed electrical resistance of the soil may be the result relatively accurate circle. Even with all possible inaccuracies however it is possible that eventually the integral effect of several not very accurate circles folds together one a little more accurate, as it has refined through a domino effect. 


Expulsion cavities, a picture from BLT (interesting name matching - expulsion gap). They will not be included as an Objective evidence of any energy or force effects at all. Absolutely impossible to use it for that. It is and will be explained in much more details on many other paragraphs and pages. Deformations of plants visible on that photos, also any similar, need not be caused by any action of any power or force at all, with the only exception of forces and pressure of growing and drying and thanks to that shapes changing tissues and parts of plants. Although on the damage to plants would be really able to participate also the passage of electric current, electromagnetic and electrostatic induction, mechanical forces. Conduction of electricity through very intensively ionized air in the immediate vicinity of discharges. Very similar to conduction of electric current through various gasses in any discharge or fluorescent tube. The corona discharge - extends to a distance of several meters to tens of meters, with no wind has a very precise circular shape, and its diameter depends almost only on the intensity of the current passing through (drawing). Step voltage (drawing). Mean value of soil resistivity, according to CSN 332000-5-54 of about 100 ohms per meter. Soil resistivity is defined as the active resistance of the soil cube of edge 1 m measured between opposite walls.  


By the way, very similar damage of the nodes may be found in locations where the stalks bent purely mechanical (gently, without breaking) by almost 90 ° of those nodes that begin with equal spike back into the upright position (1st and 2nd from above, photo). There will appear even a similar mechanical damage, mechanical forces arising due to pressure of cell proliferation nodes self harm a little, without any significant consequences for the vitality of plants. Probably this is due to the, it is a case of extreme changes in direction of growth, almost 90 degrees, in most cases solves nodes angular deviation of several degrees. (photo) 


In order to try something like this the Crop Circles phenomenon existing explorers believe, no choice but to try and find by theirselves, even in that places where they would not be from their point of view at all. To do this is necessary to invite all sober explorers of the Crop Circles phenomenon that sometimes perform by themselves an experiment known as blank test, or blind experiment (also "zero correction"). One of the basic principles, widely used especially in an objective and sound scientific research. Just let some crop grow in the laboratory without exposure to any energy. At some point change their growth direction, only the by rotating the container in which they grow. Some of them are possible after a certain time return back to their original position. Also, another kind of blank solution is possible to try - visit places with very irregularly lodged (damaged, weakened) crop, where, as of their point of view, were not acting any "aliens energies", nor any other, as for example a microwave.  


Moreover, not only drugs of transcendental, supernatural, paranormal or similar phenomena may affect to explorers of the Crop Circles phenomenon at the location, there may occur really "strange", curious, anomalous and unusual compounds, free radicals, ionized atoms, molecules and other mischief, that may affect the human brain in the same way like the magic mushrooms in a spray 


Our dear humanity would sooner or later explore it by itself. Fact, that circles, and almost any other regular or completely irregular shapes in crop, certainly much more than 99,9999999% are generated by thanks to the lightning discharges, and not through some misguided self-declaring individuals, it is simply an objective fact, and mankind is able to detect objective reality after all (sometimes), it really knows how. (although this solves already well over 30 years and the results nowhere...)  

However, it does not matter after all, sometimes it was even much worse... 


For a basic introduction to historical perspectives on the issue of crop circles possible visit Wikipedia - Crop circle. Although most of the explanations, submitted there, falls or almost entirely belongs under the Pseudoscience (Junk science), i.e. appertains to the Category: Pseudoscience, however at least may serve as a basic information about the current view on the whole issue.


 Motto: Very much crop circles resemble a PC simulation of electromagnetic  fields. Even a single one, separate circle. That is why because they are really  created by ElectroMagnetic Field lines of force from lightning discharges.


Natural Mimicry (No. 1)

One of the most important and at the same time the most interesting causes, why that happens like that - forces of nature used one of the most spectacular way of natural camouflage, what they ever managed to construct. These are very interesting and inimitable natural mimicry. But it is relatively very simple fact: Crop circles are really just very rarely appearing at the same time, when they were created, ie immediately "after the event", although it can sometimes happen, but probably really only very exceptionally. Just on the contrary, most of the patterns appear in the vast majority of up to several weeks or even months after the time, when they were in fact created, "exposed" into the structure of plant in the field by the energy of the lightning discharge. Usage of the word "exposed" is in this case really correct, the similarity with the classic photographic process, or with some of its predecessors, for example - daguerreotype, is quite usable and remarkable. As well as with photography, is there in the "sensitive layer" of plants in the field created a completely invisible latent image. The second reason why the word "exposed" is really usable, is the fact that the pattern is created - exposed - under lightning-flash shinig, similar to many photos. Immediately after the discharge would be on the site findable only some very rare phenomena - dead insects, charred plants, or plants tangled into cords by very intense rotating whirlpool, that sometimes takes place after the lightning discharge and lasts no more than a second. Also changes in magnetic fields, thermal changes in the underground, static electricity excess would be detected immediately. Last but not least, (probably, not tested yet, it is still only an estimate) number of organisms harmful chemicals. flattened (damaged, weakened) crop appears mostly after several weeks, or even longer than two months. The vast majority of plants namely immediately after the shock indistinguishable returns to its original position, and everything is just beginning. They begin to fade, mostly thanks to the electricity, which passed through them. Also could be probably damaged to some extent by a sharp movement, and their fading lasts for weeks. The fact that plants often stand for a long time in an upright position, probably much longer, than it would be otherwise allowed by the constitution of continually fading lonely plant, and with a large degree would be likely to contribute Water Surface Tension. Their lodging (damaging, weakening), that really happens up to after several weeks, on the contrary, may become in some cases up to incredibly fast compared to how long lasted their weakening. While the weakening of the plants lasted for weeks, their bending to the ground may become even in a case of a quite large patterns relatively quickly, within a few minutes. As a very noticeable contribution to that fact may sometimes probably take effect the Domino Effect. Very often also due to the fact that some Butterfly flew around.  


Dear Mankind !

Next time much better do not accept any advice from senile dementia.

If it were not those two senile demented fools, D&D, who long ago somewhere in the tavern made a "confession", research could take many decades a completely different direction, like any other classic and completely serious science. Anyway, subsequently would mankind definitely resolve the whole thing itself, for example, on YouTube is possible find a video (maybe Wylatovo?, does not look like that, somebody will find), where people are convening for a crop circle just discovered, and at the distance is even more possible to see retreating thunderstorm...  


Further in the text is also mentioned, that in some documentary film is a reasoning expressed, that they might be blue jets and red sprites, which are atmospheric discharges, but high in the atmosphere, discovered relatively recently. That's probably quite a misconception. Their distance is too large in order to induce on the land surface something bounded so sharply. Even about them it is possible to read in Lightning: Physics and effects, Rakov, Uman, p.  


Another reason why humanity would certainly solve the problem itself is that in the world will become increasingly installed in various locations so called live webcams (or at least time-lapse cameras), even at a distant locations, and during a period would somebody make a conclusion that the Crop Circles are really dependent on  that preceding weather phenomena, even if Crop Circles appeared several months later. 


The last reason is that there are companies such as Vaisala - Siemens (2011 - disconnected from Siemens, just Vaisala alone), that deal with measuring of the impact location, type, polarity and intensity of lightning, also own an extensive databases of past years, and certainly will not be a problem for them (if interested) to trace required data. By the way, their data are often very accurate, even though they indicated a measurement error as a circle diameter round 180 m, frequently are much more accurate, even less than 10m. For this reason, the theory "CC-Lightning" is possible to consider as "totally verifiable backwards", a fidli. Collecting data on lightning discharges (time of discharge, the GPS data on the impact point, polarity, power, type - Crop Circles or CG). For example, in Central Europe deals with that network CELDN – Central European Lightning Detection Network, throughout Europe, then many other. All use a network of detectors Vaisala -Siemens, or similar. It will be certainly very interesting to see, what patterns eventually, against all expectations, will be proved as "not man-made", or genuine ?  


In addition to the above options there are on  - page of another network system of an explorers of lightning impact points, who use their own network of detectors. Although that probably does not have such precise information about the position, but they might add to the whole issue interesting data.  


Another thing is, (as for the measurement accuracy), that often only one multiply branched lightning (plus its eventual subsequent discharges) is able to "sprinkle" an area of several hectares photo (in the case of extremely strong discharges may certainly also include much larger areas). According to data from the literature (for example, named Lightning: Physics and effects, Uman, Rakov) is not unusual a phenomenon, when branched arms of a single lightning flash hit points up to several miles from one another. Here again - no choice but to highlight the most important fact: the lightning discharge into the field, where was a regullar pattern found, occurs sometimes even a few days, but much more likely even weeks to months before, than stalks are really bent down.  


Farmers and their workers, even if they were present at the emergence of regular patterns and watch it with their own eyes, will never give to such observations any publicity, as well as any findings already finished regular patterns in their fields, and know very well why. From their point of view it is only lodged (damaged, weakened) crop and nothing else, and such an attitude is the only correct. Their work has always been and will be mainly take care of crops (harvest), and not about bullshit. A pattern in a field is not the harvest. They are interested in any flattened (damaged, weakened) ctop only in terms of whether it will be  possible to harvest anymore. Combine driver who would find pattern in the field, and called there a journalist, immediately loses his job, and never able to find the same work again. Findings of regular shapes in the fields never come from farmers themselves, always from someone "outside" (or "from above"), mainly from the the lay sensationalist public.  


As described above, even after so quite a long time after the Lightning Discharge, during that the weakening of stems lasts for weeks, the actual timing is likely lodging (damaging, weakening) sometimes really only take a few minutes (Domino Effect), and sometimes even directly in front of terrified random observers (Stonehenge Fractal). Of course, may occur at least such a cases, when the crop is lodged (damaged, weakened) almost immediately after the Lightning Discharge, during seconds, minutes, no more than hours, but rather it is a very exceptional case. Obviously it depends on the current state, condition and ripeness of grain, to which is the discharge directed into, and also on the strength of a specific incident lightning, probably also on that, how many branches are there, and how many subsequent discharges hits the only place. There may also affect the intensity of incident rainfall and the resulting humidity and conductivity of plants and soil surface. Very often it happens (mainly if the crop is still green enough, with high water content in cells), that even after a very strong lightning discharge is in the field observable completely nothing, and not only immediately after the thunderstorm, but even after many days and weeks.  


one of the most monstrous natural joke,  that probably has prepared Mother Nature for mankind ever, form together the Mimicry Number 1 and Number 2


Mimicry Number 2

Dancing Air Vortex

In addition to what has already been described everything before, it is possible draw attention to one other very interesting fact, which takes place on the location where will the crop become flattened (damaged, weakened). Nevertheless the variety of natural processes that took place there long before the stalks were bending to the ground, lasted hundreds of hours, may random observers watch just at the time when the stalks are bending to the ground, something that is not possible to observe at any other time, and what may last only few minutes: Possible to name it as a Mimicry Number 2 - in fact Dancing Air Vortex.  


Just before will be the Dancing Air Vortex described in more detail, here will be listed several phenomena or effects that usually precede it. Not all listed, only a few most common ones. Much more in detail will be the issue of participating processes developed on other pages such as Chronology and subpages, or in the section Accompanying Effects


These are examples of phenomena, some of which have very long ago, some very closely precede the actual phenomenon of lodging (damaging, weakening) crop in the case of periodic patterns. Not only regular patterns, but actually all lodged (damaged, weakened) crop, that occur anytime and anywhere. One of the very substantial differences, in addition to regularity and irregularity of resulting shape is the fact that the regular patterns have likely to much greater extent applied Domino Effect, than irregular ones. Explanation of some possible causes will be located on forthcoming page High Contrast Effect, not existing yet. 


Some accompanying effects preceding creating areas of lodged (damaged, weakened) crop in the field, approximately chronologically sorted: Exposition Effect, Interference Effect , Weakening of Stem, Water Surface Tension, Butterfly Effect, Domino Effect  


Immediately after the onset of domino effect as the next effect arise - Effect of Dancing Vortex (air). There is no specific page linked to it, will be assigned to domino effect as its part, because to it quite inseparably belongs and without it would never happened. While any of the previous listed effects and may actively participate on creating patterns and may be one of the many reasons inextricably associated to it, moving air vortex is a completely passive consequence, similar to example following object thrown into the water will always appear on the surface circular waves. Even air vortex, moving almost synchronously over grain bundles that are currently falling to the ground, is primarily a consequence rather than the cause of the seemingly incomprehensible phenomenon, even though such claims may initially seem like something totally unbelievable. 


Therefore, the Dancing Air Vortex was named as Mimicry number 2 - thanks to the fact that very well play an important function of camouflage and uninformed observer must almost inevitably feel, that is totally inseparable involved in the creating of the patterns. As an unknown, although very hard to pin down yet after all, although with difficulty observable power. Therefore, seemingly may look like one of the most likely causes of the process, like "descending from above", or conversely arising from the ground. Advancing air vortex is very precisely following the position of the stalks bundles, gradually falling to the ground like dominoes. That bunches of stalks may therefore ultimately be cascaded one over other like a woven pattern, thus the whole process looks even much more mysterious. But the whole phenomenon of Dancing Air Vortex is nothing else, than at least initially solely and only completely passive airflow, caused by the falling stalks bunches - just only beginning of the Domino Effect. There is falling to the ground many hundreds kilograms of material, even in not very large figures may be there up to several tons, from an average height of a little less than half a meter. Such a great material movement already causes a really significant and noticeable air flowing. Even such strong, that it may indeed later also partially contribute to the falling down of some other not very distant stalk volumes, and to some extent participate on the course of Domino Effect, which of course only support the overall impression of mystery and inconceivability of the observed phenomenon. But of course, especially apparent air vortex moves almost exactly on that points, where the stalks are just falling down, although it need not be a cause at all. Domino effect may proceed quite independently of the air bursts, and work of one big error is easily accomplished. Certainly there is no need to emphasize, that the greatest illusion of mystique and mysteriousness phenomenon is achieved still air, during which above and between falling crop clusters is completely alone and independent flowing Dancing Air Vortex. In addition, just exactly there where are the crop clusters falling to the ground. Thanks to that seemingly not only as a force, that arised on the location completely alone, without any cause, even more to all that seemingly as a power, that all the movement, which occurs on the site caused by itself. 


Among other, company that owns the databasse of lightning discharges locations, probably own something, what they have no idea about, namely a very detailed database of health condition and vitality of agricultural crops each year in large areas.  


End of Part 2 



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Correction (characteristic):

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Is possible, that...

Possibly would be proved, that...

Presumably possible...

Some (many) observations (experiments) may imply, that...

Absolutely sure being right maybe only stupid, silly, pinhead, bighead or bigmouth.

So, which one of them, damned?



This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky