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(crop circle disinformation)
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Crop circles (short version here, another version here)

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Nodes and damaged, lying cereals

Very common bended cereal, no regular shapes, are created exactly under the same conditions as described in the crop circles. The plants are damaged under completely the same conditions, mainly by electrolysis and its products, including mechanical damage due to resulting gases, probably (depending on the overall power of the electrical discharge) also from resulting heat damage. On the sub page nodes is possible to observe, that straightening of the stalks, that were not hit by any electricity, and put back only because of mechanical initiative, is likely due to large angle, which had to overcome, able to register mechanical damage of nodes. Not affecting quality of the ripened crops, stalks were skewed by only mechanical stimulus.


Correction (characteristic):

Even if any message down these pages would look like to be absolutely sure, there should be placed an introductory sentence before them

Is possible, that...

Possibly would be proved, that...

Presumably possible...

Some (many) observations (experiments) may imply, that...

Absolutely sure being right maybe only stupid, silly, pinhead, bighead or bigmouth.

So, which one of them, damned?


 Motto: Very much crop circles resemble a PC simulation of electromagnetic  fields. Even a single one, separate circle. That is why because they are really  created by ElectroMagnetic Field lines of force from lightning discharges.


Regular crop circle shapes vs irregular, random shapes

Crop circles in the vicinity of which are irregular structures

On the upper field edge of crop circle photo can be observed irregularly damaged cereal, which occurs quite frequently due to lightning discharge into the field. This will happen after several days or weeks Ancona, Itálie, 29. června 2008 , as explained elsewhere on this site, or on detail page chronology, where will be the process of plant tissues degradation following the passage of electrical current also photographically documented in great detail. The photograph here on the left side shows that the electrical current (power) of the lightning discharge passed partly through the upper edge of the field (following tractor tracks there), both around the tramlines perpendicular to the edge, even through the geometric pattern. Regular crop circle shape and irregular damaging, and of course may not be created during a single storm (thanks to a single lightning discharge), but it is possible. That lightning (maybe one sole) only "recorded" that picture, damaging of the cereals appear up to many days later (even weeks, depending on the amount of energy supplied - the intensity of exposure).


At first is bended to the surface only a small part, well below one percent, several square meters, the most affected areas. Gradually, day by day (in some time, hour by hour or even minute by minute) adds another, until finally, just before harvest maybe lying on the ground sometime around 5%, sometimes more than 20% of the total area (sometimes, unfortunately, over 90 %). To clarify and document the phenomenon described in the future will possible to use the Time-lapse cameras, looks like very good work for them. For now just possible satisfy with an explanation of the phenomenon on the page and sub pages chronology. Very similar processes often occur inside the patterns of crop circles, in their vicinity and at a greater distance, and in the surrounding fields. In all places that were affected by lightning discharges electricity. Occurring since the discovery of patterns until harvest.


Also possible that probably a lot more of damaged cereal appear on those fields, where occurred two lightning discharges one near from the second in the interval of several weeks. The second discharge takes place into the field with plants considerably weakened, and is able to cause significantly more damage. It is also possible to imagine that regular crop circle patterns is possible to create much easier on such a field that had to be "prepared" several weeks before. Such cases are obviously much less often than once affected site. Will be expressed statistically.


More comment on the crop circle photo from Ancona: from some observations, it seems that one of the many factors that may participate in the creation of regular geometric patterns on cereal fields, may be the fact that on that place was in action an extremely strong lightning discharge, which occurs only a few during whole storm or even entire season. Therefore possible that exposure to everything there was really due to only one discharge (or a system of several simultaneous consecutive electric discharges, whose total duration rarely exceeds one second). The strongest part caused creation of that regular crop circle pictogram, the weaker, secondary, paralel and subsequent electric discharges caused formation of irregular lodging (damaging, weakening) in the neighborhood. Another (really very probable) possibility is that weaker electric discharges did not occur at all, that common surrounding irregular damaging formed only due to residual currents leading through tractor tracks, possibly by induction in them.


Another option that is possible to considerate during the crop circle creation (described in more details in one of the first published articles) is an alternative that a substantial portion of the lightning discharge, immediately after its forehead touched the ground, substantial part of its energy was leaded deep enough below the surface, without its energy could significantly pass through wet soil and tramlines into surrounding areas. The lightning discharge channel then acts like conductor, through which current passes deep below the Earth's surface, and is by some good current conductor (or several conductors) conducted deep underground. On the ground surface then would be created crop circle shapes that are highly similar to that created by magnetic field lines in iron filings (see photos previously on this page). For example, was observed formation of a a regular crop circle patterns directly above a metal underground tank - serve as a very good current conductor - underground lightning rod. In some crop circle film documentary mentioned.





One possibility, which may contribute to the electric current quickly conducted straight down into underground, could be the presence of slag or metal artifacts, also caused by the activities of some ancient smelter, or the presence of any other relics, mostly from the Iron Age or Bronze Age. Thanks to imperfections of used smelting methods, the slag contains up to several tens of percent pure metal highly finely dispersed. The conductivity of such a place may exceed more than a million times ordinary soil conductivity. The fact that in some places regularly frequented by highly revelation of crop circles, there are in the underground ancient settlements, relatively easy to localize from aerial photographs using the methods of aerial archeology, is quite provable fact. One of the most typical such place is ... (pic1) (pic2) but surely it would be possible to find many more. Some tombs are with metal really heavily loaded.


Also possible other archaeological periods and ages (gold, silver, copper, stannum, brass, cobalt, lead, zinc, tungsten or uranium age).


Larger quantities of metals placed underground also located in areas, where shot down aircrafts crashed.


More informations on the page archeology




Crop circles- regular shapes combined with irregular (2)

Crop circle picture dated 1996, from great Lucy Pringle archive. If there were not crop  (Somerton, Somerset 27th Jul 1996) circles on that  photo, looks like quite normal, common, typical damage due to the electricity from lightning. One of the most typical effect is that damage follows accurately the direction of tramlines. There flows most of electric energy before entering underground. Mostly noticeable is damage near the boundary of the field. Tramlines near the border, machines are turning there, best conductivity, crop is more damaged near tramlines round the boundary then elsewhere.


Crop circle photo from unknown source, locality Denton, Garsington. Source identified later as Oxfordshire Centre for crop circle Studies, taken 3th of July 1996. Besides crop circles there is possible to distinguish three undeniable lightning rods - electric line pylons. May appear as critical reason, that caused lightning become near from that. Below the crop circles - typical, irregular damaging caused by the electricity from lightning. There would operate some paralel lightning discharhes or restrikes, or any induction or conduction. Paralel lightning discharhes and restrikes may affect each other. Lightning discharges are something like electron beams, and there are in progress extremely high electrostatic and electronagnetic fields, able to change direction of such beams like TV or oscilloscope vacuum tube. Direction of spark discharge, like arc discharge, also possible change by air flow (wind, shock wave, blast wave). Rakov, Uman - Lightning: Physics and effects, chapter 8 "Winter lightning in Japan" p. 313: "Interestingly, Ishii et al. (1998) observed that subsequent strokes in multiple-stroke positive flashes in winter storms in Japan always create a new termination on ground." Something like that may appear not only in winter and not only in Japan.


On recordings and photos of artificialy initiated lightnings possible observe, that lightning channel moves in direction of wind. Possible, that before some restrike may the channel of lightning, move tens or hundreds of meters. (lightning, physics) (ph)




Electric currents vs plants, tissues and cells

(much more informations in menu menu EPP and continue)

Plants, hit by electric current (maybe near under lethal dose), several days look like absolutely nothing happened. Even if totally dead, or contain great amount of dead cells and damaged tissues. No visible and mechanical changes. At first, after several days, possible distinguish height differences, dead plants do not grow. Later green color turn into yelow, brown, and plants start dry up. That process lasts several weeks. Only plants, that were affected by such a quantities öf electrical, partly maybe thermal energy, that is many more than 100 times of lethal quantity, may immediately appear yelow, brown, carbonized, but in case of cereal became only several individuals from millions.

( Argentina - sunflowers )


More informations about dead plants will be placed on the page numero uno, EPP &





Cereals, that were not damaged by the electricity

Highly possible, that crop in fields, where did not appear any lightning during whole vegetation period, never exhibit any marks of damage.

((sometimes, after very intensive lightning, may slightly damaged cereal appear also in the next year ghosts)


There was not any lightning on that field (2010) Benatecka Vrutice

not any stalk damaged and bended until harvesting

Left - 26th Jul, right 17th July 2010




Lightning discharge energy - in brief

For example, one average lightning discharge transfers such a great quantity of energy, that would be able to harvest the whole field (many hectares), mill a flour from that grain, bake a bread and distribute it round the whole country. Also postharvest works capable. The crop during its bending to the ground moves several hundreds kg of material into a distance not more than one meter. All of that described material has a lot of own potential energy. More about energy of lightning, measured values lightning



Local conditions. Two lightning discharges in identical place.

(long time separation interval - several weeks)

Forming of regular crop circlr pictograms may highly depend on local conditions. Britain - possible more often happens on chalk. Also archeologic relics may take effect. Also possible, that some regular crop circlr pictograms may appear on that place, where appeared two lightning discharges on that some place, the second several weeks later. That is really rare case. The second discharge is in progress on a place with noticeable weakened crop. Statistic - will be placed here.


In rare case of extremely strong lightning discharges possible, that regular crop circle pictogram may appear immediately after that, or within several hours. Strong discharge has also strong mechanical forces and effects, like hundreds kilograms of explosive material above the field with cereal, only several meters. Possible that some regular pictograms may appear thanks to that there was no wind, neither rain. That is the case of the bolt from the blue.



Ground surface oscillations

Another possible cause of forming regular crop circle pictograms is, that their creation (or shape) would be in some way involved by shaking of the earth's surface at the point of origin. The surface of the Earth, placed at the moment of of the lightning discharge and exposured to its mechanical effects (pressure waves and shock waves) behaves like a flexible membrane, but enormous. Covering an area of several square kilometers. Self resonant frequency of such membrane lies between the values of a few hertz to few tenths of hertz. They can thus create not only simple crop circles, but various analogies or equivalent of chladni patterns.




Main culprit, crop circle creator still successfully escapes

Not a unique phenomenon, while probably that one that even most possible (thanks to that the true and one sole real culprit managed to escape attention for so horrible long time), is the fact that affected cereals exhibit a real marks of damage many days, after the real cause has carried out his work, even many weeks or some months after the thunderstorm and lightning, the only right authors. During crop circle visualisation, long time later, may probably very often assist such an innocent event, as the morning mist, see domino and butterfly. At that time is hardly possible connect in mind the pictogram creation to an event that took place several weeks ago. Very often bending of the stalks (pictogram or irregular shape appearing) becomes during beatiful weather, after a long time of gradual stalks weakening. Often possible find many other phytopathological factors. Quite clearly all of them resulting like secondary effects, long time after damage by lightning electricity. Viruses, molds, fungi, plant and animal pests. Never would operate without primary damage of the plants by electricity.


Without weakening by electricity would plants playfully resist to all listed pests. After a lightning discharge into the cereal fields also significantly appear ripening non-uniformity, depending on the intensity of damage. Without weakening by electric current would be no crop circle ever discovered. Mostly depends on the distance from strike point, less, but also relatively significantly on the distance from tractor tracks. Any plant, that was exposed to effect of certain amount of electric energy, higher than negligible, but not deadly (see EPP), ripens clearly slower. So far examined mainly by visual observation (qualified guess), will be verified qualitatively and quantitatively in laboratory. Determination of energy levels and their influence on the vitality of plants. (Approximate measurements taken - EPP)


Slightly affected plants may not exhibit a significant, visual damage, but they can be attacked by pests, or just ripen slower. (Ostra).



Very logical reason, why the main culprit of crop circle creation so reliably managed to escape any possible discovery and attention yet, is quite understandable: this "author of everything" is exactly at the time, when he was "painting" on a field (creating crop circle picture), able to manage absolutely reliably and ruthlessly chased away any potential observer of his creative activities from the place of his work, as far away as possible, if not killed them.




Tramlines and underground structures near crop circles

Lizzano, frazione Celletta (Cesena - Forli), 12 Giugno 2008:

Click photo to follow source page. Possible to find "a forest of lightning rods" on that locality. Without a regular pattern, it is a very accurate picture of location, where the lightning discharge into a cereal field occured. Even the field on the right side of the photo, without any crop circle pictogram, is affected by electricity and damaging caused by that much more remarkable, there is also affected crop along the tractor tracks, running through the field (in the picture horizontally), and on the field with crop circle pictogram there is affected mainly cereal around the tracks near the field border, where tractors turns. Often differential gear locked. More humidity, better conduction. It is also possible that approximately in places that are determined by geometric center of the crop circle shapes, are located water supply pipes or drains in the underground. This can also include any other lines - electricity, gas, digital communications. Something similar may also relate to other crop circle pictograms, which appear near some long track. Other examples following. Many longer crop circle pictograms often follow tramlines, because good conductors. No people intervention or work.


The electricity may be distributed around the field mainly by means of tractor tracks. They are characterized by much higher conductivity against the rest of the soil surface of the whole cereal field. Some lines, quite random, may be branched, straight, or forked close from the impact point of the lightning pulse forehead. Electric current is moving described way, near from periodic shapes in cereal on the ground, not only in tracks of tractor and their immediate vicinity, before starting to continue under the ground. The passage of electrical currents inside plant body, cells, tissues and thus damaging them may also cause uneven ripening of cereals. Uneven growing and ripening is a phenomenon, that is arised because conditions there are very similar to transplanting of plants.



The situation described here is responsible to this theoretical presumption: if a regular crop circle pictogram is created, possible that great deal of the lightning discharge energy was lead much faster perpendicular to the deep underground, in contrast to the case of ordinary, much more common lightning into the field - significant part of the lightning discharge energy, long time before it is completely led underground, is led over and across the field surface like on the carousel, committing mischief. Therefore is possible that both parts could be affected approximately equally. On the left was a considerable part of energy consumed to create shapes, and then immediately conducted quickly into the ground. On the right was significant part of the lightning discharge energy much more led across the field surface mostly the tramlines and done so on the more remote locations more damage.


(such presumption is mentioned several times elsewhere in this site and will be explained on a special page)ecial page)




Wire fence near crop circle

Another photo that relatively reliably supports the theory of crop circles formed by the lightning discharges, that is possible consider almost as an evidence, is possible find again in the large archive of Lucy Pringle, and not only there. From the comment on this picture indicates that on the border between the field with cereals, containing

(Martinsell Hill, 19th Jul 2009)

the pictogram and the pasture with grass, where the pictogram does not continue, is situated a wire fence.  Wire fence acts as a grounding. Grounding acts as an impassable barrier to the electromagnetic radiation - the main cause of pictogram creation - immediately from the lightning strike point (center of the figure) quite uniformly and symmetrically in all directions moving electromagnetic explosion (huge, light velocity). Electromagnetic radiation in the air is not slowed in any way, nor limited neither stopped. In contrast to the shock waves and pressure waves. Wire fence, that acts as a grounding, is really such an impassable barrier for the electromagnetic radiation. The vegetation behind the fence (a grass pasture), although of significantly different character to the crop - weaker constitution - energy would be acting on it in really similar way, this would not have to happen entirely just exactly at the same time. 
Because the damaging energy was almost completely eliminated through described grounding, behind the wire fencing, the damage of the plants does not continue..

(extraterrestrial stamp imprint did not hit the pasture

and cows, goats and sheeps may continue baa)


(To be or not to be...) That is the question: Actually, is it really possible for everyone UFOlogist and other "experts" on the extraterrestrial civilizations and their capabilities, operations and interventions on whole globe, whole solar system and whole outer space, able to imagine that pitiful, peanut, stateless and those shy aliens, whose technology is many thousands of years (rather millions or billions) more advanced than terrestrial, so that they really were so"(mo)mentally defective" that would not be able to design crop circles pattern round some 50 meters further away from the fence, so that their entire crop circle image fit all on that "canvas", which they selected?


Wire fence may acts as a as a ground connection, also as a lightning rod, thus behaves exactly as grounded shield grid of a vacuum tube - that is why no electric energy, no electrons passed through it. Neither electromagnetic radiation, nor electrons are able pass through it - no pasaran. Behaves towards them as completely impenetrable wall.


Elsewhere on the Internet is reported, that the grass in the pasture has a mechanical properties fully comparable with the grain behind the fence, and it is therefore strange that the pattern does not continue behind the fence.


Lightning Rods in fields near crop circles

As a very good lightning conductors works very often on the fields and their vicinity placed manure, also nearby trees and shrubs.


Absolutely indisputable lightning conductors are then telegraph or electricity lines pylons, those possible find often in very close proximity to hundreds of crop circles. Really in many times pylons even appear as unseparable part of some crop circles. Ancona, Italy, 10th Jul 2007 - two crossing lines traversing just inside the crop circle pictogram, estimated. 40 and 110 thousand volts, Extra High Voltage (around 400 000 V) line nearby.


Other, but these can not be so easily determined, are stored underground. There are various sewerages, water pipes, drainages and other underground services. On some images, however, can at least be estimated. Left picture - Lucy Pringle (Horton - Nr Devizes, Wiltshire 3rd Jul 2005).  The right side pic -, (the snap was taken some days before like others here, may be estimated at least 14 days. On the left crop circle picture possible to localize one very common, distinctive lightning rod - power line pylon, whose neighborhood is not at all a part of geometric shapes, making it lying completely outside any area of interest of any ordinary Crop Circles observer. From the pylon, diagonally left upward (perpendicular to the road), there is a stripe of yellow wheat, around half to three-quarters the height of surrounding wheat. Yelow wheat is dead, that was either killed immediately during lightning discharge to the mast, or later, due to chemicals resulting in plants and soil (mainly due to electrolysis during the discharge) over the next few minutes or hours, as well as days. The discharge of electricity continued under ground from the the pylon towards the road, in the direction of the utility lines present there underground. Need not be any utility lines, may be just a trench or excavation covered, which holds more moisture than the surrounding terrain, but the cable grounding is likely to be there. A similar stripe runs from the left crop circle to the road. In this case may not be located anything underground, it can only go on rutted access road used for sowing, affected due to higher conductivity. On the right crop circle picture does not appear any yellow crop, possible to observe only a little height differencies. From that observing estimated of minimum 14 days time difference between snaps.



For a basic introduction to historical perspectives on the issue of crop circles possible visit Wikipedia - Crop circle. Although most of the explanations, submitted there, falls or almost entirely belongs under the Pseudoscience (Junk science), i.e. appertains to the Category: Pseudoscience, however at least may serve as a basic information about the current view on the whole issue.


Above all, it must be emphasized, that the explanation shown here, or any page of this website, in any case does not deal with concepts or fields of human activities such as Esotericism, Parapsychology, Psychotronics, Paranormal phenomena, Ufology, Spiritism, Astrology, Occult, Numerology, Oracle, Superstition.

Belief in aliens, Extraterrestrial life, including Extraterrestrials in fiction, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Astrobiology, Unidentified flying object, Military disc-shaped aircraft, Flying saucer, visitors from Universe, Outer space, Galaxy, Milky Way.

Magic (paranormal), Black magic, Witches' Sabbath, Witchcraft, Supernatural phenomena, Miracles. Poltergeist, 2012 phenomenon, Conspiracy theory, Psychokinesis, Shamanism, Mysticism, or any other field of Pseudoscience or Junk science from the Category: Pseudoscience.



Cereals commonly damaged

Randomly Downed Formations - RDF

The previous text had already been repeatedly suggested that lightning discharge are primarily responsible not only for all Genuine, regular, even if very complex crop circle shapes, but other than that and for everything else, usually irregularly damaged cereals on all fields of in the world Literature and websites dealing with crop circles, sometimes named irregularly damaged crop by abbreviation RDF (Randomly Downed Formations, irregularly lodged (damaged, weakened) shapes). Really classic example (like from a textbook) can be found in one publication dealing with the issue:: Crop Circles - Exploring the Designs and Mysteries, Werner Anderhub, Hans-Peter Roth, Lark Books, 2002, ISBN 1579902979. Page 111, photography with description: "Classic wind damage in grain".  One of the most frequent error, really monstrous, in any almost dilletantish crop circles research until today, is a statement, that such a damage of healthy cereals, (undamaged by electricity yet) may be caused by alone wind in absolutely not any way. Physical characteristics - flexibility, strength - of a healthy crop will never allow something like that until harvesting - can be observed even if the wind well over 100km / h, immediately after its ending is not bended to the ground even one stalk. On the photo shown there is absolutely typical crop damage after lightning strike. Information is truly shocking, unbelievable, incomprehensible and will certainly take "a little" time before anybody can identify with that. Almost never such damage appear immediately after thunderstorm, mostly up to after weeks.


Here it is possible reproduce the classical idea one of the world's greatest genius of all times, so called Jerry Cimrman's postulate: "We can fight against it, we can protest against it, we can disagree with that, but that's about all, that is with it, or against it possible do."


Repeat, certainly not for the last time:

The vast majority of such a damaged areas, occurs many days after the thunderstorm and lightnings, very often during beautiful weather, when nobody able to derive the lightning as the main cause, because immediately after, also many days after the thunderstorm all the fields and plants looked like absolutely intact. This applies to both crop circles and quite irregular shapes.


By the way, if the authors were able to determine location and time of the picture, they may ask by themselves at the hydrometeorology institute or companies dealing with lightning data. Probably it would be possible to localize more than one lightning hit in photographed field (with an interval of at least several days, but rather several weeks), at any time between the time of the germination and the moment the picture was taken.


Healthy standing cereals near the tractor tracks

On the photo from the book, also in many photographs documenting damage or regular crop circle patterns in the grain, where cereals is simultaneously occurring "commonly" eg wheat inclined towards the ground, also in photos documenting irregular damage, is very interesting that even if almost the entire field (about 80%) is damaged and bent, in the immediate vicinity of tramlines the wheat or barley or other cereals are standing upright. This is a very common phenomenon in all damaged cereals. The frequency of its occurrence is so high that it is almost impossible to be only a coincidence. Although is possible, that a relevant part of damaging current was lead to the plants through described tracks, plants closest to them, and thus should be the most damaged, are almost never bended. The bending starts at least 20-30 cm from the tramlines. This suggests, that plants closest to tracks (not occupied by plants), have available a bigger amount of soil with a lower concentration of poisonous substances secreted by roots of neighboring plants. Poisonous and harmful substances originated in them, they are trying transfer to roots and out of them, so near the tracks can be the harmful pollutants considerably more diluted and plants have a greater chance to heal. They are not exposed to such a high concentrations.


Very typical examples will be for instance at the page Kounice, but possible to be found on almost every pictogram of cereals picture, which in addition to the regular shape also includes irregularly damaged and bended crop. Almost always at least 30 cm from the track, sometime up to a meter far away. Sometimes, the mostly damaged crop is not, at least initially, nowhere else than in the greatest distance from the track, exactly halfway between them, where is probably the largest concentration of harmful substances, and plant can get rid them the worst. Also possible better electric conduction there, thanks to double crossing over of seeding machine nozzles at that point, the line is double-sown.


Much more detailed explanation of this phenomenon will be located at Lines.


One of possible reasons for lodging (damaging, weakening) is indicated higher fertilising, especially by the nitrogen. In this case, would be the most manured plants closest to the tracks, and were damaged and bended the most often, but in fact it is exactly the opposite. The overdose (increased content of soluble salts in the soil) would be the main cause of increased frequency of discharges in such places. Piles of manure are attracting lightning in an admirable way. Thus, if in the vicinity of crop just become damaged, it is not in any case because of local higher fertilising, but simply because that there appeared a lightning. Logically, would have be the most damaged plants closest to the pile (sometimes a really great) of manure, but that happens almost never.




Common cereal damage on crop circle photos

(Archive L.P., again) On the photo is in addition to the crop circle possible very well observe crop damage in the middle of between the tractor tracks. Of course, this phenomenon can be found not only in the crop circle photographs, but almost on any photo with damaged and on the surface lying cereals. Next very interesting fact is that the most often (or the most earlier) is lodged (damaged, weakened) crop appearing near the center of a quarter bend near the edges of the field, regularly turned by tractor wheels. In the corners thereare  the tracks more rutted. Integral power supplied from the circumference of a circle to its own center originates much higher total sum than a line integral to an equally distant point (the power supplied in the plane of the earth's surface decreases with the square of the distance from the point, that is in the case of a circle constant, so is not decreasing. This is a rough estimate, more details about the issue of current conducting plants and soil will be explained on the LRC website). In addition, the tracks of tractor near the borders on the fields are ran over by tractor once again during the returning from the field. Better conduction of the electricity therefore available. More info in the page tramlines. Thumbnails possible enlarge by hovering mouse over.


Tractor tracks are certainly much more electric conductive against their surroundings (may also work as lightning rods), the moisture in them collects and holds the best and the longest. Tramlines near the border of the field have even provable better conductivity than anywhere else, thanks to that they are crossed over by tractors multiple times, and there appear track bends near that and tractors often turn round there with the differential gear locked. Other very significant lightning rods are piles of manure very often occurring in the fields.




Photograph from Wylatowo created by Polish enthusiasts

Here are shown some typical examples of normal, irregular crop damage formed by lightning in combination with crop circle geometric patterns, photographed by friends observers from the Polish town Wylatowo: (link 2002), (link pictograms)

In all cases, without geometric crop circle shapes there is quite typical damage of cereal caused by the electricity from the lightning discharge.




Argentina 2010, "crop circle" in sunflowers

Right at the beginning of the year 2010 was possible a short visit in Argentina

(dated 15th of March 2010, photo from )


carbonized and burnt sunflowers (in circle) is almost impossible to explain in a different way than lightning... (or maybe really that UFO?)


The description of plants state looks almost identically as in the textbook for agricultural school, describing the consequence of lightning into the sunflower field.


If anybody walks through a forest and find some charred trees, than may deduce: "This is possible by a lightning discharge here." When going around a field, observing charred sunflower, what about to think? That aliens hovered above the field in a microwave, rotating in a circle, from the ionosphere was descending vortex supported and created by human and extraterrestrial minds and all-pervasive cosmic intelligence, some other UFO's and flying saucers bombarded the field with the lasers and everything was completed by the action of electrical current that was springing from a place between underground water sources and mist on the British moor? (or is that all a typical British humour?)...It was just a small example of how far some "experts" of the Crop Circles phenomenon occasionally resorted in their considerations. They are clearly unhappy from absurdity and incomprehensibility of the whole phenomena. After all it is absolutely impossible to create such an incredibly complex fractals, which are still in inanimate nature and without intelligence can not not be created, it is quite impossible. But it is possible, even very simple!


There could work sometimes just one single hit of lightning, possible accompanied by several parallel and subsequent electric discharges, also may appear some resonances and interferences between all that. Very often they they are in progress following underground lines, and just above them was cause of creating lines. In that case the cereal may not only be only damaged, but completely dead. This idea was already mentioned on this page here, another, much more illustrative cases possible find on the page lines.


All happened within a few ten thousandths of a second. This is the net time, a period during which ran an electric current; electric discharges take place between successive pauses, lasting hundreds of milliseconds. The system of the main electrical discharge and several consecutive flashes can take place in time around one second, rarely longer. After its immediate ending might be in the cereal fields noticeable absolutely nothing. At the beginning (during the electric discharge and immediately after) mostly have taken place processes of physics, mechanics, electromechanics, and electrochemistry. After that occurred a long period of rest during which was happening seemingly nothing, and slowly entered a scene nature processes of biology, phytopathology, biomechanics, biophysics, chemistry and other pure natural processes ("Migration of Nations").


What follows may be partly influenced by the weather. Very significant is the fact, that every available next described events, which occur after discharge, will take place even under the most appropriate weather conditions, what possible to imagine for crop growing and ripening.


During tens of days, as well as weeks or months, is progressing gradual weakening of the plants. The process is extremely slow due to enormous inertia of biological processes in plants. Tissues and parts of damaged plants are dying, others become weak. One day, the overall weakening of plants exceeds acceptable level. During the night falls the London Fog (butterfly). Plants grows heavy and the weakest stalks slowly begin bending to the ground (see domino). Within several seconds to minutes is a carefully created design falling to the ground like a house of cards. Similar process is probably possible use to explain in some crop circles frequently occurring bundles of stalks, several times regularly folded one over other. In this case, they were likely gradually stacking over themselves, everything did not fall at once. Creation of similar effect is by human forces, using primitive tools (and brains) absolutely impossible. Needless to say, that indistinguishable structures may be found in completely irregularly flattened cereals. (p)


The fact, that the process of bending to the ground - lodging, flattening (bending), during that is the crop circle visualised, may become much faster than the whole weakening process has been prepared, and up to very long after it was in fact caused and initiated. So that laity and "professional" public deduces somewhat hasty and confused conclusions.



The Migration Period

So called process through that in the body of whole plant (stems, leaves, roots, wheat ear, and in the case of cereals) the influence of electrolysis creates, possibly also due to thermal processes, a number of harmful compounds. After some time herb plants begins move them down to the roots, and excrete them into the soil. In the opposite direction then proceed substances commonly involved in metabolism of plants prosperous and useful.



By dividing plant (aboveground part), for example, in ten parts of equal length. In condition, that each of them needs to get rid of harmful substances, that were created inside, "move one floor below", a constant time - for example one day. Topmost part (tenth) of the plant - eg. wheat ear or part where they will be formed, during one day get rid of such negative substances, all the other parts below it but must endure passage through of toxins from all parts above them. Such comparison (certainly very simplified, but for purposes of explanation of zonal weakening sufficient) shows that the lowest tenth of the plants is exposed to unfavorable compounds ten times longer than the uppermost part, and ten times greater quantity than it itself has created, so is exposed to an estimated one hundred times higher effects of unfavorable chemicals. Therefore, the lower part is the most weakened, also mechanically (possible to try by hand). The lower part sacrifices itself for successful "education of offspring". Great number of weakened plants are really successful in that, because immediately after bending towards the ground the plant starts bend internodes back using nodes, and the vast majority of them really succeed, even if only partially, so that they can be successfully harvested.


Timing of events described in this paragraph is just an example, not experimentally proven facts. It is only an approximation of probable course of some processes, which would be verified experimentally, and in some cases may be significantly different from the procedure described (extremely strong discharges). (2008)


The timing described here is really possible consider as an educated guess, verified by several years of documented observing, hundreds places with verified lightning discharge hits into the surface of cereal fields. (2011) Also hundreds of verified experiments of acting electric currents on plant tissues.




Possible verify many crop circles retrospectively

Crop circle enigma definitively decrypted...

Only NATURAL forming principles, mechanical - electromechanical - electrochemical - biochemical - biophysical - biomechanical - phytopathological, simple calculable and predictable. Even, (!!!!!) in most cases maybe from 1980, if not, from 1990, in some countries, for a certainty backwards verifiable for any crop circle GPS locality. Possible ask meteorologists, or Siemens-Vaisala, ALDIS, CELDN, EUCLID, NORDLIS. The Lightning discharge mostly happens many weeks before Crop Circles appear.





Randomly damaged shapes in Italy...

In some countries, for instance Italy (links down the page) became unwritten rule. If not many crop circles appear some year, the more photographs of irregularly damaged crop are made. Researchers in Italy maybe the first and know the best, that RDF and regular shapes are creation of the same reason. Also many of their photos are typical combination of such Crop Circles regular shapes and and irregular shapes. One such crop circle picture used in previous text, here and next here. For instance in Italy much more often, that Crop Circles appear in combination with RDF, maybe depending on local conditions. Explained here.


RDF , originally Randomly Downed Formations ( Randomly Downed Formations ), will be renamed forever to Randomly Damaged Formations, (Randomly Damaged Formations)for better translation



Many thanks

for several links to pages with the most typical photographs,

that were extremely useful in this research -

marked as "e crop irregolari" - irregular ; many photos possible to enlage by rihgt click + "view picture";


Also there are many typical lightning rods in cereal fields in italian photographs.

Click to follow link


Similar photos - thousands available, many of them from places with verified lightning hit, link will sometimes appear here.





There are many cases in Italy, where appear many more irregular shapes in combination with crop circles and other similar periodic shapes. Possible, that in Italy there is not such a great interest about crop circles as in Britain. Maybe that some of them are photographed long time after appearing, if ever. May depend on local conditions. Also in Britain, for instance on chronologypage, possible to see (16.07.2007, Hailey Wood, Ashbury, Wheat), there become added irregular shapes during longer time periods, just inside the periodic shape, as well as outside of it. Many of that irregular parts behaves just under the rule of damaging and weakening after the lightning discharge, furthermost from tramlines, just between them. Possible depends on propagation of electricity through tramlines and from that over surface and near underground. More information - Lightning electricity in soil.




More acknowledgments

directed to the pages, namely subpage Lissone (Mi): This location will be used on page forecast, given the likely structure of electricity power lines located there (two power lines), passing around the field (rectangular winding that encircles the angle more 200 degrees). Some lightning must appear there some next year. No rings, but sometime in the future there will certainly some damaged crop occasionally appear. For more details, see the designated page forecast. On the locality, although there occur some construction changes (able to visit Google Maps), but perhaps something will be left over from the field.




Messages enciphered in crop circles by their Great Maker 

Crop circles - code unlocked. Once forever.

Fascinating, fully sufficient, the first really science, quite new theory.

Amazing secret crop circle codes deciphered. Once and for ever, every of them.


Whole meaning of their delivery of opinion to mankind was, is and will be forever only ones - absolutely nothing.


Possible with only the one exception - their sole real  great maker wanted to deliver a message to whole Mankind:

"Never try to visit crop fields just exactly during the time, when I am painting the pictograms. Possible, that someone of you would exactly at the same moment, for the first time, also for the last second of his life, by his own eyeballs, really notice, and see, and understand, the principle how I create it. "


Some, mostly mechanical consequences of his activity will be possible observe here.


All mathematical - technical - geometric - mechanical - physical - astronomical - astrological - Universe principles, that have been presented to mankind thanks to their "decoding", is therefore possible without any hesitation describe as absolute stupidities. They have about the same meaning, as an attempt to decode some images from the kaleidoscope. Also, never repeat, but surely within them would be able to find very many mostly very exact mathematical, but also many other regulations.


For example, that the circumference of a regular hexagon is relatively accurately equal to  six times the length of its side, while the circumference of the octagon even eight times...


By the way, inside every crop circle is relatively precise inscribed numerical value of the number Π (pi). Really, the circumference of any crop circles, that were discovered in the world anytime, developed into a straight line, has a length corresponding to 3.1415..... times its diameter... 



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Crop circles solved definitively...

Only real natural forming principles, simple calculable and predictable.

Also (!!!!!) many years back verifiable backwards.

(ask meteorologists or Siemens - Vaisala )




The Timeline


13th of February 2008 - brand new, very comprehensive - interdisciplinary research & investigation about crop lodging (damaging, weakening) and other plant damages due to electricity started


13th of February 2009 - 1st research results published on a web site,

accurately one year from the research beginning - )

(only a very short reference)


13th of August 2009 - from that date some other interesting informations published here, one by one, day by day, (month by month?), on Published only on internet, no other publicity, no book, no paper, no newspaper, media.


Some other interesting entry informations hers and here

Basic, also detailed information about crop lodging (damaging, weakening) here (soon) and here (soon)


Shocking revelation! CropCircleGatee...

see some notes at the end of this page


13th of August 2010 The latest date from that mankind

know and understand, how crop circles are made. (agroglyphes, pictograms)

From that time possible to see pages note for commandant and warning,

and many more informations down this page and others.


end of timeline



Many thanks:

Peeters von Petrackov, (numero uno),

Peter Lighter from Dywidag Prefa a. s., (number 2),

Pepe from Linde + Wiemann Cz, s.r.o.

Goulash, Spejbl, Kiosker, Kelcak, Pid,

Jimmy - Sticker, Lubos Hanousek,

Bobes Janik,

and many others.


Also many thanks to Mr. Vaclav Bosina , local agriculturist.


Many thanks to Italian friends, too. and

Roma locuta, causa finita: Rome spoke, the case is terminated




Last, but not least

The very end, just for interest. During the lightning discharges is in the lightning channel (approx. width of 5 -10 mm) volume concentration of the energy (energy radiated by a certain volume of space per time unit) comparable with the process that takes place over supernova explosion (!!!)...


At least during the steepest part of the electric current curve pulse leading edge.


Mother nature

It is possible that mother nature tries to show off, done through patterns in the corn, what happens in areas, that would nobody visit ever, perhaps only in fantasy of sci - fi short stories, novels or films. Surface, the interior and cover of supernova, during the explosion, before and after. The surface black hole, space below it, space above and below the event horizon. What happens between the event horizon and the black hole surface. Happens to occur on the surface of stars, over it and below that, also near the stellar core, and inside of it. Processes, that occur in the immediate vicinity and inside nuclear or thermonuclear explosive device during moments just before, during and after the explosion. The same also in very close vicinity of any conventional explosion and inside its cartrige. Processes, that occur during collisions of planets, stars, black holes. Processes, that are working during creation, change or abolition of chemical bond. Processes and forces, that occur in the immediate vicinity of the atomic nucleus during its decay or during various nuclear reactions. Processes and forces, that occur during interaction and reaction or annihilation of two particles and anti-particles. Processes and forces, during which a mass is converted into energy or vice versa. Geometry and symmetry, time courses, forces and energetic changes of all named processes. Processes that took place during, before and just after the Big Bang in the state of matter and energy that had been situated there.


One more place

One more place is nature probably trying to show, with the help of crop circle patterns, to whole amazed mankind, which will not long in the future, anybody be able to look there, or in its immediate vicinity will be anything observe, investigate and to measure: The point, where the lightning electricity discharge hit the ground, the path, that it was passing through, and everything happening there starting from the Preliminary Breakdown, Stepped or Dart Leader, until the Long Continuing Current after the last Return Stroke. The explosive expansion of air, plasma, mechanical and electrostatic and electromagnetic resonances and interferences effects running there. Transfer and radiation, of several megawatt-hours of electrical energy, sometime even much more, between places few miles distant, in the course less than ten millionths of a second.


crop circles - enigma solved.

Once and for all.

Unbelievably primitive, and one might say, ridiculous explanation. Lovers of the UFO, mystery, parapsychology, flying saucers, unknown and nonexistent energy and similar nonsense can have transport themselves to infinity. In other words, they may kiss their stinking ass and go to the hell.

Almost the same possible say about extraterrestrials.

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This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky