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lightning discharge
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Crop Circle Puzzle put together...

- continuing

 Motto: Very much crop circles resemble a PC simulation of electromagnetic  fields. Even a single one, separate circle. That is why because they are really  created by ElectroMagnetic Field lines of force from lightning discharges.


General Characteristics

Crop Circles understanding available now. And forever.

Fascinating, extensive, the first really and only science,

realistic, complete new theory.

Basic, fundamental research.

Amazing Crop Circle ciphers solved. Everyone and forever.

There is a possibility to see more on next pages .


Crop Circles are just now becoming real explanation using only real nature science .

Biochemical, physical, technical, mechanical, chemical, and other real science

and real nature investigation principles, using only laws of nature.


Approximate list of scientific, technical and research disciplines and methods, possible to use for explaining the principles of any crop damage and weakening crop after any lightning discharge into a cereal field, including crop circles:


Phytopathology, plant anatomy, physiology and morphology, biology, biochemistry, biomechanics, physics, chemistry, biophysics, agronomy, hydrology, hydrostatics, physics of resonance and interference, physical chemistry, geology, radiobiology, physics and dosimetry of electromagnetic and ionizing radiation, electrodynamics, aerodynamics, statistics, hydrometeorology, electromechanics, explosion kinetics, electromagnetism, photometry, quantum chemistry, thermodynamics, mathematics, mechanics, hydrodynamics, thermochemistry, optics, microscopy, crystallography, spectroscopy, (stereo)photogrammetry, electrostatics, toxicology, photography, archeology, fluid dynamics, speleology, magnetohydrodynamics, soil science, electronics, geometry, magnetism, geophysics, fractal geometry, seismology, agrobiology, agrochemistry


and many other, also interdisciplinary and intersecting science branches


(as a complete only by-product also creation of regular crop paterns - pictograms)

Brand new, original theory of the origin and formation of crop circle patterns, absolute free of any pseudoscience, esoteric, mystic or occult characteristics, UFO, aliens, flying saucers, sciolism, mystery fallacies.


Very complex , but also very simple and understandable.

100% nature and science theory and explanation of crop circle originating,

ready to any academic authentication and opponent procedure and research.

Shocking !


Theory verifiable backward by means of existing records,

that have never been for described purposes used yet.



Crop Circles puzzle assembled.


Brand new theory, using real scientific methods,

absolutely free of any pseudoscientific research.

Amazing, awesome and absolutely unbelievable theory.

No spirit, spirituality or spiritism.

No esoteric, mystic or occult forces, effects, works or experiments.

None shit extraterrestrials, UFOs, flying saucers.


The code of Crop Circles solved once for all.

Crop Circles unlocked. Definitively. Absolutely.

Absolutely NO UFOs , no known or unknown flying machines.

No unknown or unexplainable forces, no paranormal explanations.

No miracles, no mysteries, no signs.


No extraterrestrials, no contacts.

No military tests, experiments or research.

No any other similar secret science experiments, tests or research.

No paranormal or telepathic tests or research, no science-fiction.

None metaphysics, none meta-psychology.


Absolutely unbelievable, but only sole true explanation. (more on next pages ).


Absolutely no intelligence (intelligence service), or even an ounce of mental processes in the course of creation crop circle pictograms. Of course including those that have been made by so-called circlemakers, because in the brains of these individuals would have some intelligence never been found, even if someone was really intensively looking for, mining and prospecting there.


None intelligence or mental processes of planets, UFOs, flying saucers, coleoptera, space, sun, moon, cosmos, mice, flies, bumblebee, grass, beatles, mass, creatures, weeds, dead bodies, ghosts, universe, matter, substance, tornadoes, atoms, molecules, bugs, crystals, subsoil, winds, bacteria, manure, material, visions, undeads, skeletons, space, extraterrestrials, fungi, pests, vacuum or any other inteligence during crop circles creation.


None interstellar intelligence, none extragalactic intelligence, none martians intelligence, none Earth's intelligence, none intelligence of crop, none intelligence of cereals, none intelligence of soil, none intelligence of weather, none intelligence of plants, none intelligence of animals, none intelligence of underground water, none intelligence of underground rocks, none intelligence of kangaroos, none intelligence of hedgehogs, none intelligence of simpletons creating circles in crop.


Crop Circles explained. Forever and any.


The principle of the formation of highly accurate, according to many axes and mirrored symmetry (often fractal) geometric shapes can be likened to the principle of creation and the formation of snowflakes, or creation of graphic record of the intensity of the electromagnetic fields, in the vicinity of straight wire, or inside of electromagnets, including eddy (!) electromagnetic fields and secondarily created parasitic currents. It will be located on some other page. Explains inseparable accompanying circles, additional small circles, which are located exactly at the point of contact of two large circles.


For a basic introduction to historical perspectives on the issue of crop circles possible visit Wikipedia - Crop circle. Although most of the explanations, submitted there, falls or almost entirely belongs under the Pseudoscience (Junk science), i.e. appertains to the Category: Pseudoscience, however at least may serve as a basic information about the current view on the whole issue.


Above all, it must be emphasized, that the explanation shown here, or any page of this website, in any case does not deal with concepts or fields of human activities such as Esotericism, Parapsychology, Psychotronics, Paranormal phenomena, Ufology, Spiritism, Astrology, Occult, Numerology, Oracle, Superstition.

Belief in aliens, Extraterrestrial life, including Extraterrestrials in fiction, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Astrobiology, Unidentified flying object, Military disc-shaped aircraft, Flying saucer, visitors from Universe, Outer space, Galaxy, Milky Way.

Magic (paranormal), Black magic, Witches' Sabbath, Witchcraft, Supernatural phenomena, Miracles. Poltergeist, 2012 phenomenon, Conspiracy theory, Psychokinesis, Shamanism, Mysticism, or any other field of Pseudoscience or Junk science from the Category: Pseudoscience.


If interested, contact


Crop Circles mystery solved. Definitively. Absolutely.

Shocking revelation !!!!!

Theory overwhelming any other prior hypothesis like The Bolt from the Blue ;-o


Theory brighter than the sun (surface temperature of the Sun is approx 6000°K, temperature of the plasma lightning discharge rounds 30000°K, ie 5 times as much).


Logical, not only easily understandable, but scientifically provable, statistically verifiable, directly offering itself for understanding and explanation of the whole phenomenon and process of crop circles creation.


 The explanation not only very naturally explains alone problem of crop circles, but also a very crystal clear highlights all by that way there occurring anomalies, often referred to be ghostlike and supernatural.


Crop circles are not created by any transcendent, ethereal, space, cosmic or extraterrestrial intelligence or energy, neither by any other imaginable human or animal intelligence. Only natural and normal physical forces, processes and interactions between them, nothing more.


Not even sole so called "plasma vortexes" (nobody has ever seen any).

None winds (even not those wild - "I have them" - Jerry Cimrman),

or cyclones, tornadoes, rains, hails.


No animals (except that "hedgehogs" in Milovice), no extraterrestrials.

No extrasensory perception, or transcendental forces.


No paranormal, ufological, or any other similar phenomena, power or research.


No ley lines, none psychical nor physical energy lines.

With except for that lines, where electricity, gas or water circulate - any utility lines, drainages, over all of them the lightning discharge electricity, running over it, even underground, like a roller coaster.


Tractor tracks, sometimes work by almost similar way, thus that in some cases they exhibit probably much more than thousandfold higher electrical conductivity, compared to their surroundings.


Also tracks of another kind - the routes of an advancing storms, moving in the direction of predominant winds. Lightnings of named storms create all crop circles, at a distance of many kilometers.


Also may participate influences of presence of various forms archaeological remains (not only cropmarks), that are located underground, as well as geological elements and anomalies. They can have a very significant influence on the conduction of electricity underground, and apparently are also involved in a statistically significant increasing in the probability of the lightning discharge in the vicinity of some particular places. as well as an influence to quick relocation of electricity power into deep underground. Yhus on that place does not appear higher elecric conduction over the soil surface, and creation of irregular shapes instead of regular crop circles.


Also thanks to that, there may occur very quickly to conduction of great amount of electrical energy deep under the ground. Without significant conducting on the surface, and thus irregular damage of other plants on the surface outside the regular shape. Energy, conducted by described way is thus able by its influence create "only" a shape of magnetic field lines, around straight conductor, like relatively regular circular shapes, eventually their resonances and interferences, all involved in the process of crop circle creation.


Pylons and wires of power lines could greatly contribute to preferential attraction of electric discharges into specific places. Around the wires with voltage 100 thousand of Volts and more, there may appear corona discharges. "Comrades of the GDR," actually "comrades from CEZ" would certainly be able to tell much about that. Especially in foreign countries, there exist various heavy current electrotechnic research institutes operating for manufacturers and distributors of electricity. They deal with issues of energy production and distribution and high voltage, and by evaluating effects of the lightning discharges, and their interventions into similar facilities, in hte vicinity of crop circles found.


No ghosts or any skeletons involved in crop circle creation.

(neither skeletons in cupboard)

No power from beyond the grave.

No monsters, ghosts, nymphs even fireflies.

No supernatural creatures even forces.


No "waves of thinking", neither mental power or process of any organism, live or dead, thinking human or animal.

Secret font of Crop Circles was decrypted.

Absolutely none (conscious or intentional) action of any human or animal.

No action, energy or forces of mystery.


©,  © quick spigots



No telekinetic neither mind controlled forces, none tele- or para- forces, science or research. No interstellar, intergalactic or cosmic mysteries, action, energy or forces.


Oh, that hedgehogs, they also do not make crop circles...

No attempts at intercourse, connection or communication, moving out of known or existing space, as well as inside any other dimensions.

(with one exception - the case Milovice - east, that clearly was an attempt to come into contact. Oh, that hedgehogs...)

on this place "were working" hedgehogs, "communication",

that resulted in laid cereals (wheat) around 8m2


No drive, energy or power of thinking, mental processes.

No drive, energy or force of "being".

No interdimensional or extra-dimensional drives, energy or force.

No attempt at intergalactic, interstellar or extraterrestrial communications.



Just only a simple biological, biochemical, physical, chemical and similar simple scientifically explicable and entirely real and natural causes and consequences during the crop circle creation process.


Supernatural processes not involved in crop circles, too

Absolutely none " supernatural" processes or effects.


The Lightning discharge is quite natural, only Earth, not extraterrestrial, but in addition it appears in any and all of its properties, qualitative and quantitative characteristics "super", even the most awesome, absolutely all of its properties are beyond any ordinary human imagination. The initial tension between the cloud and the ground may be higher than several billion volts. The peak current may reach nearly million amperes. Energy, transferred and radiated by that would be able to supply power many freight trains many miles. Speed of Return Stroke is something between 1/3 to 2/3c. The concentration of energy is much higher than on the Sun surface.


The rate of current rise - a few tens to hundreds of thousands of amperes per MICROsecond, only one sole millionth of a second. Perhaps only some lasers may have a higher rate of energy rise, but energy of any laser that were manufactured in the world, compared to energy of lightning, a lot below than average, would be expressed "as weak as water", including that will be mounted in Břežany.


Although The Lightning Discharge is really SUPER and also NATURAL, it is not in the least a matter of hyperphysical (SUPERNATURAL), only SUPER&NATURAL.


Correction (characteristic):

Even if any message down these pages would look like to be absolutely sure, there should be placed an introductory sentence before that

Is possible, that...

Possibly would be proved, that...

Presumably possible...

Some (many) observations (experiments) may imply, that...

Absolutely sure being right maybe only stupid, silly, pinhead, bighead or bigmouth.

So, which one of them, damned?





Finally, some remaining information

Not so scientific, some a little humoristic


Sun, Plasma

Very similar objects like crop circles (not so long durable, but seconds, minutes,

hours and maybe also days, rising in sun plasma.

(there appear processess similar to thunderstorms,

but much - much more than 10 12 stronger)

(will not be investigated at close range).

Sun corona, Sun eruption



The sun & planets

There exist very, very similar objects on the sun surface, or on any star surface.

In solar corona and solar plasma on the surface are held such an energetic and plasma eruptions and electric discharges that under effect some of them would the entire globe completely evaporated. Their impact into the Sun surface plasma, which has properties much more similar to the fluid than solids, able to create patterns comparable to the circles on water surface, including a variety of interferences and resonances. Something very similar may appear there, in the case of very well known popular sunspots.




"Crop Circle" like growed up objects will be in future detected almost on every planet and their moons in the sun system and in very longer future, if ever, on all other extraterrestrial planetary systems.


In lifeless extraterrestrial materials and surfaces like sand, snow, rubble, powder and similar.


Before any robotic or handmade research they will be estimated and predicted, by us.

We will not go there to investigate now, because Hawking warns against them, they would ate us.


None, absolute not any intelligence creates crop circles

Possible ask Georgino Paroubek, one former, really very stupid Czech politician, tried to be elected with the help of Martians (also commies) and govern in the name of them. (and burst like a bubble)


No extraterrestrial intelligence, no any other intelligence, no human itelligence.

(we mean Crop Circles forming, not Parobek, but who knows?)


No "plasma vortexes". (nobody has seen any ever)

No "vortexes electrified by friction". (nobody has seen any ever)

No winds, no cyclones, no tornadoes, no rains, no hailstones

No animals, no extraterrestrials.

No extrasensory or transcendental forces or perception.


No paranormal, no ufological, no anomalous phenomenons, forces or investigations.


No ley lines, no energy lines.


Crop Circles cipher unmasked.


None "thought-waves", no forces of thinking, of any live or dead organism, human or animal.


Egg or chicken?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

We do not know. (somebody knows)

Which came first, crop circles or the hen?

We do not know. Sorry, we know it. This was not the one right question.

Which came First, crop circles or egg?

We do not know. Sorry, we know it.

That wasn't the one right question, too.

Wanted to ask a little another question.

To be, or not to... Sorry, a little mistake again.

Which came first, crop circles or Stonehenge?

That's the one right question.

Today is everyone able to answer this question by his own.


The Last Chance


Dear (stupid) circlemakers, you have the last chance to confess the fact

that you have never even the only Crop Circle had made.


If any, so that was really "such a great piece of shit", compared to shapes,

that were really created only with assistance of nature forces ,

electric discharge of Lightning,

that every only a little intelligent man

will not pay you even a penny and everyone will gibe you.

Every one your former whopper, "confessions",

that you have anywhere created some crop circles,

were all concocted in pub, after you had drank down

many beer bottles and other booze.

Or as somewhat awkward attempt to deceive the simple Mrs. Bower.


No, No, No, No, No, never, never, never, never, never

No transcendental creatures or forces.

Absolutely no (active or known) intervention of any human or animal.

No telekinesis, no similar forces, no tele- or para- forces, sciences or investigations. No cosmic or space or cosmos mystery, power, energy or forces.

No interdimensional forces or effects or any other connection or communication.

 (except for case Milovice - East)


No power, energy or action of thought.

No power, energy or action of "being".

No interdimensional or extra-dimensional power, energy or forces.

No intergalactic, interstellar or extraterrestrial communication.


None of named forces or effects create crop circles.


Only a simple biological, biochemical, physical, chemical, mechanical and other

real science and real nature causes and results.


No supernatural phenomena at all.




No silly senile... (dement created any crop circle)

No jokes, no circlemakers

No Doug, no Dave.

No boards, no cords.

No planks, no ropes, no boards, no wires.

No silly senile demented old guys or their imitators, admirers or followers.


NATURE, SCIENCE only create crop circles

Yes, only real nature forces, predictable and calculable, using rules and laws of biochemistry, biophysics, physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, mechanics and other similar from those derived real nature sciences and branches ase involved in origination of every crop circle ever found.


Physical, biochemical and similar forces created more than billions of Crop Circles, or in a similar way created shapes on Earth surface long before any people existed, also animal. Initially in nonliving matter, like snow, sand or dust, later in moss or lichen, and more later in the plants like cereal or similar.


Big bang research

Really Big bang in research and announcement.

(play on words... The lightning followed by a thunder produces really a loud bang)


Very similar principle creates crop circles similar objects

on the surface of any star, of any size.

We will not examine it from a close range.

Also on the surface of many, even if not every

planets and their moons orbiting every star

of every galaxy in outer space, in the whole universe.

We - now living will not examine it from a close range ever, Obama stopped.



Not all celestial bodies - for instance our Moon is currently in this respect completely out of service, but in the past it might not been. Likewise, the two moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos (generally speaking, any "little guy" in the solar system and in space). Objects, that do not hold any atmosphere and do not exhibit a volcanic activity, will appear similarly. But on the Martian surface there are winds, friction and thus there should also be present storm, although in this case, of course, only sandstorm. Where there are thunderstorms, there friction, electricity and lightnins, and there may be circles (sometimes). When some of new probe explore the surface with enough resolution ...

Scientific publications do not mention about observable storm activity on Mars yet.


Black holes

Also possible that crop circle resembling objects appear on the surface of black holes and a little above that. Somewhere between the surface and Event Horizon.

Using any today known principles of physics,

we will be never able to investigate them at close range.


This is NOT a joke.



There are billions of galaxies, every of them contains billions of stars. Every of that star planetary system contains several planets and a little more several times of moons. Almost on every of them during every one from billions of years thousands and thousands Crop-Circle-mode created shapes with interferences shapes like kaleidoscope or oscilloscope (Lissajous), or mechanics of flexible membrane, (shapes Chladni), fractal shapes (ice flakes, branching), Kyrlian and Lichtenberg shapes (another fractal analogy)

every year (Earth year, terrestrial - approximately 31,557.600 sec))

Do not believe? You will !!! Trust it !!! You will believe, you will understand,

you will accept the explanation and you will trust. (???)


Ask the stupid about simple-minded

Dear circlemaker-stupids. According to this estimate, during the existence of universe (here, our, that we live in it), ever since Big Bang, there were "created" approximately around 1030 (or even much more) Crop-Circle-mode created interferential & resonance & kaleidoscope & Lissajous & Chladni and combined shapes in dust, snow, ice or other ice-similar material (frozen methan or any other gas), in plant material, like cereal, if anywhere existed in outer planetary systems near any star, inside any galaxy...

(black holes not counted)


(1030 is approximately 1000 times more than any of us, even in the case of so-called "bulky specimen", is a number of present atoms in his body)


Dear circlemakers, do you still want to declare, that you have made

any one of them?



Some notes...


Noli tangere circulos meos, quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi, fiat fulgur ergo fulgur fecit.




Quamvis dē omnibus dubitandum est, crēdō quia absurdum est, credendo vides AMDG.


Omnia vero fulmen gubernat. The thunderbolt pilots all things. (Heraclitus)


Page(s) under permanent construction...

Any day able to see a little changes...

next page(s) soon... (play on words)...

On this page and others able to follow results

of more than three years continued  (added 13th of Februar 2012: more than 4 years)

top secret hard investigation (approx. 38 months)

Hobby toy only... (at least in the beginning)

end of message...


Literature, sources

Some books (a tiny fraction), used to explain various physics and nature phenomena and effects in text and subpages Literature


If interested, contact





This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky