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Crop circles.

Enigma solved.



Nature, science, physics

chemistry, biology

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Crop circles are formed by lightning. Mimic the photographic record of the field lines of electromagnetic radiation through the raster of grain in the field.

Crop circles arise after lightnings, very long time. Imitating the photographic record of the electromagnetic field lines radiation through the raster of grain in the field.



crop circle

gatee - much ado about nothing

Possible, that any phantastic messages about

crop circles

, anywhere around the globe, including any crazy theories. Extraterrestrials, psychic energy, military experiments, bluffing or discouragement, dancing hedgehogs, plasma vortex, drunken kangaroos, telekinesis, meta-psychology and many other, were only fables or fairy tales, much cry and a little wool, much ado about nothing. Maybe possible give a name to everything, what was happening around crop circles during years from 1970-2011, also earlier, in cereal fields, much more in mass media, give a name


"Affair crop circle gatee"...


 Motto: Very much crop circles resemble a PC simulation of electromagnetic  fields. Even a single one, separate circle. That is why because they are really  created by ElectroMagnetic Field lines of force from lightning discharges.


For a basic introduction to historical perspectives on the issue of crop circles possible visit Wikipedia - Crop circle. Although most of the explanations, submitted there, falls or almost entirely belongs under the Pseudoscience (Junk science), i.e. appertains to the Category: Pseudoscience, however at least may serve as a basic information about the current view on the whole issue.


Above all, it must be emphasized, that the explanation shown here, or any page of this website, in any case does not deal with concepts or fields of human activities such as Esotericism, Parapsychology, Psychotronics, Paranormal phenomena, Ufology, Spiritism, Astrology, Occult, Numerology, Oracle, Superstition.

Belief in aliens, Extraterrestrial life, including Extraterrestrials in fiction, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Astrobiology, Unidentified flying object, Military disc-shaped aircraft, Flying saucer, visitors from Universe, Outer space, Galaxy, Milky Way.

Magic (paranormal), Black magic, Witches' Sabbath, Witchcraft, Supernatural phenomena, Miracles. Poltergeist, 2012 phenomenon, Conspiracy theory, Psychokinesis, Shamanism, Mysticism, or any other field of Pseudoscience or Junk science from the Category: Pseudoscience.


Record of electromagnetic fields in a raster of cereal stalks

Crop field - a recording medium, able to create a graphic record of EMF

Any, even if very simple, odd crop circle, possible to consider as analogy of graphic record of electromagnetic field in iron sawdust. Actually not only crop circles, but also any shape in cereal, including that completely irregular, possible to explain as a graphic interpretation, characteristic, graph, record or photograph of electromagnetic processes, that were in progress above the surface of that field with cereals many days before formations appeared. Possible compare with record of "storage oscilloscope". Described "electromagnetic processes" were possible to visualise due to natural processes in plants, by weakening of their stalks, from that results their bending. More informations further on this page - mimicry, and much more informations in the page chronology. Such a visualisation may appear after a long time, many days or weeks, but thanks to "domino effect", maybe going hand in hand with butterfly effect, it may last only minutes.


Graphic representation

Crop circle

- simply said, possible to consider every separate shape as a "visualization of the magnetic induction field lines around the conductor".

This is a fairly accurate graphical representation. That conductor was in this case the air, more specifically plasma, created through it during the discharge, was about 5mm wide, not more 10mm, and the current conducting through it was several hundred thousands of amperes. Sometimes near a million. Magnetic field surrounding such a wire is obviously "something more high" than an elecromagnetic field, created by the teacher during a physical experiment in a school laboratory. Worth mentioning that the rate of current rise in such a conductor, di/dt sometimes exceeds more than two hundred thousands of amperes during a sole microsecond. In common engineering practice, eg transient processes, generators, starting of motors, are the values in order many million times lower. The rate of current rise is a crucial factor affecting induction of the surrounding line wires. Any plant is also a line wire, able to conduct electricity, even if very badly. The higher the rate of current rise, the higher the induced voltage.



Some possibilities of conduction of electricity in plant material

An important role in weakening stalks of plants inside crop circle may sometimes play in plant material only the electric induction. See electrical induction, section Electro-PhytoPathology. Electric currents, that are damaging the plant tissues, also may be conducted through soil, and ionised air. Also high voltage corona, symmetrically surrounded around the conductor - the channel of the lightning discharge. In perfectly circular shape, several meters in case of lightning - many millions of volts, is also one of great favorites of the possibility conducting electricity into plants.



Crop circles

anomalies - introduction -

Crop circles

Possible see in whatever of TV document or documentary film, book, newspaper, magazine, periodical article, or any web, dealing with Crop Circles problematics. All observers of crop circles, mostly old doyen of that branch of activity, are really as miserable as a wet week, that near almost every of crop circles, called genuine, is possible to register many anomalies, very often "something very strong electro-magnetic or electrostatic, absolutely perplexing, beyond any possibility of understanding", and seemingly there is no possibility that will be resolved anytime in future. But they were all that time, more than 30 years, really very near completely scientific deciphering of such a great problem. Many, many of that crop circle followers, that were browsing round them with compass in their hand. On one planet of solar system, called globe, inhabited by humanized monkeys of type humankind, any other possibility, how to create geomagnetic anomalies with such intensity and time course, than lightning, never existed. For instance, primarily on the basalt subsoil. It knew Mr. Pockels - see. But he was conducting his research experiments sometimes just before 1900. It was possible only to ask.


After all, precisely lightning discharge itself is possible to consider as a phenomenon, ranging completely out of scope of any ordinary human imagination. Common denomination that is used in almost every document about Crop Circles - "there does not exist any possibility of an explanation using science methods".


"Short" list of more than 40 scientific disciplines, usable as help in crop circle explanation,can be found here. All of them are completely objectively, repeatably and reproducibly, usable for explaining causes of all sorts of phenomena that are accompanying damaged and weakened cereals. Not only cereals, but also all sorts of other plants. Sometime thanks to the damage and weakening bended down even to the ground. By that possible explain all weakened and damaged plants, even incurred inside any irregular shape, not only damaged plants, found within "classic" crop circles. Not only crop circles, but any cereals or plants, damaged in such an extent, that they are bent, lying on the ground.


Only one, sole lightning discharge is possible to use for explaining all sorts of such anomalies. Entirely every of them, mostly for any described phenomena. They all look like presence of electrostatic and electromagnetic field on that point in past. There were present absolutely unimaginable electrostatic and electromagnetic fields, able to cause every of described anomalies. On the site there were present absolutely unimaginable, extremely strong, gigantic electrostatic - electromagnetic - electromechanic - plasma pulses, named LEMP - Lightning Electro Magnetic Pulse, what means lightning electro magnetic pulse. In every specialized publication about the lightning discharge phenomena is possible to find such an enough number of technical specifications about the lightning characteristics, that is possible to explain entirely every of such phenomena absolutely without exception. Current, speed, energy, voltage, temperature, rate of current rise, see table. Possible to observe, that the lightning discharge impulse is a phenomenon beyond any imagination, and is really able to cause entirely every of described anomalies. Contains and transfers really a lot enough amount of energy for such purposes.


In such a case, that anybody would encounter that phenomenon really Face to Face, would be quite impossible for him to narrate story about that.


Much more information, more detailed, in the page anomalies and subpages. By the way, not only physical anomalies. Electrostatic, Electromagnetic, temperature differences, thanks to that also arising pressure differences underground - "unexplainable" sounds may appear weeks after lightning. Also chemicals - there may appear really extremely toxic poisons, placed under the ground surface, tens of kg, much of that able to evaporate in gaseous phase. Totally invisible. Safety first. Observers should rather try do not act like guinea-pigs, and to try invite toxicologists from an accredited laboratory. Crop Circle adherents will be very surprised by toxicologic measuring and findings. Dosimeter is not able measure concentrations of poisonous chemicals.



A little gallery of pictures, usable everywhere

crop circle


On the place is highly possible a presence of high amounts of extremely toxic chemicals, also gasses. You are visiting the place at your own risk.



Crop Circles

appear on long straight lines

long distance, many kilometers

Thanks to thunderstorms, that move in the scenery, oriented in the direction of the wind, is possible to explain some crop circles, that appeared on a straight line, in very long distance one from other. They appeared in different times, several weeks, depending on the type of crop, its condition, humidity of plants, soil, and intensity, energy of the lightning discharge. Every of that described crop circle pictograms, appear in quite different time, very long after thunderstorm. Nobody is able to derive any dependence between thunderstorms and the damage of the plants. Possible, that some of such thunderstorm passed over some Ley Line, what is of course possible. But necessary to emphasize again that more or less accidentally. People noticed and observed such pictograms, of course, and the work of one great mankind mistake was very easily accomplished.


A complete coincidence, however, it need not be, because it is not impossible at all that ancient sites, stone sculptures, megalithic structures, aborigines built where they found on their fields or pastures periodically appeared some crop circles often, in cereals, crops or grass. Crop circles were by them simply considered as the command of God, instructing them to execute some similar stupidity, as for instance the construction of megalithic structure is. For instance Stonehenge, Rollright Stones, Milk Hill, Alton Barnes, Silbury Hill, Avebury Manor.


Is everything just a coincidence?


Next two photos from "Crop circles: In search of a sign" Michele Gardner-Smith Crop circles: In search of a sign, Michele Gardner-Smith


crop circle

in Langdon, north Dakota, U.S.A, 25th of Jun 2000

later appeared next two crop circle patterns, directly following a line, several kilometers distance one from other, as illustrated on the right picture. Possible ask meteorologists to look at their records - thunderstorm took place several days or weeks before the first pictogram was found.


Under the surface of some lines, that appear near some crop circles, possible exist some pipes or drainage, also possible electric power lines or underground gas lines. More information  lines.


Trails of dead or weakened cereals, lying on the ground - new anomalous phenomenon, not described, but existing in past. Possible much more frequent, than any of crop circles found ever. Also possible, that centers of many crop circles appear right above some of described pipes underground.

That was only possible for some goggle-eyed Americans exclaim WOW!


Continuing of the main page



Correction (characteristic):

Even if any message down these pages would look like to be absolutely sure, there should be placed an introductory sentence before that

Is possible, that...

Possibly would be proved, that...

Presumably possible...

Some (many) observations (experiments) may imply, that...

Absolutely sure beeing right maybe only stupid, silly, pinhead, bighead or bigmouth.

So, which one of them, damned?



This is not a joke



crop circles


crop circles

nature made symmetrical crop formations - basic physical principles

Much more than 99,9%

crop circles

, found yearly in crop fields round whole world are genuine, not hoax, not manmade.


Creation of named genuine, natural

crop circles

was made by simple, absolutely clear, complete and only nature, great, huge mechanic, electrostatic and electromagnetic forces, that appear just before, during, and shortly after the lightning discharge. If during their formation, in some relatively rare cases, significantly contributes resonance and interference, may occur even incomprehensibly complex and regular shapes.


Named forces are extremely powerful, beyond any realistic people's imagination.


from: wikipedia

unknown author



The first damage of plant tissues in crop circles - by electric current

One of the main damage reasons of plant tissues and any particles are electric currents, caused by induction and direct conduction - ionised air, soil, close-knit plant particles and roots, and electrolysis of all that. There becomes harmful chemical agents in that tissues, and some cells are immediately dead. All named parts of plants acted as conductors, possible to be an object of induction. Electrical inductance in crop circle plants did not last longer than 1/1000 sec.


Some cells are dead immediately, some other will die in future days or weeks, due to harmful chemicals. Chronology of that process is a little complicated, but plants are able to recover themselves quite good. They are attempting to get that toxins down the stalks and out from roots.


Possible, that during the creation of crop circle pattern there became to great resonances and interferences between all named lightning discharge forces and all other effects, invoked by that.


Also mechanical resonances and interferences between some underground areas near arising crop circle pattern - caves, aquiferous layers.




Brief summary of the lightning discharge parameters

more detailed, calculated and measured values in lightning and subpages

During any lightning hit, "flash", into any field of cereals, there typically occur, and also actually physically and mechanically work:



Interferences and resonances between extremely strong electromagnetic beams may be the only reason of some very complicated designs, fractals. There also arise bending, diffraction, refraction and reflection of all electromagnetic beams, occuring there. They behave very similar to light. Every light, also infrared, ultraviolet, is also electromagnetic wave. Visible light ranges from about 390 to 790 nm, frequence (from  3.9×1014 Hz to 7.9×1014) Hz. Under some conditions there also possible take place total reflection. There may appear these types of phase boundary: air - plasma, cold air - hot air, high pressure - normal pressure, quickly moving air - standing air.


Note: approximate number of all lightning discharges, that yearly typically strike into fields with cereals and grass areas on the whole Earth planet, is one billion (109)...


For comparison: one a little more than only average lightning flash may transfer such a great quantity of energy, to a fully loaded truck would thanks to that energy, more than once drive around the whole planet...




The mystery of crop circles is resolved. Definitively. Once and for all. For ever..


Shocking revelation !!!!!!

This paragraph serves on this page like a pause, it's a theatrical in-jargon term.

Logical, scientific. With applying the laws of nature. Understandable and explainable.


Almost unbelievable, but very clear, explaining not only main process of damaging and weakening. Also able to explain, very clearly, any unbelievable, supposed anomalous effects, transcendental, supernatural, near every of genuine crop circles. Many of them, strictly speaking, absolutely all.



crop circles

Natural mimicry -

Crop circles

One of the most remarkable fact is that the main delinquent - the only one real author of crop circles - works disguised as absolutely innocent. A relatively long time after lightning, hours, days may any cereal, crop or plant look still absolutely untouched. There is not possible to observe any damage in the cereals. There was held only "exposition". Process very similar to formation of latent picture in layer of classic silver-halide photo-process. Latent picture is absolutely invisible, and will become visible later, only after many days or weeks of development. At first, there appear only invisible microscopic damages of plant tissues. Also mechanical properties of plants are undistinguishable from undamaged plants that were not affected by electric currents. Long time lasting biochemical and biophysical processes are causing up to such a long time between the conducting of electric current and weakening. Only then straws bend to the ground, and thus is crop circle visualised, mostly many days after the lightning discharge, that caused it.


Only after such a long time after the passage of electric current through the plant bodies their straws become weaken so much, that they fail to maintain their own weight and they start to bend to the ground. Unlike the precedent process of weakening, lasting many days or weeks, the process of bending - the real crop circle visualisation - may last only hours or even minutes. Butterfly effect, domino effect.


That's why nobody is able to derive the relationship between the lightning and the weakening of plants, and thanks to that straws lying on the ground, also crop circle appearing. There was absolutely impossible to observe any damage immediately after thunderstorm and lightnings. Several weeks later, often during very nice weather conditions, straws of plants start bending to the ground. First only several sq. meters, but in the course of time are lying on the field surface more and more considerable part of the area and short time before harvesting in rare cases is lying sometimes even 90% of the whole field. More frequently 20-30%, but everything may be a result of only one, sole lightning, into that place before many weeks, often longer than month. Much more information will be on the page chronology and its subpages.



crop circles

Automatic exposure

Crop Circles

Intensity of the "exposition" affects the time distance between the moment of the lightning discharge and start of the bending stalks to the ground

Nine circles & associated pathways, at Eltopia

Washington (USA) which occurred during the night

of June 18-19, 1998. [photo taken June 21, 1998]

Eltopia, Washington formation re-photographed

3 weeks later, after the circle-making energy

system had revisited the field.

Next, important and essential fact is that the damage of cereals, visually observable, that was caused only by sole lightning on one field, need not occur only one times, say, during one day. They are dependent on the distance between damaged cereals and the point of the lightning strike. Also on the conductivity of tractor tracks, and on the amount of electric energy that was conducted over the field surface. Also in cases of some genuine crop circles is possible, that they can be enlarged or complemented several days after they were observed for the first time. There were some other places damaged by electric current, but not as intensively as places, that became visible first. Also very often sometime after the crop circle was firstly discovered, several days after that, may appear more and more of damaged cereals near or away, but only as RDF. Randomly Downed Formations, irregularly lying cereals. Again, is very common that everything was caused only by sole lightning discharge. On the left side are placed two photos from bltresearch. Possible, that in the second case there really was in progress some other action of energy, "revisited the field", but in fact there was absolutely no need of something like that. Straws of cereal are inclining more and more during the whole remaining of the vegetation period, longer and longer time after the only first and sole lightning discharge, also last, without any other needed. The main question is: Why, after the crop circle was created, and when "the circle making energy system had revisited the field", did not create more new circles there, but only irregular formations? The authors of the text unintentionally inform, that the creation of irregular formations through the "circle-making energy", the energy that is able to create the crop circles, is something entirely natural. Only one lightning, or

Two formations at West Overton, Wiltshire (UK).

The large ring encircled the Overton Road "T"

junction -- and the long pictogram, which occurred

subsequently, itself gained another circle the night

after the rest of the pictogram had formed.

group of several consequent discharges, almost never lasting longer than one second, is quite possible to cause gradually increasing damage of cereals,  increasing progressively during all remaining vegetation period, until harvesting, on any place on that field, and even in areas not directly hit by the lightning. Electric energy may be distributed around the field partly by means of tractor tracks. Some random lines, may be branched, straight, or forked close from the impact point of the lightning pulse forehead. Electric current is moving described way, near from periodic shapes in cereal on the ground, not only in tracks of tractor and their immediate vicinity, before starting to continue under the ground. The passage of electrical currents inside plant body, cells, tissues and thus damaging them may also cause uneven ripening of cereals. The third, and next photo - possible to see crop circle expanding in time. Is possible, that everything is a result of only sole lightning, but irregular "exposition" of particular surfaces. The 1st Return Stroke - main, leading electric discharge, after that approx. 4 - 8 Restrikes, ie subsequent, secondary strikes (in rare cases 15 or more), see lightning. Possible, that the 1st Return Stroke hit just into the center of the T-junction, and some of the Restrikes, secondary strokes - weaker, continued into the cereal field. The bottom crop circle picture on was found thanks to Google, for instance www.noufors.comm or, unknown author, the same place, earlier date - without continuing and expanding parts.




Any damaged crop was hit by lightning

Relates to any damaged and weakened cereal around the whole world

Once more: processes, described on this page, not only in paragraphs mimicry and automatic exposure, but on any page of and related pages, relate to any cereals in the whole world. Weakened, damaged lying plants, with straws bended, lying on or only leaned to the soil surface. Absolutely irregular shapes, that is possible find on any place in the world. Any cereal field. Not only cereal, but agricultural crops of any kind. Stalks will start visible inclining and bending in the direction towards the soil surface, as the first visible marks of weakening, mostly long time after the lightning strike moment - weeks, months. In the case of extremely strong lightning substantially faster. Regular shapes - crop circles, fractals, mirrored pictures become only in one case from several millions, and with difficulty is possible to simple explain, why. Possible that more than described several reasons, really very rare, must collaborate, to create such an intricate patterns. Much more informations will be possible found in Chronology and subpages, also EPP -Electro-PhytoPathology, effects of electricity on the body of plants, plant parts, tissues and cells.



Crop circles

Domino, Butterfly effect

Crop circles

Another very interesting and surprising fact, which can be described by theories of exposure and gradual weakening of plants inside the crop circle relatively easy to explain, often occurring over themselves regularly arranged bundles of straws, quite obviously not realisable by any human work. F_1 F_2 Stalks withstand until the latest possible time upright, just due to the gradual weakening slightly tilted, so in the vegetation is first formed a structure with bundles of several hundreds mutually supporting stalks. Long before they fall down to the ground, may on that place exist many bundles with hundreds of stalks, still standing approximately upright, even if just so so. Plants and their parts which touch each other, may attach themselves to a measurable strength thanks to the surface tension of water, which relatively unstable structure of weakened plants again for some time stabilize and protect mutually, against quick bending to the ground. The process of crop circle pattern visualisation is thus still delayed.


Water may operate as butterfly. Plants water-soaked - light rain, morning dew, because during relative short time, several hours, may the weight of any stalk raise two times. That is only several gms/stalks, but several kgs/m2, and many tons per hectar. May be 20, 30, depending on the crop type. After some time is reached a limit angle. After that is the bending continuing significantly more rapidly. When the first bundle touches some other, domino effect starts, and may last only minutes. Bundles are falling down, one by one, like chain reaction. One bundle may touch more than only a single other. The crop circle picture is thus definitively visualised. In a relatively unbelievable short time, if observed, and seemingly without action of any visible and known force. Some testimonies exist.


As a drive of the domino effect may also work flowing air, caused by other bunches. Demo will be shown here. Swirling of air, and of dust, may look like an unknown force. Rising from the depths of the earth, and observers of such described crop circle creation may therefore look somewhat wide-eyed, startled and amazed. From their point of view, narrow-minded, almost nothing other possible.


Sometime several such bundles can continue staying upright. Change from wet to dry several times. Possible to find on some crop circles photos.



As a butterfly may also operate time to time a bumblebee.



Observation of

crop circles

- some interesting ideas:

Where to look for crop circles:

Only on that place, where thunderstorm passed over, nowhere else. The best on a place with localised lightning in a crop. Is possible try to find some marks, after lightning struck into a field with cereals, on some trees - easy to distinguish "this year lightning discharge". F-1-2 In some cases possible find a point, where the lightning hit right into a field, some days before more obvious damaged plants appear. In such a case is possible to distinguish the point where the lightning hit right into the crop. The differences in condition may be observed some days before the moment, when stalks are bended to the ground. Will be explained, also documentary photos placed here. See Chronology.


When to look for crop circles:

1. never during thunderstorm. Any such worker would have really very short durability, and thus would be need very often replenish them.


2. at least several hours or more after thunderstorm, when thundercloud is far away or do not exist. The first marks of lightning in crops may appear several days after storm. Immediately on a nearby tree. Sometimes damaged cereal becomes visible really short time after lightning, possible minutes, hours. Some lightnings contain extremely great amount of mechanical energy. Also heavy rain may take effect - higher mechanical stress, more electric power conducted and induced on the wet plants and ground surface, also near under the ground. Also possible dual discharge - two lightnings, time interval one week or more, may take place there, see next. 


3.  In many cases cereal damage became visible long time after thunderstorm, more than after two months. Is possible, but not sure, that lying cereals appeared mainly thanks to that a second lightning stroke into the same field of cereals occured. The second after several days, rather weeks later. More info The effect of two lightning discharges. The first discharge may "prepare" some not exactly defined areas of approximately uniformly weakened plants. Maybe several hectares. The second lightning discharge, several weeks later, completes that work, much more considerable effects. Possible, that after the second lightning discharge crop lying immediately, or much faster. Two lightning discharges, not far from each other, during one vegetation season becomes only in rare cases. Possible, that only one of described lightning discharges would cause only insignificant damage.


Time - Lapse - Camera



4. Very interesting idea would be use of time-lapse cameras for observing process of crop circle creation. For instance some Canon cameras are programmable as not only timelapse, but also are able to catch any lightning. By using two identical photo cameras and making stereo photographs, after using a method stereo photogrammetry, would be able to determine the lightning position in a distance of kilometers with an accuracy of centimeters. When using distance between cameras - optical stereo base one meter or more.



5. Instalation of time-lapse cameras, after some crop circles were found, also possible and useful. Or continual photographing of any such crop circle pictogram, day by day, until harvesting. At a safe distance, see Warning, photographing from a distance, preferably from above quite sufficient, would be from 2012 and next the most fundamental duty of every just a little serious crop circles observer. If someone like that exists at all in the world. But the field visit as little as possible, choose to observe only that which will be able observe from a respectful distance. It should be emphasized that the actual geometric pattern is for the purposes of subsequent research almost uninteresting, it is necessary to focus primarily on the near also distant surroundings, that on the vast majority of crop circles images almost never appear!!!


Details of previous use of the timelapse cameras in "research processes in the cereal fields," and their possible use sometime in the future will be located here.



Somerton, Somerset 27th Jul 1996

Crop circles - regular shapes

combined with irregular (2)

Crop circle picture dated 1996, from great Lucy Pringle archive. If there were not crop  circles on that  photo, looks like quite normal, common, typical damage due to the electricity from lightning. One of the most typical effect is that damage follows accurately the direction of tramlines. There flows most of electric energy before entering underground. Mostly noticeable is damage near the boundary of the field. Tramlines near the border, machines are turning there, best conductivity, crop is more damaged near tramlines round the boundary then elsewhere.


Crop circle photo from unknown source, locality Denton, Garsington. Source identified later as Oxfordshire Centre for crop circle Studies, taken 3th of July 1996. Besides crop circles there is possible to distinguish three undeniable lightning rods - electric line pylons. May appear as critical reason, that caused lightning become near from that. Below the crop circles - typical, irregular damaging caused by the electricity from lightning. There would operate some parallel lightning discharges or subsequent strokes - restrikes, or any induction or conduction. Parallel lightning discharges and secondary strokes may affect each other. Lightning discharges are something like electron beams, and there are in progress extremely high electrostatic and electromagnetic fields, able to change direction of such beams like TV or oscilloscope vacuum tube. Direction of spark discharge, like arc discharge, also possible change by air flow - wind, shock wave, blast wave, pressure wave. Rakov, Uman - Lightning: Physics and effects, chapter 8 "Winter lightning in Japan" p. 313: "Interestingly, Ishii et al. (1998) observed that subsequent strokes in multiple-stroke positive flashes in winter storms in Japan always create a new termination on ground." Something like that may appear not only in winter and not only in Japan. In original: "Interestingly, Ishii et al. (1998) observed that subsequent strokes in multiple-stroke positive flashes in winter storms in Japan always create a new termination on ground." Each circle on this paragraph accompanying picture, smaller and smaller gradually away from the first basic, can be considered as a new termination on ground.


On  recordings and photos of artificially initiated lightnings possible observe, that lightning channel moves in the direction of wind. Possible, that before some Restrike may the channel of lightning, move tens or hundreds of meters. lightning, physics. On the accompanying photo is a print of a title page of Martin Uman's The Lightning Discharge, where possible observe one such a typical photo of artificially initiated lightning, with such a slight moving of the discharge in the direction of wind. Artifical Lightnings, Artificial Lightnings: when electrostatic field measured under clouds has reached a sufficient value, into the clouds is fired rocket fitted with a grounding wire. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA LIGHTNING RESEARCH GROUP - (left photo) - very important source of information and links to publications about the physics of lightning, photographs, video.




Damaged cereals, commonly occurring in cereal fields

irregular shapes of damaged, weakened, inclined stalks, bent, on the ground lying cereals

more details on page bent, inclined, damaged, weakened crop


oil rape during harvesting

Lightning discharges above crop fields and near from that are almost the only one main cause, more 99%, cereals and any other crop lying on the soil surface around the whole world. Something between 0,5 to 1,5 millions km2 yearly. Not only cereal, also any other crops, eg rape, poppy, and plants. Not only lying crops, but otherwise significantly damaged - plants may be completely dead, or just damaged by pests, either plant or animal origin - bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi, parasites, insects. Pests, in this case, of course, act only as a secondary effect, because healthy plants, unaffected by electricity, would be totally untouched by appointed pests. Once again: forces, created by the action of the lightning discharge above considered place were unimaginable, mechanical. Possible compare to a strong explosion, tens to hundreds of kg TNT, or more, as well as electrostatic and electromagnetic forces, with equivalent or even higher energy. 

poppy - 2008, identical locality; left 6th July, another two of August; tree - "identification of the culprit"

Although all the enumerated powers were really beyond any ordinary human imagination, immediately after the lightning discharge, also the whole storm possible, that on the entire field is not lying on the ground even one sole stalk. There would be possible find only microscopic changes in plant tissues, possibly several blackened, burned individuals. Up until the time ...

Note: certainly there may be some mechanically changed, damaged stalks, not more then half a meter from the channel of the lightning discharge - complicated, intertwined bundles, absolutely invisible from the margin of the field, but will be found inside crop circles, after they were noticed.


Crop circles, also any other regular, interferences, fractals, or combined pictures are as well as only a tiny fraction of this phenomenon, that may perhaps occur only thanks to very rare interactions of several coincidences, under conditions that are not yet sufficiently explained, can be only very approximately estimated and simulated in laboratory or computer.


Considerable influence just before bending stalks to the ground, may play a humidity - even slight showers or drizzle, or even the morning dew. For more information on the page domino effect. Mention zskvo 4-5 hours in the morning.


crop circles

- enigma solved.

Once and for all.

Unbelievably primitive, and one might say, ridiculous explanation. Lovers of the UFO, mystery, parapsychology. Flying saucers, unknown and nonexistent energy, cryptic signs from other world and similar nonsense can have transport themselves to infinity. In other words, they may kiss their stinking ass and go to the hell.

Almost the same possible say about extraterrestrials.

If interested, contact



2 en





This page was prepared, and all the theories here presented were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky