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Crop circle archive

Crop circles are in fact made up to outrageously simple, ridiculously primitive way. No supernatural powers, miracles, signs, aliens. Very interesting, but purely natural phenomenon. Scientifically explainable.
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(photo icon also links to detailed page)The latest and last crop circle of 2013 season

2013-12-30USAChualar farm, Salinas, CA 36.584871,-121.473678 detail

(photo icons also link to detailed pages)Crop Circles 2013 - England

Hover the pointer over the icon in the photo column to enlarge it. Click to visit much more detailed page of that particular crop circle, more photos, larger, some other notes, explanation details. The link from the GPS column points exactly to that location in Google Maps. Later also mounted model into Google Earth base photo surface.

date locality GPS coordinates note linksphoto
2013-08-13 Hackpen-Hill 51.475538, -1.812867 1
2013-08-13 West Kennett 51.408582, -1.849042  1
2013-08-12 Harewell Lane 52.108429, -2.138432  1
2013-08-11 Hackpen Hill 51.47561, -1.819528 1
2013-08-10 Chute Causeway 51.313447, -1.586666  1
2013-08-08 Silbury Hill 51.408984, -1.85947 1
2013-08-06 Monument Hill 51.341557, -1.960663 1
2013-08-01 Stonehenge 51.173034, -1.827039 1
2013-08-01 Roundway HillGPS unknown, cut 1
2013-08-01 Milk Hill 51.367775, -1.84796 1
2013-07-31Gripp Patch 51.31059, -1.883837 1, 2, 3
2013-07-28LimeKiln-Wood 52.689103, -2.515431 1
2013-07-24 Roundway 51.384832, -1.995748 1, 2, 3, 4
2013-07-22 Giant's Grave 51.365657, -1.763375 1, 2
2013-07-16 Hilcott 51.322187, -1.846735 1, 2, 3, 4
2013-07-15 All Cannings 51.350868, -1.863373 1, 2, 3, 4
2013-07-15 Hackpen Hill 51.478233, -1.810776 1, 2. 3
2013-07-13 Evesham 52.127207, -1.844499 1, 2. 3
2013-07-08 West Overton Hill 51.402957, -1.803606 cut 1, 2
2013-07-07 Avebury Trusloe 51.419976, -1.865192 1, 2, 3, 4
2013-07-07 Milk Hill 51.36970, -1.853649 cut 1
2013-07-06 Broad Hinton 51.513782, -1.821020 1, 2
2013-07-06 Ridgeway 51.426399, -1.827422 1, 2, 3, 4
2013-06-25 Silbury Hill 51.41318, -1.860981 1, 2, 3, 4
2013-06-25 Windmill Hill 51.434083, -1.886376 1, 2, 3
2013-06-23 Horton 51.367206, -1.947004 1, 2, 3
2013-06-22 Stanton St.B. - 2 51.363470, -1.860257   1, 2, 3
2013-06-21 Stanton St.Bernard 51.363470, -1.860257 1, 2
2013-06-21 Yatesbury 51.438412, -1.909622 1, 2, 3
2013-06-09 Stanton St.Bernard 51.36845, -1.859038 1, 2
2013-06-07 Cherhill 51.42681, -1.934885 1, 2
2013-06-02 Alton Priors 51.36246, -1.837609 1, 2, 3, 4


(photo icons also link to detailed pages)Crop Circles 2013 - Czech republic (Slovakia - SK)

Hover the pointer over the icon in the photo column to enlarge it. Click to visit much more detailed page of that particular crop circle, more photos, larger, some other notes,  explanation details. The link from the GPS column points exactly to that location in, the link in Note column (GM) points to the same location in Google Maps. Later also mounted model into Google Earth base photo surface.

date locality GPS coordinates note linksphoto
2013-07-29Benesov 49.763820, 14.718900 GM 1
2013-07-28Sychrov 50.631636, 15.113899 GM 1
2013-07-22 Rozsec nad Kunstatem 49.537691, 16.462380 GM 1, 2, 3, 4
2013-07-18 Rohozna - Osek 49.306537, 13.963580 GM 1, 2
2013-07-18Drnovice 49.476424, 16.545619 GM 1
2013-07-14 Lipnik - Tlmace (SK) 48.293114, 18.523069 GM 1, 2
2013-07-11 Ustek 50.593803, 14.364988 GM 1, 2


(photo icons also link to detailed pages)Crop Circles 2013 - other countries

datecountry locality GPS coordinates note links photo
2013-08-08 Russia unknown---
2013-08-07 Netherland Hoeven 51.627928, 4.569550 1
2013-07-29 Netherland Stadskanaal, Groningen 53.001674, 6.966049 1
2013-07-28 Germany Haunsheim 48.591040, 10.372924 1
2013-07-23 Poland Wylatowo 52.595531, 17.975832 1
2013-07-21 Belgium Rue Lenoir, North East Momalle 50.692097, 5.363797 1, 2
2013-07-16 Slovenia Pecarovci, Pomurska 46.740326, 16.133967 1, 2
2013-07-04 France Imling near Sarrebourg 48.717969, 7.006732 1
2013-07-03 Italy Bienate, nr Milan, Lombardia 45.577054, 8.831225 1, 2, 3, 4
2013-07-03Switzerland Rheinau, Nr Zurich 47.643792, 8.630853 1, 2
2013-07-01 Italy Brignano (Bergamo) 45.540470, 9.664001 1
2013-06-30 Italy Cavallo Grigio, Robella, Asti 45.089147, 8.1042561, 2, 3, 4
2013-06-17 Russia Timashevsk, Krasnodar 45.626667, 39.057778 1
2013-06-09 Italy Finale Emilia (Modena) 44.825583, 11.293389 1, 2, 3
2013-06-08 Italy Cava Manara (Pavia) 45.106221, 9.110326 1, 2, 3
2013-06-06 Italy Barbiano Cotignola, nr Ravenna 44.379637, 11.880791 1, 2, 3, 4
2013-05-22 Italy Palazzo, San Gervasio 40.939304, 15.974997 1, 2, 3, 4
2013-05-21 USAOld Gray Station Road, TN 36.40662, -82.459799 1, 2
2013-06-16 Italy Enna, Sicily 1, 2, 3
2013-06-20 Italy Cisterna, Latina 1
2013-07-09 Russia Amber Michurinsky, Krasnodar 1


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I - Electrical current of the lightning discharge


B - Electromagnetic lines of force of the lightning discharge current.


On the photo is illustrated a record of the image generated by the currents of lightning discharge into the field with cereals.

Cereal stalks act like iron filings, very similarly, and mimic the effect of very well known physical school experiment.


Much more informations in homepage, and many other pages from menu there. Purely natural explanation. Using only scientifically verifiable physical, natural principles and effects. Everything explainable as process and consequences of lightning discharge electricity.


No hocus-pocus, which are trying to explain the phenomenon by means of nonsense and a variety of downright stupid assumptions, methods and procedures. Such as extraterrestrials, miracles, signs, supernatural forces, flying saucers, microwaves, plasma vortexes. All effects are very clearly explainable by means of physical processes accompanying electrical discharge of lightning, and immediately or later following processes chemical, biochemical and mechanical. Also it is possible to explain completely without a single exceptions every of phenomena, hitherto completely wrongly named as anomalies.




Crop circles are nothing else, than a record of lines of force of electromagnetic fields, created by lightning discharges.


Without the benefit of higher education, whether at online universities or colleges, most people hear about EMFs on TV and wonder if their electronics could cause adverse effects on their health. Anyone who has studied earth science in high school or online universities knows that EMFs also appear naturally in the environment in lightning as well as in the magnetic field of the earth. A lack of education on these subjects can lead people to believe the cause of crop circles is extraterrestrial or supernatural, when in fact there is a simple scientific answer. Even the kind of basic scientific knowledge you can gain at Kaplan University online may encourage people to look for the scientific answer instead of those offered by superstition and pseudoscience.


 Motto: Very much crop circles resemble a PC simulation of electromagnetic  fields. Even a single one, separate circle. That is why because they are really  created by ElectroMagnetic Field lines of force from lightning discharges.



Crop Circles 1 -  similarities between commonly damaged cereals and crop circles

Crop Circles 2/1 - basic informations about possibilities of crop circles origin

a note from editor: Mystery solved, we would like to exclaim. The truth is that our outside correspondent is coming in his explanation of crop circles with a clear, logical, and it seems also logically acceptable solution. (many thx, J.L.)

Crop Circles 2/2 - continuing of 2/1

Crop Circles 3 - chronology of crop circles creation

Crop Circles 4/1 - graph of electromagnetic lines of force of lightning in cereal

Crop Circles 4/2 - continuing of 4/1


Correction (characteristic):

Even if any message down these pages would look like to be absolutely sure, there should be placed an introductory sentence before that

Is possible, that...

Possibly would be proved, that...

Presumably possible...

Some (many) observations (experiments) may imply, that...

Absolutely sure beeing right maybe only stupid, silly, pinhead, bighead or bigmouth.

So, which one of them, damned?


Explanation of crop circles creation - short introduction

Really primitive, laughably simple explanation.

Absolutely every genuine crop circle was made up and gradually arose in an outrageously simple, ridiculously primitive way. Never any supernatural or mystic energies and forces, occult, unexplainable, obscure, enigmatic, uninterpretable, darksome, inexplicable, cryptic or puzzling effects, miracles, UFO, flying saucers, signs, aliens from cosmos - E.T., extraterrestrials.


The Nature and only Nature, nothing other than Nature, Natural electricity

Very interesting, but purely nature and only natural phenomenon. Naturally and scientifically explainable, using only natural forces, laws and processes, eg above all physics, mathematics, geometry, resonance and interference, field lines, radiation, reflections and bending and refraction of electromagnetic rays and energy forces and many others. Beams of energy and rays (mechanical, electromagnetic, thermal, light, electric and electrostatic) from the electric discharge of lightning. Electrostatic and electromagnetic induction. Conducting of electricity through ionized air. Conducting of electricity through dielectrics and electrolytes, electric conductors, near the surface of plants. At the earth's surface or underground. In all places, through which electricity passed through - zigzagging. Even just only induced currents, the plants are damaged, on an area of up to several hectares. Damaged areas were created like a simulation, an analogy of recording image in photographic sensitive layer. The latent image. The plants are damaged only at the places, where electric current passed through (and even only underground, or even just induced currents), but not anywhere else. In the first stage is not at all, possible to detect whatsoever damage of plants.


Analogy with recording of photographs

Obtained "recording of picture" is possible to compare with recordings of pictures in classic, silver halides sensitive layer of photographic films. Incredibly similar with latent image, that is very slowly, gradually processed by chemical process - days, weeks. Chemical, biochemical and mechanic processes, ongoing inside plants. Which result initially to their weakening, and up to later, i.e. consequently, to their bending to the ground. Visible changes occur up to after long time. Many days after the moment, when the storm and lightnings were in progress. When already nobody is able to derive and explain their interrelationship. Immediately after the moment of lightning discharge, on the vast majority of plants, there is not possible to recognize a slightest damage, even if they are completely dead. This predication is in nature very easy verifiable by observing. Thousands of photos. Also is very easy experimentally provable on real plant material - and indeed verified - next thousands of photos. The whole process of crop circles creation is one of the most masterly elaborated, most perfectly carried out, and most interesting joke of Mother Nature, that was ever carried out in the world.


A lesson for mankind

The main lesson for mankind: Do not search intricate and complex, unexplainable processes, mysteries, miracles, occult and enigmatic forces or energies, where they are not needed. Extraterrestrials, UFO, flying saucers - assholes - primitives - idiots - failed again. How many times already.


To kick all extraterrestrials, into ...

Perhaps the time has finally come, mercilessly send them all in the ass. Also any supernatural, mysteries and miracles believers, UFO, flying saucers and extraterrestrial admirers, transcendental and weird worshippers, alternative sciences and parapsychology followers.


They were right ...

Over the years were collected unimaginably large amount of stupid and mad statements about possible causes of crop circles origin. UFO, mysteries, miracles. Plasma vortexes, flying saucers. Microwaves, unknown or unidentifiable forms of energy, alternative sciences, and many other, sometime much more stupid. Also many other similar statements of previous observers of crop circles. Messages very often relatively stupid. Only single one their previous supposition was correct. Crop circles are created by the action of energy. The amount of energy is just at the point where they are created, exactly at the moment when they are actually recorded, really unimaginable. In fact excessive, huge surplus. Although really just for a very short time. Less than one thousandth of a second.


We're going on a trip by train ... (to watch the joke of Mother Nature no.1)

The total amount of energy that is transmitted at the point of crop circles origination, exactly at the time point, when the crop circle is created, can sometimes be really huge. It would be sufficient for transporting a fully loaded freight train, several times round the globe. As one of the greatest mother nature joke, can be considered the fact, that in almost every events, immediately after the creation of crop circles, is not at the place where it was created - was recorded, anything observable. Sometimes even after many days. The shape of crop circles, was "recorded" only (like photographic recording), resembling the photographic process. Appears up to after many days. Like photographs after chemical processing. But as the saying goes: Patience will be rewarded ...


Observing the joke of mother nature no.2

As a joke number 2 is possible to consider the fact, that described "photographs" were created during flash illumination ... Exactly the same like during photographing, but the energy of the flash is really somewhat larger - many orders of magnitude ...


Wrongly qualified as anomalies in fact never were any anomalies at all.

The procedure of crop circles formation through the electricity from lightning, and from that resulting effects of action of many sorts of energy, provide a perfectly understandable explanation of all that was until now completely erroneously named "anomalies". The point is that they are all only seemingly incomprehensible phenomena, explainable with difficulty, that are usually repeatedly observed on described locations of crop circles appearance. In fact, in absolutely every case, without any slightest exception, they are effects, accompanying inseparably and quite naturally every discharge of lightning. Of course, also very long time after lightning strike. Eg geomagnetic anomalies - see lightning induced (remanent) magnetism, lightning induced magnetic anomalies. Just use any search engine. Possible find thousands of specialised science articles.


Dead insects. Very popular "anomaly" in vicinity of many crop circles.

Very important note: On an accompanying picture is a series of photos, that were acquired at a place, where was not found even a single of crop circles. Seemingly quite a common field of barley, indistinguishable from million others. Every individual of dead insects, was still firmly stuck at the cob, stalk or leaf of barley, even if between the moment of the lightning discharge, and taking photos, has already elapsed a number of days. Beatles were killed during a few millionths of a second. From an entirely understandable reasons had already failed to take off. Shown is just a slight sample, on the place were present hundreds specimens of dead insects at every individual sq. meter, at area of many hundreds square meters, hit by the electric current from lightning. Some individuals of insects probably may be killed only by induced electricity. Described point was likely struck by the lightning out of nowhere, which kills without warning, because the beatles would be able to safely hide from rain.


Thermal effects of lightning (flame, combustion), static electricity.

Burned and charred plants and their parts, inside or in the vicinity of crop circles - they were caused by thermal effects of lightning, infrared radiation. Of course, also possible effects of the electricity from the lightning discharge. The plant material may act for a short time also like a resistor - heating spiral, but has only very limited durability. Warranty period only a fraction of a second. Being surprised by the fact, that at the impact point of lightning is possible to find burnt and charred plants, may be just really slightly temporarily disoriented man. Such a simple and understandable phenomenon. Next very often mentioned "anomalies", malfunctions of electronics, is only consequence of residual electrostatic charge from lightnings. May be detectable underground, in soil, plants, air. Any material, occuring on such a place, was exposed to effects of static electricity. Measurable. Very easily verifiable. Warning of possible damage or malfunction due to static electricity is in the instruction manual of any microelectronic device.


Electrostatic and electromagnetic induction.

Some abovementioned effects maybe in progress only due to induced electricity. Electrostatic or electromagnetic induction. Professional literature in a great extent deals with the problematic of electric induction from lightning in the near and distant objects. At least a basic idea of the described phenomenon knows every electrician who at least once in his life heard the word lightning rod.


The Minimal Brain Dysfunction Syndrome. Sometimes Maximal.

Unusual feelings and behavior of animals and people: In this case is necessary to express a particularly strong warning. See. Many researchers on the point suffers from a number of psychic and physiological symptoms. Relatively extensive restrictions, and disruption of brain activities, and of many other bodily functions. Psychical daze, overall confusion due to impression, that the whole phenomenon is wannabe supernatural, sacred, mysterious, incomprehensible and miraculous, but also monstrous, terrifying and fearsome. All this causes, that unhappy observers of crop circles are not at all able realize the true cause of their condition. What is really happening at the described locations.


The underground factory for chemical weapons

In fact, all their troubles are caused by the consequences of poisoning. On the point are located, fortunately mainly underground, detectable amounts of deadly poisons and next very dangerous chemicals. They were created by an excess of energy, especially high temperature, pressure, electric currents and voltages. Due to them were synthesized all described poisonous substances, like in autoclave. Initially located mainly underground, and gradually are releasing to the surface. Under the ground surface may smolder many substances, still many days after lightning. Wood, peat, humus, waste, decaying material. Similarly like during charcoal production. Material no longer need burn or smolder, but toxic substances may be released from accumulated reserves long time after that.


Deadly toxins - Warning - prediction.

Will be discovered in future. We know it. FBR.

Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide - dizziness, nausea, headache, cardiac arrhythmias, hallucinations, mental disorders, blurred vision, impaired balance, diarrhoea, etc etc. Everything described in many documents. Sometimes very extensive, better say figments, that were created as products of many self-proclaimed researchers. Maybe still under the influence of hallucinogenic agents. Deadly poisons, in sublethal doses act very similar like opiates or any other abused drugs. See. Cyanides - feeling of metallic taste in the mouth. Here shown only the most flagrant cases. Described in every toxicology publication, eg

Gupta, R.C.: Handbook of Toxicology of Chemical Warfare Agents,

Elsevier 2009, ISBN: 978-0-12-374484-5,

Wexler et al.: Encyclopedia of Toxicology, ISBN: 9780127453545 (see, eg p 142)


Fortunately, the greatest amounts of poisons remain probably underground, and decompose there.


Possible drug addiction - more emphatic warnings

Is possible, that similar places like to attend many drug-dependent persons, because the presence of poisonous chemicals and deadly toxins to a certain extent and for a certain time could substitute their required dose. Some other visitors, who during their whole previous life, did not meet with addictive drugs, after visiting of some crop circles and intoxication by poisons present on that place may begin their own targetted search for drugs and become drug addicts. Some photos taken in places where crop circles appeared, directly evoke the impression that the "flower children" are very happy to meet in such a place, and are carrying out targetted search for such places.


Puppets government forces

It is high time, immediately after the discovery of any crop circles on any cereal field, arrange activity of the police or military forces, or government forces - puppets, and access to the place strictly prohibit and disallow. At least until on that point will be detectable quantities of deadly poisons. Matter of course should be an utilization of skilled toxicological laboratory analyses. That has never been used in past, which corresponds to a completely unscientific approach and apparent dilettantism of almost all previous "researches", observations.


Lines of force of electric field, resonance and interference figures

Among other things, the principle of crop circles formation through the electricity from lightning discharges provides a very illustrative and understandable explanation of shaping of most structures into circular shape. They behave as a graphic display lines of force of electric field. Electric field of a cable. Such a cable was outstretched perpendicular from heaven to earth. Throughout the cable flowed an electric current several hundred thousand amperes. The cable is long several kilometers. On the average two. Sometime more then twenty.


Not only circular shapes

Explanation of more complex shapes is possible through the effects of resonance and interference. Exactly at the time of lightning discharge, especially during the steepest part of upward current curve, is at the impact point so huge oversupply of energy, that in such a place may "afford to do what he wants" (in terms of energy and force). The value of electric currents on that point may be near one million of amperes, and the steepness of leading edge very often exceeds 200 thousands of amperes during one millionth of a second (!!!). Absolutely unimaginable conditions, unimaginable values. Many orders of magnitude higher than parameters achieved in laboratory or in industrial practice.


Excess of energy

The discharge of lightning is very likely nature process with the highest concentration of energy, per unit of time and space, although mainly at the time of the steepest part of leading edge current. Higher energy concentration than nuclear and thermonuclear explosion, supernova explosion. Of course, related to units of time and space. Probably there is no other process with a higher concentration of energy. Neither in nature nor in the entire known universe. In technical practice perhaps some extremely powerful lasers, whose beam energy is concentrated into a very small area.


Scientifically verifiable.

At the moment of lightning discharge is at the impact point huge concentration (excess) of energy, even if only a split millisecond. Mechanical, electromechanical, electromagnetic, electrical, electrostatic, thermal, light, sound. As for the potential creation of resonance and interference figure, whether mechanical, electromechanical, electrostatic or electromagnetic, is very likely, but also understandable and scientifically provable fact, that they may exist there. Also, that they really take place there. Among other things is necessary take into account electrostatic and electromagnetic inductions, and resonances and interferences between them. All named phenomena are in progress with noticeable phase shift, which can result in achievement of significant picture effects. For instance - Lissajous curves or Chladni patterns.


A little excursion to physics

Any oversupply of energy that is placed anywhere in nature, is quickly moving in direction to places with lower energetic potential, and gradually dissipate (energy levels are equalised). See the law of thermodynamics. The greater excess of energy, the faster is process, the greater count, more random (also tortuous, possibly branched) can be pathways, where it happened. On a great number of photos with crop circles are similar trajectories quite in detail displayed. Routes, by which flows energy from the lightning discharge, before complete transfer of electricity into underground (grounding). Every of these routes was very simply and exactly recorded, in the form of irreversible damage tissues of plants and their root systems. As a result of that, visualised later. Manner and form of conduction electricity of lightning discharges underground are clearly enough described in documents dealing with theory, research and technology of lightning discharges and lightning rods - see.


A little excursion to botanics, archeology etc. The first symptoms.

Very often are the plants, especially their root systems, noticeably damaged also at the points, where was spreading the electric current from lightning already relatively deep underground. Thanks to higher conductivity of electricity near various engineering networks or near various archaeological structures, including those from ww2 - airplanes, bombs and many others. Drainage pipes, earthworks, graves, crypts, hidden treasures. In general terms, in vicinity of any underground object and its surrounding with reduced value of electrical resistance and higher electrical conductivity. For instance, as a result of increased humidity. Or due to the presence of metal objects, metal piping, metals dispersion in cinders, silver, gold, and many other. Archeology and aerial archeology are dealing with the influence of underground objects and possible differences in electrical conductivity as one of possible causes on imaging of underground objects in the structure of grown field crops for decades before any crop circle mania started. Vegetation signs, symptoms. There are thousands of serious scientific studies, see cropmarks.


Forecast of crop circles through the symptoms of cereals damage

After some time, plant damage continue. The vitality of aboveground plant parts is noticeably reduced, or the plants start completely die back. For example, maize root system is able to penetrate to a depth of over 4 m. Monograph of maize, Ing. Jaroslav Hruška et al, SZN - UVTIZ 1962. Some time after effect of electricity is possible find first symptoms of plant damage. Since then, is their number increasing until harvest. The level of the damage of individual plants is also gradually continuously increasing. See. Photo. The first symptoms of damaging by electricity is possible to find long time after lightning. But also long time before the time point, when the stalks are so weakened, that they incline to the ground. One of the first symptoms, that is possible to observe really many days before appear any of crop circles, are wilted and bent flag leafs.


Flag leaf wilting.

Wilting, weakening and bending of flag leafs are mainly observable at the barley, but also other poaceae cereals - wheat, rye, triticale. Especially in the period before grow up ears of barley - full heading, and also sometime later. See photo - barley. The left photo was taken a few days earlier. Both of them show identical location. The only cause, that on the left image are observable affected areas, is a noticeable difference in the turning of flag leaf to the ground as a result of weakening, wilting. On the second photo some days later, are already the consequences of electricity of lightning on that point and its influence on weakening plants due to it much more noticeable.


Ear of barley and differences in their rotation angle

Ear of barley - in their case is also possible to observe significant changes in rotation towards the ground - increasing the angle, as a result of major damage to plants. This is the specific property mainly of barley. In the case of rye and wheat, this symptoms have almost no effect. As a result are often observed crop circles in barley, and other regular and irregular shapes even if the stalks are not at all or only slightly inclined to the ground. This applies mainly on barley with fully grown ears of barley and awns, ie from about mid-May in the case of spring barley. The most important is the fact that flag leaf wilting and differences in ear of barley angle rotation, may be especially in barley sometimes observable crop circles in the standing crop, whose stalks are still standing almost straight up, are not even a slightly inclined to the ground.


Wind waves

From the very same reason it is possible on the fields with standing crop of fully developed barley, observe wind waves. On fields of barley they are quite most significantly observable of all kinds of cereals. See. On the whole phenomenon are very much involved barley awns, and bending, refraction and reflection of light on them, because even a slight change in angle of incidence results in a very significant change in hue and saturation of objects, that are observed in this manner. Similar, like change angle of reflection of a light beam from a diffraction grating. In the case of barley, awns are much longer than at any other cereal, and their surface is characterized by a distinctive microscopic structure. Due to gradual continuing of weakening of the plant as a manifestation of the weakening chronology is entirely without exception barley in these shapes, after few next days, lying on the ground completely.


A message for aliens

It is beyond of any human ability, achieving a similar effect using any human activities. Dear aliens, dear extraterrestrials, dear crop circle makers! All your favorite boards and strings, put kindly up your ass. Similar shapes, so that the stalks of grain remained standing up, and there were bent only ears of cereal, nobody would be able create by using them. A little more detailed message for extraterrestrials.


Advanced and improved photos, colors, contrast, curves

Almost every photography of crop circles from database and archive pages of this site, with a few rare exceptions, were subjected to careful and thorough process of enhancement, compensation and adjustment of color balance, harmonization of contrast and color curves (color histogram, RGB, CMYK). Based on decades of experience in corrections and color balance of cinematographic films, photographs, color rendering, measurement and evaluation of spectral curves in the visible color spectrum. In terms of color curves harmonization, RGB space, color balance and contrast, the photos of crop circles on this website are the best, what is possible to find all over the internet. A large number of authors of crop circles photographs has never in reality seen before, what they have really photographed. With the positive exception of Mr. Master Photographer Klaus Leidorf - the only one sole real photographer between a bunch of photographic butterfingers and dilettanti.


Photo editing school

One of the best ways to learn anything about photo editing, not only color balance adjustment and contrast, is to visit website, see 


Illustrative accompanying videos

Will be placed here soon.


Video no 1

The first video very clearly shows the reality, that series of repeated electrical discharges, is able to create in material, that is situated in immediate proximity of impact point, very precise circles.


Video no 2

The second video is very illustrative evidence, that series of repeated electrical discharges, is able to create in material, that is situated in immediate proximity of impact point, very regular interference patterns.


Video no 3

The third video shows, that thanks to domino effect is possible creation of crop circles within a relatively very short time, and that the whole process may be propelled only by itself, through air flowing, which caused by itself.


Temporary explanation

Described videos are at the at the present stage of this site temporarily substituted by illustrative photos only, produced as consequences of described processes and experiments, simultaneously, during and after filming, or during recording of identical experiments. Very important note from shown experiments is the fact, that the energy of electrical discharges (sparks) used in that experiments was 0.01 Joule. Energy present and radiated in real natural electrical discharge of lightning is sometimes more than 1015 times higher. Ie 10^15, a thousand times million times million times more.


A challenge for lightning hunters

Author of this website, operator of the pages, here in this paragraph responsibly declares. He who succeeds as the first, and captures succesfully photo of the lightning discharge in a field with cereals by a camera or film camera at any point, before on the same place after some time will emerge a crop circle, will receive solemnly from his hands as a reward a bag of earthworms. (candy).


Instructions for lightning hunters

For the purposes of determining the exact location of the impact lightning is best to use stereo photographs and the subsequent determination of the exact location of the impact flash by using the methods stereo photogrammetry. Stereo base - the distance of the two cameras or film cameras apart - choose at least half a meter, to as many as two or more meters. Location of the impact of lightning discharges, which took place at a distance not exceeding five kilometers from the place of taking a photo, then can be determined with an accuracy of tens of centimeters.


Crop circles

, short explanation

Absolute every anomaly near crop circles is possible to explain by near recent lightning discharge. Among other, it is also totally unmerciful murdering and annihilation of any extraterrestrials and space invaders.

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For a basic introduction to historical perspectives on the issue of crop circles possible visit Wikipedia - Crop circle. Although most of the explanations, submitted there, falls or almost entirely belongs under the Pseudoscience (Junk science), i.e. appertains to the Category: Pseudoscience, however at least may serve as a basic information about the current view on the whole issue.


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