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Domovská_strá 6. 6. 2013

Crop circles 5

Crop circles - predictions.

Predictions - inherent helper and assistant of exact science and research, one of many, through which it is possible to forcefully separate the exact science and research from junk science and pseudoscience, sciolism.

On the ability of very reliable predictions is based the authority of some scientific disciplines, primarily so-called exact sciences, where the prediction may be based on the assumption of a single necessary and sufficient cause, ie the assumption of causality, more mono-causality. On the possibility of accurate predictions are based accurate applications of exact science. In established science, accepted, are for example accurately predicted all solar eclipses, and transitions of Venus and Mercury across the Sun's disk.

A year passed, and Czech and world, scientific, nonscientific and pseudoscientific public eagerly awaits the discoveries of the first crop circles. The May is somewhat soon, though, in some points already may be in fields with cereals to later discovered of regular patterns - Crop Circles - "sown". Which means that above them was a storm and in the structure (grid, raster) of cereals hit a lightning discharge, and is exposed most often circular, but also other regular interference pattern. Something has already appeared in the Netherlands, in the grass, but it is not "the right thing". Most important will be that in England. Thunderstorms already over some important points took place.

Previous research of crop circles has been largely, and sometimes almost from the beginning, affected by a number of errors, very subjective, unprofessional judgments, and in some cases very serious, gross professional errors, it could be said directly like made by a schoolboys. Described errors, of course, were never made due to errors, faults, and by mistaken considerations of professionals (meant mainly farmers), but only lay, amateur and unprofessional attitude of self-proclaimed "experts". Among one of the greatest from such named errors, and by far not the only one at all, may be counted so called "expulsion cavities" and "exploded nodes". One or the other password just enter in the search engines, either with or without quotation marks, and the result page will be filled with countless data items, also images. In fact, it is not at all any consequence of any (microwave) power, they are just only completely natural and normal growth changes of stems and nodes of Poaceae family, and in the fields around the whole world and outside them (together with cereals as well as of all grasses) can be found these growth changes millions of billions every year. They arise due to mechanic tensions during growth and maturation, and plant parts after such changes, on and on, quite correctly perform the function of vascular tissues. Just go to the nearest field with cereals, lawn or ditch by the road. Sometimes at the growth stage 81 or higher.

In addition, on the Internet, there come together various groups of eccentrics, who are trying to explain (most primarily they alone to themselves), that through crop circles is someone trying to say something to humanity, and by various methods are then trying to explain what. It's really just "cooking out of the water" (czech proverb, something like try to "create matter from nothing"). Any shape may in fact resemble something, as well as for example any cloud on the sky can resemble anything. But no one claims that, through the clouds is someone trying to say something to humanity. Fortunately.

Previous research of crop circles, is also a continuous conflict between science and pseudoscience. Fans of science, however, need not have worried, science over pseudoscience, of course, as usual, very solemnly and overwhelmingly win. Although it may not seem so far. However, as usual, it will take some time.

Further damage had caused various groups of people, who sometimes go to the field with crop, and create a pattern of crop circle there. The result of their work is their statement - "Crop circles are created by people".

Another similar groups or individuals claim responsibility for the authorship of various shapes, which in fact were completely and only created by the nature, in a natural way. Such two individuals were also the sadly immortal couple Doug and Dave, abbreviated as D & D, who, with their monstrously stupid statements probably committed in the whole history of research of crop circles the worst damage of all time. Additionally, they then tried, in front of journalists, something like a regular pattern - Crop Circle - create. The result of their of several hours obsessive quest was, however, something that not even remotely resembled that real, genuine, arising naturally, many times mirrored symmetric shapes, and their perfect regularity and symmetry was really far away. Anyone who has had the possibility of their "creation" to compare with any that genuine crop circle shape, discovered until then, could only state, that it may be only a result of the work of two extremely great idiots.

Doug and Dave, most likely were the two greatest idiots, who came close to the issue of crop circles all over the world throughout its whole history.

That's what happens, when two unemployed drunks have nothing to work. Maybe it would help to give them a little bit work (ie charitative work or street cleaning), in order to be that their financial support for at least was by something little earned. Over the behavior of some drunks may be the public at least well entertained (virosis). That was not such a case. Doug and Dave were a sad example of the sad fact, that some people, who appeared near the issue of crop circles, sometimes were or are people extremely stupid. Such individuals are also attracted in great extent by almost every sensation or enigmatic phenomena, so that it is nothing extra special. In the described case act like a great fools, of course, journalists. They believed, without any reservations, to mentioned two drunks with their unbelievable claims, and presented them to the general public.

The claim that "if we can make a crop circle, it means that all of them are created by people" however, is in fact extremely weak and primitive. May be forcefully referred between fabrications and lies, in a very simple way. The author of this article, but of course any other person in the world, could for example go to the forest, and within several hours try to create there a little hill of pine needles, that would be almost indistinguishable from natural anthill. To imagine something similar, there is no need of any extra dose of imagination.

To claim on the basis of similar events, that all anthills are created by people, could really only very simple primitive. The claim that all of crop circles are formed by people, however, has exactly the same demonstrativeness, therefore none. This claim of "comrades of the GDR" is therefore again very wrong.

Following predictions are taken from the page They are not, of course, by far complete, because they will be released very gradually (also on mentioned page), one could say "using a teaspoon", to all our dear sciolistic community, from the facts found and collected, did not screw up. As sciolistic and pseudoscientific public are primarily meant various followers of parapsychology, extraterrestrials, UFOs, flying saucers, psychics and the like.

Siremap - crop-circles-sitemap.htm.

Predictions shown here are only approximate, and very incomplete sample of the named sites. So far, only two out of almost twenty. Neither however, there is not yet presented everything, that was in the course of several years of research collected. Over time, will be followed by some more, however, slowly well in order to the proletarian devotees of pseudoscience ...

Prediction No. 1

1. Crop Circles (of course only the right ones, genuine), will never emerge anywhere else, than in places, where there appeared some time before that a storm, and where exactly into the place where the crop circle, or any other symmetrical interference pattern will be later discovered, hit lightning discharge . For each naturally arised crop circle, which in the future will appear anywhere in the world, will be consequently possible find in the database and assign the lightning discharge, which created it, "exposed". It is also necessary to take into account that the lightning discharge and its interference and resonance, and immediately preceding them (up to a few seconds) electrostatic forces (enormous) that the whole shape, and sometimes all within it may be located braided and tangled stalks created in the fields of grain hit several days or weeks, before the crop circle shape was observable. The same is of course possible to do in the case of all in the world found until now genuine crop circles retroactively. Who does not believe, let go there, and the meteorologists finally asks. GPS of some crop circles found in past is possible find on the page crop-circles-GPS.htm. While this is still only a small part, perhaps a tenth, author has almost two thousand of them, but not yet all of them are published on the mentioned page. But they will. When? It is not known yet. It is probably the largest database of crop circles GPS, that was ever collected in the world.

In addition (it could be another prediction): braided and entwined stems will be possible to find at the point immediately "after the explosion," ie, after lightning discharges (not recommended). It is much better, wait at least until the storm is over. They arise mainly due to the gradually, but very quickly increasing electrostatic fields, when between stalks and leaves takes place the action similar to the behavior of electroscope. By the way, the two most common types of electroscopes: electroscope "leaf" and electroscope "needle" (stalk, stem).

Another (second and last for today) prediction is by its nature belonging to events really sci-fi. Therefore we have to forgive it, that it will be very difficult to prove. Although, what if?

2. Search "elsewhere", here and there

Prediction No. 2: Shapes, similar to some crop circles, that were sometimes found in the past on The Earth, will probably sooner or later possible to be found on Mars.

Of course, not in the crop, but in the dust, that covers the surface. According to the facts available so far on the surface of Mars is not detected any crop findable. Paroubek still did not leave there to meet his comrades Martians, and thus the local surface there is not farmed yet. Today it is quite clear that, lightning discharges are observable there, crop circlesas possible to ascertain through research papers, and subsequently also search engines. There will therefore be found in the dust individual rings, or their combinations, like for example in the accompanying figure. Maybe even more complicated interference patterns. The only condition for their emergence, but also preservation, is that the dust storm, which caused the lightning discharge and thus created the circles there, "did not clean" the affected area immediately after that very well . Like the most auspicious would be therefore the phenomenon, that would be similar to that, here on earth known as the "bolt from the blue", and which in fact falls down up to several tens of kilometers away Photo of electrical discharge estimated 50-100 thousand voltsfrom the storm cloud. Most often they are lightnings with positive polarity, and a huge energy. Such a phenomenon could indeed create the dust formation very similar to a circle or system of crop circles. One of the possibilities, how would such a pattern might look like, is on the accompanying photo, and a very rough form of the discharge, by which it could be created, on the next. Most often they would appear, of course, as a single isolated circles. Their formation "in the dust of paths" through electrical discharge (or better made by a set of a number of fast subsequent discharges) is possible easily demonstrate, even here, on the earth, "down here". Even with completely undoubted signs of interference patterns.

Any other information, as well as predictions, regarding crop circles, perhaps next time, hopefully soon. There are collected really many of them, and yet not all. Possible count something near twenty of them, and perhaps some more will be added. There is no need to write unnecessarily large articles, rather split into several smaller parts. And also, why to be concerned with the past, when we know something about the future? (The Seer)

And is in fact all the unfortunate humanity to the whole revelation of the whole truth about crop circles sufficiently prepared? Fans and followers of junk science and pseudoscience certainly not.

So you're saying, gentlemen, that some of the claim is not true? Prove it!

That would be all for today so far, and next time, hopefully soon, good bye.

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Jan Ledecky


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