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lightning discharge
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Crop Circles - 4 - part 2

Shaping the the graph of electromagnetic field lines course of electric current in the cereals through the discharge of lightning - part 2.

Another possible reasoning about the emergence way, some accompanying phenomena, indirect evidence.

Next small fragment that fairly reliably refutes any possibility of circlemakers activity, is a country house in Kingsclere, where dwells composer A. Lloyd Webber. In 1995 there appeared on this site a pentagonal star. The whole property is guarded around the clock by 24-hour security service. The research team attempted to explore the pictogram, was due to extensive surveillance of land, equipped with sensors and microphones, arrested within minutes of their arrival. Nobody was captured during the pattern production. Webber was at that time on vacation. For the land at that time cared only security personnel.

Information was obtained from the address, and the following, loosely translated and supplemented by information obtained through search engines. From the same source used some other information further in this text.

A. Lloyd Webber never believed that crop circles should be produced by extraterrestrials, and judged that the most likely of all, supposed to be forgeries. Therefore was very surprised that appeared at the site where in no case anyone could enter. In the opinion of aliens is possible only agree with him. Only the real offender, lightning discharge, actually can get in the place, because nothing in his approach "from above" restrains. Even in the smallest extent the high-voltage wires. They may attract the lightning much more intensely than any lightning conductor alone (through the corona discharges). The shape is the so called "motor type", because its geometry reminds processes that take place in the cylinders of combustion engine. In other words, an explosion, very symmetrically spreading sideways.,  Of course there are many more photos of the same pattern. May appear in some other continuation, which will pay much more attention in detail to space aliens landing just into the high voltage wires.

Wiring HV 100 thousand volts, which attracted the lightning discharge, takes place almost exactly above the edge of the shape. Average of the pattern is approximately 56 m, GPS position of the pattern center 51.313622 °, 1.287831 °, with a tolerance of several meters. Who visits the described site in a mapping program, may again convince the interesting fact that there those poor aliens landed again directly under the high voltage wires. How they're the guys (un)skilful making that...

In the summer of 1991, Terence Meaden and a team of Japanese scientists have had a field (probably somewhere near Silbury Hill) under the supervision of electronic equipment, including radar, magnetometers, video, night vision, motion sensors. Under fog cover appeared formation of small weights, but none of the scanners registered any intruders.

Author's Note: Figure has already been created (exposed) number of days or weeks before (1). Was visualized (developed) by up to many days later. Stalks at first thanks to damage by electricity progressively weakened (2). Then there was an increase in their weight due to fog (3). Finally, bent to the ground (4). Observers were observing only up to Phase 3 and 4, and about phases 1 and 2 had no idea.

The event is similar to the classic photo developing process. Another similarity with photography is that to the creation of "picture" is used a flash light. Another similarity is that immediately after exposure is formed latent image only, completely invisible. To named analogies with classical photographic process (a larger number will be described) will be completely paid attention in one of the following parts. Already in previous work (3 - chronology) was phase number 1 from 5 in the lodging chronology sequence named Exposure (Exposition).

Quite often discovered pattern in which after some time arose the next section. It was due to the different intensity of exposure, the less affected areas needed more time for "developing" image, natural developer had to work longer. Some of the following parts will pay far more attention to similar cases.

Notice that "In this way, vegetation acts in somewhat the manner of a chemical developer of exposed photographic plates: it throws up the latent pictures." can be found in the Leo Deuel's publication - Flights into yesterday: The story of aerial archeology, page 38. It was a huge mistake (one of many) of all the previous surveys in Crop Circles, that their findings hardly ever did not consult with experts in archeology and in particular aerial archeology. About the aviation archeology probably did not know that something like that exists. In publications and articles that were published during the entire decade on the issue of Crop Circles, about it is not almost any mention. But dowsers and the media, fans of UFOs, extraterrestrials, flying saucers, and perhaps every conceivable field of junk science into every crop circle brought thousands. Serves them right. Thanks to this their knowledge and understanding of the possible principles emergence were moving back rather than forward. On the other hand, it is necessary to thank them for it, how often, almost always rather scrupulously measured using a compass deviation of geomagnetic field. Thus these simpletons diligently pushed forward the degree of knowledge in the direction of explanation, which is only possible in such cases: the recent discharge of lightning. It was enough just to ask. Something would them in this respect for example Mr. Pockels tell. (to be specified later)

The fact that the lovers of mysteries carefully and patiently were collecting during decades a relatively large number of other clear evidence. Almost conclusively support the findings that were moving around the site, which was some time before, hit by the lightning, without knowing anything about that, will be described in more detail in a following section.

An army officer stationed in the training grounds of Salisbury Plain once came across a crop circle in an active minefield.

Author's Note: For discharge of lightning is the minefield no barrier, rather the contrary.

2007.07.15 - U.K. - Dorset - Bournemouth - photo 7 (exact GPS location of the object is known, of course).

Photograph obtained from the now defunct domain The same point is also engaged in website, from where comes probably the original photo.

Tree in a field near the airport. The field is situated on a fenced plot, which is not publicly accessible. The shape has not been studied closely, but from the air, and after harvest. In agreement with the owner would certainly not be a problem to visit the site and take a look at the tree. Signs of lightning on the trunk are certainly observable even after five years, because it certainly was not only "flash weed." Meteorologists from the airport might also have been able to find som record of the storm.  The landowner certainly found in that year under the tree some torn branches, and it is possible that the tree after being hit by lightning had to be checked and treated by dendrologists.

On the next photo 8 are assembled together three images from different years. Photo S. Alexander, F. Laumen, F. Laumen. In the vicinity of each of them "something" occurs - irregular shapes. This is the view of objects or lines which are located underground. It may be a part of collapsed aircraft, or any archaeological remains, drainage, sewerage, water pipes, utilities. Any underground structure is often subsequently visualized by lightning not far from where it is located. As a line of mostly totally destroyed, dead corn. For example, if the lightning hits directly to the hydrant standing on the surface, some days later will appear a line of dead or heavily damaged crop just exactly over the pipe underground. Their length is usually from a few meters to 10-20 meters, sometimes even more. The area of died crop ends within several centimeters, and immediately behind that are plants not even a slightly damaged. Objects that have increased the concentration of electrical energy, are located below the level of deep plowing. If on the spot was not in progress any archaeological prospection, is still located there. GPS positions of objects is known for at least two sites of the three shown here, and the rest can probably be traced. Similar places where there is something like that near or more distant from a regular pattern, of course, exist a lot more, and not only in England. Sometimes underground pipes due to the increased conductivity, the effect of a stronger grounding, electrostatic and electromagnetic induction and ionization of the air above them may participate in the formation of the first two (invisible) lightning discharge phases - Preliminary Breakdown, Stepped Leader, which can lead to the fact that such a pipeline is struck by several parallel arms of the same electric discharge in a distance of many tens to several hundreds of meters apart.

Views of any underground piping is part of regular (or irregular) figures in the crop field very often. In a forthcoming work will be paid them much more attention. In some case, it may even be part of the pattern under the road, as is the case in the following two photos. This is the location Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire, in 1998, 23 May, Lucy Pringle photo - the top frame. The lower image is captured later (at least 14 days, but rather more). Photo Busty Taylor.  There is the damaged crop safely dead. Dead was of course on the upper image, but due to the inertia of biological processes in plants had not already look like that. At that time would even show some signs of life - metabolism. On the bottom image can be observed very significant color changes of plants in the tractor tracks (also dead, but not so long). Color changes in the tractor tracks are observable even at the neighboring field, and without the action of electricity from lightning would never have happened. Track tractor in the fields are the second best current conductors. The leading position occupies every metal pipe and other metal objects located underground. It is also possible well observe, that the crop above the metal structures obtained significantly higher amount of electricity than in the tractor tracks and signs of death appeared significantly faster, while that in tracks for some time survived and therefore does not have yet such a distinctive yellow hue. Yellowing to the same level will take several more days. Natual film developing has to work a little longer, the intensity of exposure was significantly weaker. Probably several orders of magnitude.

The last case of possible side effects of lightning strike is location Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, Weyhill, Hampshire, 18 April 1998.  It is possible that trees were by some accompanying parallel arm of the lightning discharge during pattern formation almost or totally destroyed, so it was later decided to remove them. The situation of previous state is displayed on aerial photographs obtained from Bing Maps (date unknown), the situation after their removal was obtained from Google Earth. GPS location of pattern was 51.215244, -1.556524. On Google Earth possible find two more aerial photos "after". To the Google Earth picture was imported tractor line (in light magenta) from Bing, and vice versa.

On the image of that crop circle (the rape) from (Steve Alexander photo), it is clear that the trees (according to the bark of birch) leaves grow up not at all, probably have already been completely dead. An image from Lucy Pringle also possible find. After mid-April, the flowering time of rape, are reliably coated with green leaves. According to the time when the birch trees begin to turn green, in the Czech language is even named one month. Which one would it be? Could it be March?

In today's (double) part were presented solely and only indirect evidences. In any case, there is no evidence that would in any way credible and unconditionally offered to corroborate the theory about the creation shapes (no matter whether regular or irregular) of crop damaged by lightning discharges, as a record of the electromagnetic field lines, and their interferences. But they have absolutely, without exception, all one quite important feature in common. With the theory described are in no case in conflict. The hypothesis is applicable to all of them, in either case it is not possible to say that a similar mode of origin would be completely excluded. One of the fundamental principles that should be in any scientific theory and hypothesis allowed. This is refutability (falsifiability test). When someone succeed credibly prove (for example, make a recording or film capture, while continuous monitoring and evaluation of electromagnetic field on the site to confirm) that at some location where it was later discovered genuine crop circle, never happened in the field lightning discharge. On the contrary, that there were moving green creatures with antennae, the aliens or flying saucers, the theory presented here is possible consider reliably refuted.

Evidences, that the named theory of lightning in the location of the Crop Circle confirm much stronger, will be presented progressively more in some parts of the following. One of the major evidence, really huge pile, at 100% which confirmed that at the location of the crop circle had to occur unconditionally lightning into the ground, patiently and carefully, over decades, providing the poor fans of mysteries ("ufologists&") themselves without in the least suspected. Because every compass deviation measured by them such evidence is. The planet, which is called the Globe, and inhabit it apart from many other organisms as well humanoid monkeys type of humankind, namely another way to achieve intense local variations such and with geomagnetic field time course other than discharge lightning simply does not exist. Even better and more interesting results would be obtained if at least used the declination compass, or even a magnetometer. This is perhaps just as a little expert advice for the future.

Today's article "partially branched" from the more physical and scientific of explaining of the Crop Circles emergence principles, since the evidence served here were more or less complementary, they are more of a curiosity. Still, however, is all the time bringing fragments of evidence. Some other parts that will mainly focus on phenomena that do not have with possibilities to explain the way of the emergence periodic structures and damaged crop almost nothing in common, will be highly significantly identified as an INTERMEZZO, as a part of their titles. Branching is really possible, at random will be in one part paid attention in the question of circlemakers, another various doubtful theories, including aliens (aliens, of course, an entirely independent part), intelligence of corn, of vacuum, of stars, planets, objects, plants, fungi, animals, and similar explanation of the emergence Crop Circles, which were pronounced in the past. Anyone who wants a little seriously focus on issues of damage and lodging grain, must similar sciolistic theory evaluate, if only because they exist. There are theories "much less" sciolistic and harmful, such as Gaia. At that perhaps maybe even a pity that does not work, at least not as it should. Rewarded with the fans at least, possible therefore that it is quite cute.

Fortunately, even for purely scientific parts is prepared a lot of the material, more than enough.

That would be for today (double) part the final summary statement.


Jan Ledecky


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This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky