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lightning discharge
Long time round globe reported themselves to be crop circle authors variety of simple-minded ...
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This page is trying that figments of their diseased brains

to be corrected... (Intermediate CropCircleMakers - 2nd)

No silly, fool, dement, senile crop circle makers in fact never existed (only in their own, insane minds)


A little excursion, similar theme HERE.


In this chapter will be paid attention primarily to differences between plant and animal kingdoms, from the point of view of the lightning hit. Thanks to the responses is really possible conclude that the theme of human stupidity is infinite, against the original prediction will be placed at the start a short mention about circlemakers.


Shape with an embedded, high precision miniature: images can be easily made ​​on a computer, a little more complicated on the drawing board (pantograph), but on the field? Have already explained some insane circlemakers how did they carry out such activities in the field?


Well, let's believe everything, what circlemakers say, all that beautiful rings and more, not only fantastic but even many times regular, according to many axes also center very accurately symmetrical, and sometimes happens even with simultaneous display of zoom in / out (!) (Multiple views of the same shapes in different sizes) designs were really made by them. In some cases, the patterns consist of dozens of accurately assessed and realized geometric shapes. They have made the job, first on computer, made the carefully designs, entered a fractal pattern, to which they did not even understand, and suggested the form of the resulting pattern. They have developed a very detailed script and timing of activities during the manufacturing, figures without which it would be by the light of flashlights and moon at night was any movement on the field absolutely impossible, because they tripped over themselves as a bunch of drunks, returning from a pub. Elaboration of such a scenario is for many times more complex patterns mirrored in the event that contain miniatures, matter of weeks of difficult work and training of multi-member team, because all the activities themselves had to be accurately established, one after another precisely connected in time sequence and one another fit together. Pattern must be made within one, at most a few hours, when the assessment of sub-sections can be set aside only a few minutes of time, and their fabrication must be only a matter of seconds, no more than tens of seconds.


1. First we will never cease be surprised by the fact that in the world can be such fools or even groups of individuals so underdeveloped in their brain activities, to work, numbering many hundreds of man hours in the price corresponding to thousands more like tens of thousands euros or dollars, handed over entirely free of charge completely without claim for any compensation, without any result was possible at least partially cashed in their favor, and obtained funding should be given for humanitarian purposes or to compensate farmers damaged vegetation, or anything else. Attention, do not compare with the activities such as graffiti, who may operate without any preparation and training, and fabrication as well as more complex patterns covering many sq. meters is always a matter of no more than a few minutes, and any error is said to be "absorbed" into the resulting geometric shape of street-spray art. In the case of manual fabrication of crop patterns in the field is a highly accurate (accuracy bricklayer or higher), complex and sophisticated activity, which in the case of very complex shapes, numbering several hundred parts required, including preparation and at least basic training sequence and sequentiality of individual actions up to several thousands man-hours that could be expressed as, say, 20 times a few thousand man-euros or man-dollars. (less than 20 U.S. dollars / euros per hour would be, often in rain and mud, slippery clay, in the gum boots with a lighted headlamp or flashlight in hand through a field at night, could move only a complete idiot)


2. Suppose despite all of the above objections would have been possible to believe them that the authors of some considered patterns are they, circlemakers. They would, however, explain what it was that idiot who after them into their their so intricately and perfectly drawn patterns came to their so magnificent to the last detail and sophisticated work and worked so monstrously blatant manner and by them, figuratively speaking, "trampled underfoot mud pies "? He was not the destroyer, and malicious useless layabout, eventually actually much more stupid than themselves? Why are they never on the Internet in their contributions make no mention of these spoilers, that wreckers of their great intentions? It's not by chance that in fact they have never been in any crop field, and all their "creative activity in the field" that they are so happy to report about, in fact, took place just inside their sick minds? (most likely affected by absorption of much higher than the negligible quantity of fermented drinks, maybe even supported by consuming of some magic mushrooms, or also some souvenir from Amsterdam?)


3. It is noticeable and very well documented fact that anyone who manages to create something interesting, with that sooner or later like to disclose, publish their own authorship, at least in their neighborhood. With one exception, namely when it comes to creations of Mother Nature. In the case of living people is something like that almost out of the question (not to disclose the authorship). In addition to Mother Nature, especially for cases that are described here, similar unauthorized activity can be put mainly into the hands of the god Zeus (Zeus, lord of the lightnings). He and his colleagues but also with any that publication of their own authorship, let alone interviews with any fellow citizens, certainly not exaggerate, at least the last several thousand years.


4. In cases where the author with his authorship will never really safe not to publish up with admirable regularity emerge more or less random individuals or groups of people, some white crows that try so hard effort to relieve their real author, and by that they report themselves as the authors of the work. While they are entirely objectively almost without exception for people with very low intelligence. Their intellectual horizon or at least does not even realize that the real author to his work will never really admit, just because it "is not in his style," or properties. In his ability (author of the work) is of course to create their work, but by all that his other work ends. They are not however able to try themselves even in the smallest degree ascertain or understand why. There are a large number of similar groups of people in the world. In cases that are described here, are called circlemakers.


5. Circlemakers namely never actually attend any field, all their "confessions" to the the authorship of any patterns are in fact only, and only figments of their considerably diseased brains. If they namely mentioned fields during nights really attended regularly, sooner or later would be on one of them with the only true author met. The author of all, whether regular or irregular shapes in crop. The frequency of his visits in the crop fields worldwide, approximately one billion a year, so sooner or later would have to meet together. The poor circlemakers after such a meeting would look approximately like animals in the accompanying photographs. All opinions expressed here do not exclude the possibility, that any such circlemaker ever been in a similar situation found, and taken off the field in the chest, or even was never found at all. In some cases, the ... but more on that later.


6. So instead: Let them fot the whole rest of their lives sitting on their asses, (yet neither namely did never done anything else), and continue concocting their insane visions about their creative activity in crop fields, and the actual creation of crop circles will leave to those who is in it only "really familiar", but is really able and does it. Thus avoid forever any chance encounter him. Warning on the accompanying photographs


7. Circlemakers (cropcirclemakers) may be renamed once forever into the future as the circle-jerks, crop-idiots or pigs in a crop. (crapmaker, crapcirclemaker, crappycirclemaker, crappymaker,)


The challenge to any potential contracting authority of crop circles production: Your suppliers are trudging many hours over the field, and need tens or hundreds of man hours to produce something that a single lightning discharge is able to prepare within 100 millionths of a second, and the rest just keep on cooperation of a number natural, physical and biological forces and laws. Moreover, the lightning discharge operates in the most perfect secrecy, what is possible to imagine for its activity (natural mimicry, James Bond). Immediately after its work is in most cases in the field observable absolutely nothing, although the pattern is already in the structure of plants indelibly created. It is quite not impossible that sometime in the future some of the crop circles producers during their doubtful insane activities carried out in the fields on your order, meet with a true crop circles author, and he will during that meeting immediately kill them. The responsibility for their execution of a very substantial part, in addition to their own stupidity are you.


The Differences Between Plants And Animals

Differences between the lightning discharge effect on plants and animals

The most important difference between animals and plants is the fact, that the animal affected by lightning effect, is immediately very noticeably visually different and easily distinguishable from an animal, to which happened nothing like that. Something similar applies to the animals who had been only mutilated or injured by the discharge, and survive, albeit with difficulty. Such an animal that has survived, if it does not fall into a coma (thereby also very much different from plants), would be a long period after that hopping round the field in very uncoordinated manner, thereby again from plants differed very significantly.


In the case of plants such rules do not apply at all. Even plants or their parts, that had been immediately killed by passed electric current, and even those that have received many times of the electric power needed to kill them, are number days after thunderstorm still almost indistinguishable from plants totally unaffected and completely intacted by any harmful energy. The situation of some killed plants is possible to compare, for example, to cut flowers in a vase with water. Its stem, leaves and blossoms are some days still indistinguishable from uncut flowers, even if roots completely dead, for instance. Some time still show quite normal metabolism. Many completely dead parts of plants, containing only dead cells, and apparently completely dry, may still long time act as vascular tissue, and if there are not any significant damage, live parts separated by them from the rest of the plant can continue in growth and continue to participate in all plant vital functions, ie primarily photosynthesis and metabolism, also ripenig, if reproductive organs present there.


In practice all vegetation, which was hit by lightning and consequently weakened and damaged, except that after some time exhibits many secondary consequences and damages. Ar random secondary attacks of weakened plants and tissues by any plant and animal pests, root rot, bulbs rot, mold, deformation and damage of fruits, seeds, grains. Any such secondary effects can be confused and mistakenly considered to be the original cause of plant damage, and literature can be read in many chapters, that it really happens very often.


Thanks to that for laymen the field with dead and more or less damaged plants look very often (rough estimation much more than 90 % of cases) still quite a long time after the storm (days, weeks ) as almost untouched, probably one of the main reasons, why is to the lightning discharges in the issue of crop damage attached almost zero importance, or significance much lower than in fact it is (not applied to professional literature). The fields look like that for real experts, too, the changes is possible to detect only at very thorough professional, laboratory survey. For example, decreasing or absence of metabolism. More precisely, changes are noticeable, even with the naked eye. Withering away of leaves, bending ears to the ground too early (mainly in the case of barley), slower maturation. However, it is very difficult to distinguish them from normal tolerance of growth and maturation, non-random and random effects of local conditions. For example, local differences in nutrient supply, local variations in supply of moisture. These are very often manifested symptoms of vegetation - cropmarks, due to the presence of underground structures, see Archaeology. This applies mainly cereals, because the effects of lightning to plants with a low density seeding is sufficiently well known to farmers and in specialized literature adequately described, as mentioned in other pages of this site. Agriculture specialists know very well, and also repeatedly refer  in listed literature and illustrate by pictures, that after the lightning discharge in any field with cultivated plants will generate a circular shape of damaged, or even dead plants.


A picture of "The Moving Devil". (pic) Is it possible to imagine, how people in past imagined a devil? And how they explicated a thunderstorm and lightnings? Perhaps the work of God? Like a nymph dance? Angel dance? Or rather, a dance and a work of the Devil? Of course, the only one possibility is the last. This picture is absolutely exactly explaining, that Crop Circles are created by The Lightning Discharges, during the thunderstorm over a crop field. Would not be explained more clearly. Image is one of whole mosaics box in the range of evidence that farmers and interested persons know the causes of regular shapes in crop forever. Just they are all of mankind through nature doing mainly with its help for decades, hundreds, thousands of years a true, genuine fun. Perhaps by this should be to the rest of humanity once and for all strongly suggested that they did not interfere into their craft. First of all uneducated, semi-intellectuals, pundits and self-assigned sciolists.


A little imagination, a little interpretive skills, willingness to deal with some hints and parables, also a little ability and willingness to suppress their own stupidity and backwardness. Also, enough to read what he wrote about in 1652, Mr. Plant about weather and its consequences in the Staffordshire, and the problem could be solved. But mystery believers would be for decades out of earnings, a number of conspiracy theories, and totally undeserved popularity.


It can be considered almost certain that farmers always knew about the occurrence of crop circles, probably were able suspect or even know its cause, all this information they communicate from father to son, from one generation to the next, in a perpetual movement, and they are doing everything to successfully conceal all that from the public. This is everything mainly because, not make it wrong to Mother Nature, such a great joke, making fun of whole mankind so successfully from the early years (for precise dating, there are differences of opinion). With their help, in fact, makes fun of the unfortunate general public. After the discovery of rings is probably for them (agriculturists hand in hand with Nature) just having fun watching how there are goose-stepping over the circles like flies on the shit various groups of sciolists,  pseudoscientists, self-proclaimed Crop Circles pundits, ufologists, mystery-explorers, psychics, alien-believers or similar trash.


As mentioned in the preceding text, mentioned types of researchers are exactly between the semi-educated segment of the population that absolutely invariably confuses causes and effects, and any secondary effects of lightning discharges are able to consider as primary causes, which should cause all damages and anomalies present there by their own. In their figments then it is possible to read about mold and fungal diseases spreading in a circle, a fungal disease of insects that kills flies so fast that not even enough to release stalks and similar bullshit. For example, fungal disease and rot, which attacks inside sugar beet bulbs, but while transfers between plants and extends in a circle (!). From the interior of sugar beet to inside another sugar beet, otherwise no other visible damage of plants. That would be a non-contact transfer, or vegetable suggestion or autosuggestion?


The difference between the speed at which dry plant, which has only dead roots, and uninterrupted water transport and plant, inside which was completely interrupted transport of water is huge. In the first case occurs when the visible leaf withering away after about a week, the second in minutes (photos)


Only plants that received a dose of power many thousand times higher than a lethal dose, can be immediately after the lightning yellowed, browned, blackened, charred until burned (see "anomalies"). Such plants, which actually show the effects of lightning discharges, really are found in areas of Crop Circles occurrence, as evidenced by thousands testimonies and photos. It is therefore necessary for them to all Crop Circles explorers very nicely express thanks. But they are in most cases only a few pieces, in the case of cereals it may be perhaps by several tens to hundreds of pieces (at a density of one thousand plants per square meter). One hectare contains approximately ten millions of them, and who wants to be there after the storm may try to search. Within a few days they no longer appear on the field, not even a bit. Larger dead plants are some time after the storm easily distinguishable, of course, dead stalks of grain shortly after dry and fall apart into dust. They are like plants such as potatoes the next day or more after harvest. It is essential that plants are so damaged that even interrupted their water cycle, which otherwise can be undisturbed for a long time in nearly dead plants. Plants in the immediate vicinity of the discharge ( tens of centimeters ) may be significantly damaged also mechanically, and only slightly up to a distance of several meters. Anyway visibly damaged plants is only a tiny percentage compared with plants that were noticeably damaged, but survived, and very long on them will not be observable absolutely nothing.


For example, Mrs. Pliskova describes in her blog a place where plants turned yellow. After several days that plants "disappeared" (approximate quote, will be clarified). Yellow plants were completely dead, jt at the time of the first oberving, and within a few days dry and fall apart so much, that visitors their residues do not consider as plants (common field crops dry to only 2-3% of the original weight and volume). It will not be a bad idea place here some timelapse, yet at least a few shots. (rape)


Another considerable group of plants are those which will die, but up to a few days even weeks. Accumulated in them, also in their root systems and surrounding soil, primarily due to electrolysis, as many harmful chemicals, that during some time die. Such plants dry out very slowly, circulation of their body fluids is not interrupted and do not have be so much different from their surrounding. Characterized by for example deaf ears, but if they are affected by energy only at the time, when the grains are already considerably developed, For example, although only the stage of milk ripeness, can also partially ripen, though not in such a quality as in unaffected plants. Seeds may be smaller, unusual shape - withered, folded, because they were only partially drying up into its final form, instead of of a typical ripening that takes place in intacted plants.


Although the germ has been grown up to such an extent that it is capable of growth, but may be damaged, and the rest of the seed, supporting germination, especially starch reserves may not be developed to such an extent as in completely undamaged and healthy seeds.


Vegetation in this case may significantly differ in color from undamaged ripening plants. That does not mean that the grains can not be milled into flour and that baked into buns. Germination is likely somewhat weaker, and even what they would germinate, do not successfully complete the development. They do not have enough storage compounds to the small plants get off the ground.


Plants only damaged not die at all, but for a time significantly slows down growth (they are significantly affected by ripening inequality). Mechanism of plant growth after injury by electric shock will be explained in much more space on other sites. (chronology, EPP and other)


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This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky