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Here is an attempt to correct that monstrous figments

of their diseased brains...


From the Occam's razor point of view: circlemakers "work" during crop circle creation for several hours (preparing of the action 10-100 times longer). The lightning discharge "works" for several millionths of a second. Which of this described ways of crop circle origination possible recognise as more simple?


The paper is named Intermezzo (1) because, unlike several previous almost does not explain the principles of lodged (damaged, weakened) crop, and is written in by a somewhat lighter pen. It discusses the phenomenon that the incidence of crop circles quite inseparably accompanies. Anyone who would ever want to deal with the issue of patterns in the grain, even if it would be of any serious and scientific point of view, must somehow stand on the issue of existence of people called circlemakers (cropcirclemakers, hoaxers). This contribution will be the first of the series for a long time and the only one that will do so. In the other only really rare, or rather, no more mention. First, let the author, dear circlemakers to stand unambiguously on the side of farmers and that any action and your creations called the absolute shit phenomenon, before which it is possible and the only right thing to spit. Fortunately, these creations are quite as not many at all, than would be from your rantings, frequently supported by your cronies, misguided mystery followers might seem.


Circlemakers. A very sad case. They are very mentally unstable, disturbed individuals, psychopaths, who were jumped into one of the most interesting tricks, pranks, fun, mystification which Mother Nature primarily from them, and along with them from the whole of humanity could horse around. Provoked them into the impression, not only them, but also various groups mystery prospectors, "researchers", that the vast majority of circles and shapes in any crop produced a group of people for whom it is now applied designation circlemakers, or even cropcirclemakers or hoaxers. Among the groups of people who are engaged in examining the figures, there is a steady view that real figures are around 5%, the rest are counterfeits, fake, hoax, created by humans. In this respect it is necessary to say yet quite heretical idea, namely: "So many idiots, and such a great, in the whole world cannot exist, to be possible that 95% of patterns were created by them, and only 5% were the genuine, true, actually created by nature."


Another sidelight: Why hoaxers (forger) are named someone who reportedly produces 95% of CC, and Genuine (ie, right), ie, only the remaining 5% should be produced by nature? Do not theybehave just because already by that used nomenclature (95% hoax, fake, 5% Genuine) alone "mystery believers", or as another names that utterly confused vermin call themselves, like total simpletons? Should not they primarily first of all, get tested by a psychiatrist? Should not be then that, what from their perspective produced CropCircleMakers (with all that "holes for pin"), marked as Genuine, and what Mother Nature produced be named hoax, fake?


Dear Humanity, we believe you! The sentence "So many idiots in the world and such a great would not exist" can now pronounce only really great optimist (or stupid) ...


fact, exactly the opposite, more than 95% figures are true, complete naturally developed. Humans created only a negligible percentage, well below the statistical errors. While "True" circlemakers really exist, but currently only in such quantities that it was enough to named statistical error. The vast majority of them had never been in a crop field, they are only so called circlemakers - declarators, drunks, boasted, bragged braggarts, pathological liars, hangers-on, freeloaders, bleeders, who are only in their statements reported to the creations of someone else, impudently parasitize on the difficult possibility of explanation of the phenomenon, and sensationalism of the audience. No choice but hope that they are relatively harmless type of mental disorders, various types of "transmigrationism" (Napoleons, Picassos, Einsteins, Hitlers), somewhere from the area of schizophrenia. In their lighter form are not strictly dangerous for the patient's surroundings, but by their more severe cases are insane asylums around the world relatively fulled up.


Indeed they are mystery prospectors (gold-diggers) such idiots that they think, that those of their bullshit someone they even read enough to believe them, let alone manage them? Do they think perhaps that other, much larger fools than the themselves, go into the field, where they form circles in such a way (eccentricity etc.) to make it intentionally fit their insane theories? Do they think that if ever concluded and published, that inside genuine crop circles are often found dead rats that circlemakers start immediately in their creations shed dead rats? On the world there are a lot of idiots, but not so many and such a great, as already mentioned. As an exemplary sample of fools and idiots are to humanity entirely sufficient mystery believers themselves. Skeptics around the world about them and their stupidity already produced a lot of papers.


Various mystery believers "experts" (mostly self-appointed) on the issue of discovering CC, UFOs and other unexplained phenomena are in fact mostly just parasites. Parasitize on the fact that there are some difficult to explain phenomena. They use them for dumbing down general public and operate their own employment. Exactly the same parasite is also any circlemaker, even if real or fictious. The absolute minimum that really exists, and all others who are themselves only claiming, are absolutely the same or even much larger parasites than mystery believers themselves. They use the ignorance of most of humanity and a willingness of a certain part of humanity to believe, that they are the main authors of the patterns. Very important of course sensationalism.


Even for similar purposes are willing and able to create a theory that in some cases, probably after they manually constructed in a crop field some shape, Mother Nature herself there because some of her higher ability to supply the rest, as various anomalies, magnetic, electrostatic, light, sound, human strange feelings, and more. Does it supposedly, because in each geometric shape is a special hidden, unknown information and energy that causes similar effects. Such claptrap is really possible find in the publications of the CC and the Internet, see, eg, Crop Circles - Eckhard Weber. Not to buy, would be a waste of money. The author scrupulously avoids there any possible attempt to real explanation, but with the mysterious energies is the publication abounding. Just only possible read a review.


Mystery prospectors and circlemakers would surely flood general public with many pages of lengthy treatise about the natural disorder of things and phenomena, resulting in the fact, that any non-random and regular arrangement of objects in space leads to the induction of some unknown force that somehow rises from the space just close to any geometrical formations, and causes similar difficult to explain phenomenons, etc. The author of this essay is satisfied with a single sentence, expressed against all proliferators of similar delusions:

"Circlemakers of all countries around the whole world, fuck yourself !"


Creations, to which they occasionally so proudly professed, were produced by someone entirely else. Someone who would them in any random meeting in the field, if they really were in exactly the same time and same place present there, absolutely without any hesitation immediately and unmercifully totally killed them. (he would come up to "shake their hands" there...)


If it was purely by chance at the exact moment, when the Great Creator actually makes a future crop pattern, visited that place not far from the "the crime scene" some Doug or Dave with their planks and ropes, so their appearance would be in the time of the pattern discovery (several weeks to months later after discharge) not even remotely resembled example of animals on this photo. That's what's left (so called carrion), would have long since very easily have been a center of attention of very different animals (called scavengers). Perhaps on that place would have been able to find only a few rattling bleached bones, and probably not even that. Wild pigs, stray dogs and foxes very easily deal even with such a material. It's called food chain, and not always must be circlemaker up to its peak.


If that mentally ill individuals to their, in fact much more then 99% only declared activities in the field really have taken place ever, then, in terms of agricultural mass production, would be probably the best for them to lose no time and really became a part of described food chain. Their "alleged" activity was actually made by someone completely different - Great Manitou Lightning. If they perhaps really ever wanted to go to the field, let them prefer realize to whom they would like dabble in the craft. Nobody then could be blamed if the only one true author of such wonderful, very interesting and some incredibly complex electromagnetic resonance crop patterns, if he had began targeted search for such tinkers on the fields. What goes around comes around.


For sure will be here at this place provided to these emotionally and mentally disturbed individuals several other illustrative images of their "business model", the Great Teacher, to realize his capabilities, see what he is able to make in the time when he is not making coloring books in the field, and how would they look similar (before the advent of scavengers), if they decided to confront him face to face.


All the circlemakers over the world are seriously ill people, psychopaths. Severely mentally retarded, damaged. Duped nature on one of its more than a few funny tricks, jokes that made them the impression that Crop Circles can be nothing more than creations of people. Convincing them in that statements of self-styled "experts" on the Crop Circles (mostly call themselves mystery believers, or even - they even - serious mystery believers), some of whom are probably with circlemakers - psychopaths very good friends. Possibly they know each other from some madhouse, sometimes even should be together, sharing a room or cage.


Suggestion for inclusion in the explanatory text books of psychology and psychiatry, and translation dictionaries:

circlemaker, cropcirclemaker, cropmaker, crop circle hoaxer = intellectually ill individual, mentally unbalanced person, pervert, deviant, degenerate, psychically defective individual, perverted person, deranged, insane person, crazy-fellow, madman, mental, psychopath, hanger-on, free‑loader, pathological liar. An individual suffering from mental illness - it can be for example a form of lighter, but also heavier schizophrenia, impersonation of someone else (usually a lighter form - Napoleons, presidents) or something else (usually a heavier form - such as animals - dog, cow, plants or even only objects - the road bollard, tree, radish)


By this lightweight reasoning will be circlemakering phenomenon (except for a few minor mentions in a similar way in several other paragraphs of this web) this site say good-bye forever, and the next thing will be nothing this little interesting scientific web muck by such a scab human manure. Although it might not seem at first glance, there is present entirely genuine, true basic research, with all the features of verifiability and scientific repeatability. No CERN need.need.


Even if any time in the future would appear that I was wrong, or  that I ploughed the sand, at least I tried it. JL


Even if any time in the future would be shown, that some of my efforts were useless, at least I advised to mankind: "This way is wrong, my dear friends". Jerry Cimrman


Looking Back Into History

Named phenomenon (circlemakers, cropcirclemakers) quite firmly attached to the issue of grain shapes, after some initial hesitation. Some mentally disturbed individuals, initially with some uncertainity, blowed their's own trumpet and confessed to creations of someone entirely else. After some time, found that the actual author will never announce his authirship, to substantiate them of their monstrous figments and rantings, even if it was the most absurd. They very quickly got used to it, without at least a bit to be interested in it, who is the real author of the shapes. They were completely satisfied with practical findings, that he will never make a confession, perhaps due to inborn modesty. Also will never clean "pin holes" after his work, unlike circlemakers.


No wonder, he will really never do. Possible he is just only in a "waiting position", discreetly and slowly preparing for that moment, which probably must occur some day. It remains only wish to them that this never occurred. That mentally disturbed individuals, cocky with pride from that nobody can disrupt their mindless swagger and the whole world believe their fictions, intoxicated of that insane figments made by their own sick brains, they indeed sometimes go into some crop field, so that try there "something" create, and  add to their own bullshits more credibility by that. For the same time would also be waiting the real author of Crop Circles, so that also happened to be present in that field, and could "shake hands" with them ever there. After that, then would arrive at the field "Men in Black" (car) for circlemakers, take them out of there in wooden crates (if discovered ever), and put them definitely into the graveyard. Once again: It remains only wish to them that this never happened.


Among others, any lightning discharge into the field absolutely ruthlessly kills above ground and below it several tens to hundreds of kilograms of small animals (frogs, mice, hamsters, ground squirrels, sisels, insects, moles). In some rare cases, more than ten tons. Much depends on the distance from the impact of the discharge forehead, but really small animals may probably be killed even by some of the major phenomena - Return Stroke accompanying or preceding and following it (Stepped Leader, unfinished Positive Streamers, see Lightning). Small insects also may be killed due to the induction in plants. In exceptional cases sometimes "after the event" lies on the ground even many tons of much larger animals. Are really yours silly circlemakers trying to be placed sometime in the future between them?


Suppose that even seemed to be possible consider the possibility that regular patterns are created by aliens or circlemakers, while by the lightning discharges and from that arised crop damage are created only those irregular. Would it be possible, that they have never met each other? Thousands of cases per year? Would it be possible, that the lightning discharge did not in a single case hit someone who has been so much spoiling his reputation, and by their such only primitive attempts to sponge upon his work? What about the known Law of Unintended?


Occam Keeps His Fingers Crossed

CropCircleMakers by their insane iniciatives, over a long period of time (decades), only inadvertently assisted a somewhat confused groups of skeptics around the world, who quite uniformly erroneously interpreted otherwise quite reliably functioning principle of Occam's rule: "In the case of more solutions is the only right (the most probable) that the simplest". Mostly that requiring as little as possible of additional random and uncertain conditions, preferably none.


If continuously, for decades completely clandestinely, but yet highly coordinated, an activity carried by groups of drunken mentally ill individuals around the world, represents to someone the simplest possible solution, there is no need to prevent him in such a claim in any way. Probably would be the best send him quickly to an institution established for such purposes.


(just the fact alone, that over a long period of time they would be completely undetected and undetectable, is a relatively complex additional condition, despite the fact that in a several per mille alc in the blood would be almost impossible condition for them already just finding a field of a crop...)


Just for comparison: Any group of people would even a relatively simple pattern, when counting all the individual tasks required for its creation including project, transportation, perform by dozens more like hundreds of man-hours, lightning discharge was "working" 100 microseconds, in the words one hundred millionths of a second... (100 lightning-microseconds)...

- Occama - Obbama?...


Skeptical Window (a little excursion)

What name choose for people, who for decades believed to obviously completely insane statements, or even demonstratively performed, in front of cameras, also obviously completely insane activity of mentally disturbed groups of individuals with obviously disturbed and decreased intellect, invoked them as demigods, and their activities belaud to the skies and refer to it as the only one correct and possible explanation?


Following is a kind of reductio ad absurdum (very similar)

Denton, Garsington, 1996; Wylatowo, 2002. Suppose for a moment that circlemakers exist. Produced all the various shapes in crop, and some of them say, in cooperation with the aliens. Some other in turn made themselves aliens. Yes, even admitting that aliens exist and hand in hand with circlemakers produce circles. We trust them, that one or others, or collectively produced, say, the shapes on the two accompanying photographs (blue arrows, by the way patterns are really good). What an idiot, screw-up, tinker, dement, scrapmaker, fool, waster, loser, that incompetent failure crooked hand then has produced everything that in the figures marked with red arrows? Someone namely had to made all that.


By the way, as a secondary proof of the authenticity of the figures in Wylatovo should serve as a relatively easily traceable the fact that even a dumb idiot as circlemaker would never chosen for their creations field at which it is already found objects indicated by red arrows ...


Perhaps a little drunk during the performance? Maybe they broke down their cutting boards, planks, strings and ropes? Failed their magnetrons, phasers, masers, lasers, fuckers, tasers, cyclotrons, synchrocyclotrons, phasotrons, Roentgen lamps, microwave emitters, electron guns, or any other device that the vermin used for bombardment of the field? Did they fail to focus their mental and momentary energy, abilities (or retardation), so that their induced vortexes, beliefs, or mental forces were not able to paint pictures sufficiently symmetrical? Should not they feel sometime at least a bit like idiots? (aliens + CropCircleMakers)? Fortunately not, because they both do not exist. Fortunately, both that two groups altogether may congratulate one to other to the fact that nobody of them was not appearing in any way precisely at the place also exact time when there really was any pattern originated. In such a case they would be transported to the pathology (CropCircleMakers) or NASA (aliens). Or, to Paroubek (Czech police in the event of finding Martians, if he wanted try to resuscitate them for the next election)


Ending note

For believers of the existence and effect of unexplained and mysterious powers and forces, conspiracy theories, alien activities, mysterium believers, ufologists, and all other like-minded people: At the places marked with red arrows would find the plants, visually or by any other used method of investigation (in tissues, cells, nodes, microscopy, mechanical properties) absolutely indistinguishable from plants, those so glad photograph, measure and investigate inside that regular patterns. The following is a rough overview of what is possible find inside any totally irregular pattern.

  - Plants charred - a tiny percentage, well below 1%. It may not be found even if the lightning discharge has elapsed sufficient time and nature took care of them by itself.

  - Plants with twisted and deformed leaves, stalks, cobs, deformed maturing grains. Probably as well do not exceed 1%, and their percentage is only slightly above undamaged areas.

  - Plants with just above the ground, 2-5 cm bent, not broken stalks. More over 90%. Most of them will show in comparison with the healthy stalks, not lodged (damaged, weakened) plants more than 5 times lower strength against breakage. Also, they will obviously be very easy to bend their stalks just above the ground without breaking.

  - Undamaged plants is also possible bend to the ground without breaking the stalks, but much more slowly and show much greater resistance against than stalks inclination lodged (damaged, weakened) and in their vicinity an estimated 10 times.

  - Plants with stalks at approximately the same point, 2-5 cm above the ground broken. They are an estimated round 10% of stalks lying on the ground. They will be located mainly in areas immediately adjacent to the shape border. Their resistance to breakage or inclination and bending is not more only 2 to 3 times lower against the healthy control plants.

  - Quite often will be found lodged (damaged, weakened) bundles of stalks, arranged uniformly one over each other - the result of the Domino effect.fect.

  - Very often possible also find not lodged (damaged, weakened) bundles of stalks within larger patterns.


Whenever in the future they will find all described changes on that named locations. This claim may try to refute immediately in next years. Something as meaning to them probably already sent as a messenger ancient Mayans. They will be supplied by as many millions of red arrows around the world, just how much they want, and they will be able to try to prove that there is not located anything like that. They can choose of their choice. This is called prediction, and belongs to a wide range of scientific techniques used in basic research, which mystery believers love like a pain in the ass.


The only one their problem is from now only their problem. That would be of course an enormous problem for them, observe and explore something so common, usual, like any irregular shape in crop. It is quite completely under their level, attend something such an earthbound, what perhaps could not arise in the same or similar manner as their so much cherished regular patterns. Never mind, someone other would be very pleased make all that instead of them.


Finally a message for all circlemakers around the whole world, saying along with the classic author: "You make me want to vomit ..."


Yet fully at the end (for strong characters)ters)

It was a very well-known case of two senile old fogeys, D & D in Britain in the nineties (see Google: D&D crop circle), who claimed themselves to be authors of all field crop circles, without being able to their very doubtful claims even in the smallest degree of credible evidence. The sad fact is that unfortunate journalists they jumped to the bait in really incredibly dilettante and stupid way. Threw away any even the most basic precepts about need for authentication and resource claims, and thus participated in one of the greatest mystification of the twentieth century, which perhaps has no parallel in history. Oh, those unfortunate journalists. They became de facto as co-authors of one of the biggest mystification of 20th century, even if their name was not Orson Welles. They had yet to be clear at first sight, that a series of suitably chosen questions should immediately both that slobbery old fogeys convicted of pathological lying. But in that case would immediately have lost many thousands newspaper circulation and great fee. It was not the first time nor last time when unfortunate journalist by their own efforts directly participated in an extensive mystification.


Two rusty old geezers thought, that when attached to the peak of their slobbery flat caps a piece of wire as a "direction finder", that all mankind will believe them, that using this help they manufactured crop circles as easily and quickly as on drawing board using scribing compass. Hundreds of circles for decades, never been caught. It should be noted that journalists believed them. It should be noted that journalists do not mean the whole of humanity. Fortunately.


Many years ago expressed Robert Heinlein that there is no need to look for malicious intent where there is enough to explain the causes by common human stupidity. Also no need look for conspiracy theories. In this case, sadly was far the greatest cause of all mistakes clearly journalism nonsense, certainly supported by Mr. publisher's bold bag (like it happens). Although jump on the speck is possible occasionally to somebody, but who in this case, it would probably be too little that common three dots. (...)

Search for all women

These "Aliens" would not be never revealed, but for Bower's wife. She noticed the speedometer of the car a lot of mileage and, moreover, her husband could not even explain where they spend the night. Finally, accused him of infidelity and the Bower and Chorley came out with the truth. Chorley died in 1996. Bower in his honor in 2004 created his last image in the Rye. He added that if it had had not been jealousy of his wife, they would probably never disclose.


Dear Mrs. Bower! In the world could to this day be realized for many tens of billions of excuses that had one purpose only - obliterate and blur adultery. That which have invented D & D is absolutely Unbeatable one of the most stupid, ever in history been completed and which had been believed, though by no means by everyone. At its level dramatically signed mental level of its two authors. We do not know where you currently are, Mrs. B., we do not care about. Perhaps where there is Chorley. If so, give there to that your stupid (if there is already too) chunks of slapped, and explain to him that every one lie will be revealed, even after death.


They themselves had never been any crop circles making, it was only embarrassing an excuse to justify their trips for whores. Even today laughing, what from you and all mankind have done. Maybe even not drive for whores, just rode Doug for Dave, today it's modern. One thing, however, can be almost certain. If everything namely really performed in field (hundreds of times many hours of night work on the field), would most likely have waited for them the right author of the patterns in a crop field and at least in one case would have met with them and shake their hands. They would be delivered back home in a wooden box after that. Any natural forces would be considered as their only moral obligation to do something similar with such two idiots.


Finally: maybe they really were in a crop field. Probably there were only the two, but whether it's better for us will forever remain a mystery. Perhaps there after them also some that rumpled crop remained. Something like Milovice - East - recorded case of "mating hedgehogs" from 2010. (photo) Certainly not a coincidence that to this place (the first field on the east of Milovice south from the road) was assigned the working title Doug & Dave. Maybe the D & D in a crop field sometimes also something left, sometimes handbag, sometimes gloves. Only we'll probably never know if there remained handbag rather after Doug or Dave ...


Another very unpleasant consequence of named case was a very unpleasant fact that they were almost immediately stopped any even slightly serious attempts of real scientific explanation of the CC phenomenon. No reputable scientist at least minimally with do in any case may not even a hint try to solve the problem, that was so thoroughly compromised by such two fools. Indeed, according to available information, at least one organization that had previously been trying by at least a little serious collecting information about phenomenon, after this "revelation," completely stopped the activity, which should be verifiable through search engines..


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This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky