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lightning discharge
Published text 4/1
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Crop Circles - 4 - part 1

Shaping the the graph of electromagnetic field lines course of electric current in the cereals through the discharge of lightning.

Another possible reasoning about the way of emergence, some accompanying phenomena, indirect evidence.

Today's part is a prelude before the studious audience will be acquainted with another piece of evidence, from which quite clearly shows that the crop circles Mother Nature creates, by its own means, quite alone, without any intervention of fool aliens from outer space. Creates them all alone and only through physical forces (and other natural, ie own effects), local, earthly. Through The Lightning Discharges. Each pattern in the grain, regular or irregular, is primarily a record of electric current field lines, which above the field and also in a nearby underground emerged during lightning discharges. Mostly there can participate their mechanical processes and forces, (symmetrical explosion spreading sideways, like a rocket exploding fireworks, or process inside the cylinder of internal combustion engine), and be recorded as a little, at first completely unobservable mechanical damages in plant tissues (maybe directionally oriented). Without the contribution of any primitives, or any non-existent aliens. Today will be revered audience acquainted with some rather indirect evidence.

Among other things: crop circles exist since one's birth. What is today called Crop Circles, occurred on the Earth long before existed any thinking person. Just did not occur in corn, but in any other plants that had occurred on Earth, and not only plants (snow, dust).

In today's times, in some years, simply on the fields appear in some years would not. Just ask any farmer. The combine operators know something. Surely something could also tell workers who once cruised the fields with scythes. Those already in the advanced countries in the vast majority died out completely. It is not true that the crop circles started to appear, say, from the eighties. Only was paid them almost entirely none, or only minimal attention, or were severely suppressed. Given their frequency, or rather sparsity occurs, of course, there are farmers who have never seen any - meant a regular pattern. In order for the man to see formations similar to the one shown in the accompanying photo is enough to move close the fields of grain a single year, and there is no need to bypass an area larger than a single square kilometer.

The first of them will be given a shape, which in reality no one ever seen on the field, except of course Mr. harvester operator. He obviously did not divulge to anyone, and journalists did not call. Operators of the harvesters have seen a lot, just was enough to ask them. The image was obtained through Google Earth. Coordinates and date will be referred up in some forthcoming article. Its diameter is round 22m, and shape is very similar to some that appeared in Britain, Germany and Italy some years before. The shape was not made. Not been investigated. Neither has ever been discovered. Through its existence it is possible to invalidate one of the main arguments of the deniers of NATURAL origin of crop circles. They argue that the patterns are created by people who then subsequently profit from their "discovery", and "research", and then use the opportunity to pronounce various theories about any possibilities of their origin. Shape that has never been "discovered" could never be "studied". So, dear deniers, the next time, something better. Given that the pattern was discovered by sheer accident, not some targeted searches, should be dozens of similar cases only on Google Earth, and aerial photographs never made public thousands. Just needed to look for. At the same time cease to apply one of the other arguments of some pictograms observers, who say that Crop Circles are manufactured by extraterrestrials, trying to communicate through them something to mankind. Only fools write statements that nobody reads.

To the above pattern of course, will sooner or later log in some of its "authors". This we have done, it was then, when we were so advanced and so on. Mental disorders are sometimes monstrous, and closed medical department of the Institute associate professor Mr. Chocholoušek already preparing them several caged beds.

Activities of mentally disturbed individuals - circlemakers, who made the circles, quite credibly refutes such Crop Circles, which appeared in places so closely guarded, that entering of any intruder is simply precluded. A few examples follow.

(30.6.1991) cutting was obtained from internet source that can not be identified now, the date was not further examined, but probably agree. Name of newspaper not identified, but the case is generally known.



A SECURITY row erupted last night after huge corn circles appeared on farmland at the Prime Minister's country retreat. The circles are just a few hundreds yards from Chequers, where John Major spends his weekends. "If they were drawn by hoaxers it's staggering they weren't caught by the security forces guarding the Prime Minister," said Lena Godsall-Bottriell, who found the circles yesterday. "If they were the work of aliens, I still can't understand how nobody saw what happened," added Mrs. Godsall-Bottriell, a wildlife author of nearby Terrick Books. Last night Thames Valley police said they knew nothing about the circles on the estate near Wendover. But incredibly, a Downing Street spokesman said: "We know about the Chequers corn circles, but they are not a security risk." "They aren't made by people, they are a natural phenomenon, it's something to do with the weather."

Hardly anybody in connection with crop circles ever expressed more precisely than the subordination of the former British prime minister John Major and Her Majesty's subjects: Yes, this is a purely natural phenomenon that even relates solely and only with the weather, especially with one of its extreme process. Just a pity that the subjects and servants had finished the development of their first seemingly very fruitful idea. (but was it really? are not located any further judgments, or other findings in the secret reports and archives? 007? Clouseau?)

The case is also mentioned in Crop circles revealed: language of the light symbols, Judith Moore, Barbara Lamb, Light Technology Publishing 2001, p. 49:

In a maximum security zone near the British Prime Minister's country residence at Chequers, a pictogram appeared in the shape of a Celtic cross. One of the arms of the cross was tiped by a triangle rather than by a circle, and the tip of the triangle was pointed straight at the residence. The tightly patrolled location certainly ruled out hoaxers at work.

Author's Note: Due to the diligent guarding of such a place would surely Her Majesty's subjects and servants of the British government (Yes, Prime Minister ...) be able to find records of a storm that preceded the discovery of patterns, even though it was more than 20 years ago. And if not them, meteorologists certainly yes.

The third time is the same case mentioned in the publication of Mysterious crop circles, Hesemann M., E. Tóthová, ETNA 1997, page 31 (accompanying photo 4 was obtained from there): When the local journalists interviewing John Major Secretariat whether the security system discovered the creator of this formation, they received an official response that there was no security risk because the crop circles were caused by weather phenomenon. We can therefore continue to argue what it could be weather conditions that create such a symmetrical formations such as our pictograms. At least one, however, we can sigh with relief: fraud as an explanation already not an option.

The published text again quite clearly shows, that they know more in number 10, a long time over 20 years ago. Majesty is sure about the whole thing informed in enough detail. The storm and Lightnings are meteorological phenomena. Designated institutions are adequately informed, so leave already up to Mother Nature, how long will be able to make joke from pointless mystery fans, before someone manages to reveal her antics. Mystery fans never. The real knowledge, how they are Crop Circles created will have to be really in a very rough up to blunt way kick them. They will keep their supernatural explanations and friends not very intelligent, fool space aliens like brown color shirts. Only a very demented extraterrestrials would again and again like to land almost exactly on the high voltage wires. Lightning discharge between them directs very often, and wire in no way prevent it in the fact that zigzagged between them to the ground.

Before further continuing in the description of the places where the effects of human activities were practically impossible, there is a recommendation for readers that would be in the issue of Crop Circles more interested and would like to be with them a little more familiar. For the Czech-speaking readers is very good, and above all an objective source of Libor Cermak blog. Meanwhile one of the last, involving Crop Circles is Directly on the referenced page is possible to find a beautiful example of lightning conductor in the field, which in fact has attracted real creator of crop circles (Crop Circle near Ládví). Similar photos - demonstrable lightning rod in the vicinity of discovered Crop Circle there are thousands on the web.

Mr. Cermak is possible and necessary also very high rate for the objectivity of his messages, even traveling to England watch Crop Circles. He writes: "I do not want readers to impose any of the possible hypotheses of their origin, whether they are aliens, circlemakers, wind faith, planet Earth, cereal spirits or secret military projects, etc." Mentioned source can be criticized only in one minor detail, that links from other than the current year, leading to the site, are for ordinary readers unavailable, because they are directed to a paid area of the site. In the case of named site, it is clear that certainly does not offer anything, what should be spend money for. The almost without exception, all photos can be found on other websites, accessible free of charge. For example, Lucy Pringle, Steve Alexander, Frank Laumen and more. Just enter the password "Crop Circle", location and date in any search engine.

In L. Cermak blog may be found a number of posts that deal with relatively objective description and evaluation of the figures in the grain, especially in England, but also in our country (Czech) and elsewhere in the world. Many places the author visited in person, so his contribution may serve as a valuable repository of information. Other papers deal with famous white figures of horses and people, elsewhere explains the origin and use of the name Ley Lines and further is also engaged in consideration of prehistoric settlements the Celts and megalithic even other prehistoric structures. Very useful for understanding the history and contexts of places described, can only be recommended as a very good source.

Another very objective source that is not separated by language barriers, the pages of Slovak observers mysterious phenomena For example page The authors of the site should be commended for objective reporting on the unprecedented phenomenon of crop circles. Their approach to describe the phenomenon of crop circles is clearly one of the absolutely perfect, professional, descriptive news media. Objectivity of news can be compared for example with the BBC. Although the phenomenon of Crop Circles just directly encouraging a variety of explanations for spinning with mysteries, alien, spiritism, junk science, the occult, non-scientific, sometimes impossibly ridiculous, sometimes demagogic - aberrant theories. On their website where they pay attention to the description of various Crop Circles phenomena does not appear anything like that. Not even a hint of an attempt to annoy the reader by any delusions and questionable explanations of the supernatural. Their graphic drawings with recordings dimensions of individual patterns belongs among the best that has ever been in the field of Crop Circles study in the world created. Generally speaking, are very rare, serious sites, although they pay issue, to which already a lot of their colleagues managed to "slip a lot." They will, therefore, for the objectivity of news here at this point awarded a rating 1 + +, one with two stars. Authors of texts - found the names of Thomas Stankovic, Miroslav Karlik.

As always from the beginning constantly emphasized throughout the texts, the findings presented here have in common with crop circles only the absolute minimum. They relate in particular all damaged corn anywhere in the world, and who would like to be interested in this issue, one must study the normal scientific and agricultural literature. Grain bending to the ground around the world (as on photo 1) will never happen under the influence of some unknown and incomprehensible forces. Bend to the earth's surface only and only because it was weak. Most frequently under the influence of electrical energy from lightning discharges, often only induction. Weakening after passage of electricity lasts for days. Unaffected crop can withstand almost any mechanical stress. All lodged, flattened, lying (damaged, weakened) cereals in the world, of course, includes all up to now, also in the future crop circles found. They are just the tiny, almost negligible subset. This above all, all mystery lovers who exist in the world, must understand. They may disagree with that, even against it also can protest, but that's about all ...

It would be far enough today, to be continued.


Jan Ledecky


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This page was prepared, and all the facts and theories presented here were very thoroughly, closely and in detail experimentally examined by


Jan Ledecky