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lightning discharge
Preliminary consideration
Here is certain preliminary consideration, a small summary of some previous findings.
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Sooner or later had to be placed such a consideration.


There are several groups of people in the world:


1. People that were never interested in lodged (damaged, weakened) crop nor in any regular patterns, circles (figures) in crop, are not interested and will not be ever interested about it at all. Those are the most, over an estimated 90%. If they ever encounter any information about them, read them with grace, and continue pay them absolutely no attention, because they do not need them in any way. Are interested in that at most only as a curiosity.


2. People, who must be interested in the question about lodged (damaged, weakened) crop anyhow - agronomists, some other people employed in agriculture, all agriculturists and researchers in the (crop) field. Such an estimate are less than 10 %, ie several hundred million of the world population.


3. People who are interested first and only in question of regularly lodged (damaged, weakened) crop - mainly circles, as well as any other regular shapes, very often incredibly complex and regular. Irregularly lodged (damaged, weakened) crop is completely outside their area of interest, one could say that is practically noeexistent for them. Such individuals are around the world several tens to hundreds (of pieces, bits), and fancies of their research for dozens of years supply mystery, puzzle, enigma, mysticism and similar sphere of activity dealing printed matter around the world, usually more like fourth-class character.


Besides these, of course, there are thousands and thousands of other, who visited such places, photographed and documented. Deal with something like that at most only as a marginal hobby, and never continue to deal with that phenomena, unlike named "professionals" in that branch of activity. Another large group of people of which are already millions, figments of their research more or less passively watching in various mystery dealing magazines, websites and tabloid magazines and websites, again mostly relatively very low level.


A little turning

Of course there are exceptions. For example, site of Slovak authors dealing with the mysterious phenomena They describe the phenomenon of crop circles clearly with absolutely perfect, professional, descriptive news media that have at all objectivity news like BBC. Although the Crop Circles phenomenon was directly encouraging a variety of spinning mystery dealing, aliens, semi-scientific and fearsome, spiritistism, sciolism, occult, demagogy - deviated theories. On their website, where they pay attention to the description of Crop Circles phenomena, nothing like that appeared ever. Their graphic drawings with dimensions of each shape records are among the best in the field around the world occurs. Generally speaking, the is unique, more like reputable site, although they pay attention to the issue, where already much of their colleagues managed to "slip a lot."


Named individuals of category 3 all such patterns continuously study, photograph, measure in their vicinity many different physical values, and collect that photographs and measurement records for future use. From that captured photos and measurements get number of various other graphical, mathematical and geometric informations and graphs, derivations and deductions. Of these, not only then derive various mathematical and geometrical rules, but also the astronomical, astrological postulates and ultimately also deduction affecting almost any human (alien) activity and research, as well as any scientific, terrestrial or extraterrestrial, space and intergalactic rules.


Most of all, and particularly preferably concocting all sorts of theories about extraterrestrials. Extremely regret that anyone has ever failed to find any alien. Favorite of all, any existing or non-existent aliens forced to intercourse. Their desire to continually promoted to prove that crop circles are produced aliens, is actually repressed Freudian syndrome, a desire to be the first, or at least one of the first who manages to have sex with alien beings, extraterrestrial. Gays minority desires and sighs, especially after warm aliens. Because extraterrestrials in today's world really desperately lacking, the poor fans of mysteries, often end up in domestic animals as substitutes.


Here and there, also turn into alchemy and the occultism. Derived rules diligently apply to every conceivable and inconceivable branch of pseudoscience and junk science.  Common feature of almost all of their fancies and figments is fact, that they are nearly all based on almost subjective unique impressions, and are almost without exception, absolutely all completely unverifiable and not experimentally reproducible. Verifiability and repeatability - the most basic essential nature of both basic as well as any other research. Therefore, all mystery explorers in the whole wide world love fundamental research like a pain in the ass.


Of all thus obtained data are compiled various tables, graphs, charts, lists sorted alphabetically, by date or place taken photos and measurements, once ascending, otherwise descending. Continuously publish a variety of considerations, analysis, essays, publications, studies, organize meetings, symposia, colloquia, seminars, just "Years and years of hard and patient administrative work" (Yes, Prime Minister, one of the never-to-be-forgotten sayings of Humphrey Appleby).


Gradual prolonged strenuous exploration and diligent assembling fragments of reflection and research results they have managed over the decades-long research collect a number of invaluable scientific data that were really worth for publishing:


1. On the place where was Crop Circle originated, also any other regular pattern, this happened mainly because that there was some action in progress.

2. Circumference of a circle is equal to approximately 3.1415 times of its approximate diameter.

3. Perimeter of the hexagon is equal to approximately six times the approximate length of one of its sides.


After several more years of intensive research and scholarship was published one of the most recent major discoveries of that mystery-researchers, of much broader significance and impact (by an estimated two eighths):

4. Perimeter of the octagon is equal to approximately eight times the approximate length of one of its sides.ides.


Not only that, rumor has it that if the survey will continue at least as fast and strenuously as before, sometime between 2050 - 2350, by the mystery - explorers would probably be solemnly declared to mankind, that the circumference of hexadecagon is approximately equal to the value located somewhere between fourteen and eighteen times the approximate length of one its side.


Another very interesting fact is the fruit of research, that some people during their visit in the grain patterns discovered something like a "very strange feeling". Relatively objectively is possible to conclude from that if they were not present there, they would be feeling good all the time. In contrast to such findings seems the fact, that on the other hand some other people during a visit in crop circle "were feeling very well". If they were not present there, most likely would not feel anything like that, thus some of them could force up to search for alternative solutions (a bottle). A similar (compensatory) effect would most likely become only if they were applying their usual dose (flower kids), or at least a shot of rum (alcoholics). Some individuals may therefore try constantly visiting new shapes over and over again (circle and circle again...), happened to them long-lasting and favorite hobby, without actually knowing why. Such people must then be in the "zero period", approximately from September until March the following year, feel as if they were missing something, quite not at ease, and for their elimination are forced to choose an "alternative solutions" (a bottle). Fortunately, a variety of seminars, colloquia, conferences, meetings, deliberations, summarizing and comparing data, and thus they have something to do over the winter, and sometimes withstands absence of white powder and fermented beverages. A considerable part of the similarly usable time of that period use to write as much possible number of articles, essays and reflections to to the largest possible number of mystery dealing and tabloid magazines, newspapers and publications both printed and online. One of their most important activity that probably takes the most time is the selection of data to fit their theories (better say figments or delusions), that they created, and treatment of those that do not comply their theories, in such a manner to correspond with them.


Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please. M.Twain


Some testimonies from individuals present in the crop circles, strikingly reminiscent statements made by people who were at the time of observation under the influence of drugs. Likewise, some statements of people who "allegedly were in the field and circles made there." While the second actually have never been in a crop field (but they probably occasionally but very very happy sometime take a joint, or at least a swig), those of the first sometimes really were under the influence of drugs. Some even without in the least realizing it. About that again some other time.


Who want visit circles and shapes in any crop, no matter what go there peacefully, but also do not keep on lead anyone with him. He could had a really great problems, as will be some time explained in some other Intermezzo


A definition of mystery - explorer and mystery - exploration, also serious mystery - explorer and serious mystery - exploration.


mystery - explorer is an individual, who tries to explore some mysteries. He is trying to do his best, but quite often, almost every time fails...


mystery exploration would be a field of human activity, which examines in terms of contemporary science, technology and the general state of knowledge of the laws of nature mysterious and unexplained natural events and phenomena.


Serious mystery - explorer and serious mystery - exploration is such an exploring of events and phenomena that are already on the principle of trying to explore a variety of mysterious phenomena and phenomena through other mysterious phenomena preferably the worst provable or at the best not provable at all. So actually sacrifice for mankind, because events and effects may only examine the entire life, but never explain. They committed themselves to, and swore on their death the whole community of mystery men and audience that will never a hint try exploit to study some listed phenomena by any serious and basic scientific disciplines such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, medicine, botany, or any of their sub-branches or interdisciplinary domains. Would be exposed to a huge danger that they might accidentally or by any unforeseen coincidence able to contribute to the clarification of some similar phenomenon, effect, or mystery.


If ever there were after all some "expert" of the listed fields of actvity invited to their research, they give very careful watch him to be at least as incompetent and stupid as themselves, not destroy too much their long and difficult built shoddy house of cards. In fact, none of them is really an expert, in the vast majority everyone of them is a complete dilettante. As an example, is possible to give the expression of "agricultural experts" in the sense that damage cells and tissues in examined plants corresponds to damage caused by microwave radiation. Any "agricultural expert" who could confirm something like that, would just by that announced about himself that he is "slightly momentarily disoriented".


What was the comparative method used? What method was used to determine the intensity of tissue exposure to microwave radiation, on what samples tested, how were implemented and evaluated blind samples, how was determined weight affecting (energy / mass of undamaged tissues, the amount of energy / mass of dry matter)? Where was the report with the results of measurements and statistical evaluation published? Who and how they came to the conclusion that the damage was caused by the microwave radiation, and not, for example by infrared radiation? What other comparative measurements and experiments were performed? Who verified the results, how was determined verifiability and repeatability of carried experiment? What about the methods used in terms of verifiability and refutability? Dear mystery believers, any claim from any mystery-believers Journal in the sense that "it was verified that damage discovered on plants would be caused by microwave radiation," you can shove up your ass. Such a statement would never give you in fact any serious scientist - agriculturist or botanist. Such a claim in fact they were able declare only to themselves by their own hollow heads, because to the public would be possible submit nothing other than a verified and verifiable claims, based on verifiable and reproducible experiments.


In fact, no "expert" that confirmed microwaves in crop fields never existed, mystery believers just fake up him, created by themselves, just like circlemakers deceived their nocturnal journeys into the fields. Mystery believers created him in their own minds, because, somehow needed to confirm their absurd claims. For the general public, unfortunately, usually claims of type "experts agree", "laboratory analysis confirmed that" are sufficient. Mystery believers therefore sometimes proclaim something about microwaves, sometimes such as that analysis on the spot revealed that changes in tissue and soil drying was caused by electromagnetic radiation of a wavelength, say of 2.5 m. Or 52 cm or 52 mm or 52 microns. In recent years it became a hit nanofibers technology. Most likely sooner or later, at the point of originating Crop Circles will be found relics of a radiation in values of nanometers. Why not, when they belong under normal visible light. But what still mystery believers are insufficient to find that on the spot had to occur nanothermite (a substance known from conspiracy theory of WTC September 11, 2001) because certainly only by that may arise in in the field small spheres and microscopic particles of reduced iron.


Mystery believers, hurry up to the field, in each crop circle in future must be possible to find a nanothermite!



Intermezzo 3 where again is not about crop circles nearly a word.


The worst sin and guilt in terms of all mystery explorers would be try to get involved in solving some of mystery defined phenomena basic research. Basic, or fundamental research is namely of itself, even from a simple principle activity that clarifies and explains how things and processes in Nature operate and work. For all mystery men in the world is therefore fundamental research like annoying insect, instinctively hate it, and if they have to do the slightest opportunity, at least in their secret contemplative mystery man soul in front of it spit. Basic research is for them also a great danger that could ever wrest from their arms their much cherished mystery man fields.


If at any time, anywhere in the world emerged only slightly and any serious attempt to explain any their mystery discipline or specialization, immediately breaks out of the situation "Mystery men of all countries around the whole world, unite!" Force them into such a defensive group that the Hussite bulwark is against that a leaky sieve. It is possible see that relations are very similar in the plane of the opposite. Any reputable scientist who has managed to at least look even slightly, or use the results, let alone even some time in the field of basic research stay and work, when they hear names of any mystery discipline, says something like "Mystery men of all countries around the world, fuck you!".


Any clarification would immediately a mystery cease to be a mystery, and mystery explorers who paid an attention to it would cease to be mystery men. If they would even by their own any mistake activities have contributed to the clarification of any mystery, it would be something for them completely unacceptable, harassing, something really out of increasingly deep contempt - a serious scientist, concentrating to research, they even the fundamental, who in their field have successfully something explained (mystery). However mystery explorers they can never, because already merely from the linguistic point of view to be stopped immediately mystery men. Clarified mystery is no longer mystery, and any mystery man that dealt with its exploration in the meantime, and they even would have perhaps some enigmatic coincidence solved, immediately ceases to be a mystery man (believer). That is mystery-believers misfortune. Serious scientists, science and research they do not really like too much. The repeatability and verifiability, these two pillars of scientific research all over the world, hate directly from the depths of their soul. All that from a simple fact and reason, because any scientifically clarified mystery will deprive them of their many years so hardly built up and promoted mystery business, and cut a large slice of it. Although trying fhemselves to wrap their claims to the largest possible number of would-be scientific concepts and specifications (measurement of radioactivity in the Crop Circles, "scientific evidence" effects of microwave radiation on plants and many other similar) but in fact trying to discourage any reputable scientist from any serious exploration in the area. Therefore, like to suppose very thankfully by any plot or conspiracy theories.


Any mystery man would by any attempt to clarify the mystery finally cut the branch below himself, and would be immediately excommunicated from the mystery community forever. Far beyond the walls in a mocking hat and with the sounds of defamatory melodies. Therefore, any mystery explorers "clarifying" any mystery is in fact concocting around that a much larger web of mystery and try it overwhelmingly "explain" through another mystery or conspiracy theory which is actually much worse explainable and provable than the original mystery attempted to clarify. All by them brought in evidence and arguments are based on absolutely not provable and unverifiable claims and never, never, never would actively by themselves invite to solve any investigated mystery some reputable scientist or researcher even of basic research who would be able to any of their delusions and fabrications by repeated and in serious way led experiments to disprove completely.


One example of where they are able the mystery explorers spinning their webs such as for example may be known Ley Lines. Should it be a path connecting the ancient cult sites, archaeological objects and sacred buildings. They are claims by any scientific procedures completely unprovable, even rebuttable, as for example in Britain, it is possible to find such a line for virtually any location of any findings or observations, due to the local density of archaeological sites, cult places, chapels, churches and wayside crosses. Even if that perhaps such a connection could not be found it is possible to say that there with probability something like that somewhere in the past there were (archeology), but it has not yet been discovered. Any "intensity effect" is of course completely undetectable, because even irrefutable even provable, unverifiable and therefore even. It is exactly an example of that well-baked mystery-believers bread, which they will adhere forever like brown color shirt.


Intermezzo 2 was ended with the sentence:

Who want visit circles and shapes in any crop, no matter what go there peacefully, but also do not keep on lead anyone with him. He could have a lot problems, as will be some time explained in Intermezzo second


Ignorance does not sin - that way issue looks at the Bible. It would even be translated as "Human stupidity should not be punished." Perhaps because such people are already for themselves a great misfortune and punishment. Unfortunately, very often much greater misfortune mean such individuals for their home-folks.


Serious mysteriology. What the hell is this? How is it possible that there may be someone so stupid that is able to unite the two so incredibly antagonistic concepts? Does anyone truly believe that when running through a field of crop in a circle several apparently confused individuals and dowsing rods rotate in their hands like wheels of socialism, it is something alike serious research? Incidentally, dowsing rods would rotate in cereal circles even in hands of a trained monkey, if it would be like mystery believers not blindfolded. But a monkey, even any other animal would be never compelled go into crop circles, only bring there in a cage.


Perhaps even the compass measurement that matters, it is an objective measurement of existing values and their variations can be explained entirely objectively. A better course would be an inclination compass, even better would be a magnetometer. By the way, as is or will be shown somewhere, described measurement so for over 100 years ago, Mr. Pockels (1898, ;-o), and knew very well that geomagnetic field variations at different locations are caused by the lightning discharge. Sometimes those mystery believers man up a bit sorry. It was enough to ask only. (enter the search without the quotes: Pockels, magnetisation, basalt)


But more. Even the term mysteriology is a contradiction because trying associate with confused and largely ineffectual, very subjective impressions of the seriousness and negotiations through the assignment of ending -iology. Therefore, any expressing of the term "serious mysteriology" is just another, reinforced even more confused attempt to achieve the impossible. By the way, is not without interest that in the English language environment is the word mysteriology not used at all, is just like the word waste. It is possible to make sure of that through popular Google search: záhadologie - 38 000 results. Mysteriology - 3000, ie more than 10 times less. Well, the word waste, possible see that the Englishman are much more realistic thinking, better than our fellow citizens. To check is possible review some of the existing and commonly used words. Astronomie - 8 million results, Astronomy - 132, ie more than 16 times as much. Chemie - 95 million, chemistry - 355. Voda - 97 million, water - 3.32 billion. Biology - 292 million, Biologie - 60. Sun - 3.26 billion, slunce 15 million. Obloha - 2.2 million, the sky - 1.47 billion. Blesk - 15 millions, lightning - 292. Sníh - 17 million, snow - 1.16 billion Every existing commonly used Czech word has in the English equivalent of 10 to 30 times in search results. No choice but to mark the word mysteriology as the word waste, language bastard that tries to look something completely different than what it actually is. Extension would be trying to induce the appearance of something logical, serious, but in fact is rather a doubtful pleasure of dubious individuals of almost perverse kind.


A man who is ready and able to label and call himself as a serious mysteriologist, thus giving, in fact, quite demonstrably indicate that he is really simple. Giving anywhere near the words mystery, mysteriology the word serious is really great stupidity. Mysteriology is a word-waste, non-existent language bastard, pseudoscience. (Google-záhadolog - 58000 results, záhadologové - 60000 mysteriologist - 271, mysteriologists - 7)


Mos of mysteriologists around the whole world are, like circlemakers, people very stupid. Just the fact that they call themselves a mystery believers or mysteriologists, which strictly speaking primarily from a linguistic point of view directly forbids them any mystery to solve. Are therefore allowed only to record it, document and investigate, but even not a hint of trying to solve. If anyone of them namely attempted to solve, or even for heaven's sake solved, it would already ceased to be a mystery, thus would immediately stopped to be mystery believers and they would be out of the mystery believers community ruthlessly excomunicated. The Bible says, that for their stupidity nobody would punish them for that.


But we live in the rule of law, and the ignorance of law is no excuse. According to the law would therefore stupidity (= ignorance of laws, not only those natural, primarily criminal) punishable would be, just mainly because their ignorance is no excuse. It is possible quite easily ignore the very sad fact that in the field of physical, biologic, botanic and any other more natural laws are almost all mystery believers complete dilettanti and dabblers, because that is their strictly private matter. But for their apparent criminal offenses against the criminal laws they already in fact would have been punished.


(Czech legislaion)

§ 283 Unauthorized Production and other handling of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances and poisons

(1) Whoever unlawfully manufactures, imports, exports, take through, offers, conveys, sells or otherwise supply for another or for another preserves narcotic or psychotropic substance, a preparation containing narcotic or psychotropic substances, precursor or a poison shall be punished by imprisonment for one year to five years or a fine.

(2) by imprisonment for two years to ten years or forfeiture of property offender will be punished if he commits the offense referred to in paragraph 1

a) as a member of an organized group,

b) despite being for such offense in the past three years convicted or punished,

c) to a great extent, or

d) to a greater extent to the child, or more than a little to a child younger than fifteen years.

(3) imprisonment for a term of eight to twelve years or forfeiture of property offender shall be punished

a) if an act referred to in paragraph 1, evokes serious injury,

b) commits such an act intended to gain for himself or for another substantial benefit

c) commits such a crime on a large scale, or

d) commits such an offense to a greater extent against a child under fifteen years.

(4) imprisonment of between ten and eighteen years or forfeiture of property offender shall be punished

a) if an act referred to in paragraph 1, causes serious injury of two persons or death,

b) commits such an act intended to gain for himself or for another large-scale benefit, or

c) commits such an offense in connection with an organized group operating in several states.


§ 286 Production and possession of equipment to prohibited manufacture narcotic and psychotropic substances and poisons

(1) Whoever manufactures, for themselves or another provides or possesses a precursor or other article intended for an illegal manufacture of narcotic or psychotropic substance, a preparation containing narcotic or psychotropic substance, or poison, shall be punished by imprisonment up to five years, a fine, work prohibition or forfeiture of an item or other asset.

(2) by imprisonment for two years to ten years, the offender will be punished

a) commits an offense referred to in paragraph 1 as a member of an organized group,

b) commits such an offense to a large extent,

c) commits such an offense to a greater extent towards the child, or

d) if obtained by this act for himself or for another great benefit.


Mysteries believers around the world is possible to consider as an organized group operating in several states. Constantly communicate hard together, and convince each other which their explanation of of some mysteries is more mysterious than others. One could say that it sometimes seems as if competing with each other, who creates as an attempt to explain some of an incomprehensible effect or phenomenon a greater fallacy.


They are continuously trying to obtain from their delusions as much as possible greatest economic benefit, through their publishing in printed publications of an inferior character. For a fee organize guided tours to crop circles. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, and they demonstrably as an internationally organized group for decades show round completely uninstructed general public, free of any authorised warning. Like kittens or more like guinea pigs to sites with demonstrable presence of poisons and narcotics. That will be possible anytime in the future objectively qualitatively and quantitatively identify and determine their concentration.


(see, for example - probably a reference to the LP)

Carbon Dioxide - heart palpitations, headache, dry mouth, changes in heart rate and blood pressure, perspiration, trembling. Carbon Monoxide - dizziness, fainting, disorientation in space, fantasies, disturbances of consciousness, hallucinations, thought disorder. Hydrogen Cyanide and its compounds - a feeling of metal taste in the mouth. This is a relatively simple characteristics, but as a basic information fully enough. Although the listed effects are relatively nonspecific and fading into one another. They can be for example replaced with symptoms of a wide range disease or therapeutic effects of drugs. Everything found by relatively detailed collection of data from dozens of professional chemical, toxicological and medical publications and consultations with experts in the field would already not fit into ten essays like this. Maybe they will be sometime in the future described in more details in a monothematic part. It would really need to achieve an excessive imagination to the realization that all visitors in crop shapes begin to suffer from flu, angina (symptoms of CO, CO2), or undergoing chemotherapy (HCN).


As already mentioned, some visitors Crop Circles probably belongs to some white crows. This means that they are persons which were intoxicated by cyanide ion, and yet about that could give evidence to somebody. Hardly any person who namely during their lives met with cyanide compounds, had to make with ther surroundings to share their experiences, more time than about two minutes.


§ 287 Spreading drug addiction

(1) Who tempts another to abuse addictive substances other than alcohol or supports him in it, or who abusing of such substances otherwise stimulates or spreads, shall be punished by imprisonment up to three years or prohibition activities.

(2) by imprisonment for one year to five years, or fine will be offender punished if commits offense referred to in paragraph 1

a) as a member of an organized group,

b) in relation to the child, or

c) by print, film, radio, television, publicly accessible computer network or other similarly effective manner.

(3) imprisonment for two to eight years will be offender punished if commits offense referred to in paragraph 1 against a child under fifteen years.


Mysteria believers around the world commit their criminal delicts associated with Crop Circles like members of an organized group, even operating in several states, even acting in almost all countries of the world. Force unsuspecting people to visit and stay in crop circles where are demonstrably toxic substances, that in exposed humans are causing changes in oxygen transfer. To induce feelings similar or completely identical to the effects of drugs, similar or completely identical to the state of near death (hypoxia). The precise definition is a "sub-lethal dosing of deadly poisons." Sublethal dosing of deadly poisonous substances is, of course, any drug use. Mysteria believers commit their crimes by printed media, film, radio, television, publicly accessible computer networks or other similarly effective manner. Based on what some of mysteries believers are occasionally declaring, it here and there seems as if under drugs effect were sometimes just themselves.


A prediction, forecast, prognosis.

In this paragraph will be pronounced a prediction (or prognosis). It is a kind of forecasting, based on objective observations and experiments evaluated, one of many serious scientific methods (basic) research, which has even never been heard about by any mysteria believer. The presence of toxic substances at places of emergence Crop Circles will be demonstrated, measured, verified and proven, by objective measurement procedures and methods. In all likelihood, already in 2012 (that would yet something they sent a message ancient Mayans?). First of all CO, CO2, but very likely also something else, and much worse. Mysteria believers are to be looking forward to something very much. Some of the feelings of people exposed to sublethal doses of CO, CO2 are incredibly similar to the effects of drugs, withdrawal symptoms, side effects or so-called "termination" of drug dose. From some pleasant, happy or crazy hallucinations and euphoria, to very uncomfortable feelings. In the course of overdosing followed by quite logically incoming exitus - death. Well, the same like drugs. Some feelings of the people who were sometimes present on the location of Crop Circles, look exactly the same. 


It is not inconceivable that many people, including themselves alone, without any knowing they already to similar phenomena over the years managed to develop a serious addiction. This is the development of dependency simulating drug addiction caused by the aplication of sublethal doses of deadly toxic chemicals, through the occurrence of near death state. It is a state similar to hypoxia - induction of oxygen deficiency, choked, which results to the altered states of consciousness, euphoria and pleasant hallucinations, resembling the experiences on drugs.


Some mysterium believers sites even contain more detailed instructions such as "pattern found as fully as possible measure, try on the spot check as many physical parameters," such as those magnetic fields, check soil moisture, and many orher similar instructions. Write down whether you did not feel anything special, unusual, such as tingling fingertips, headaches, tinnitus, nausea, euphoria, drowsiness, hallucinations. Or actually in another sense "stay away on the spot as long as possible", and sometimes perhaps even recommendations in the style of "breath in deeply, to make you the most stretched thoracic basket," and see if by chance you do not start hallucinate from that.


On the site, remove as much plant samples, lodged, not lodged, lodged a little, lodged close to the region, lodged in the middle, lodged a third of the distance between the center and margin, in two thirds in fourteen eighteenths, sixteen seventeenths. Measure the diameter and length of nodes lodged and not lodged plants, the length of barley awns, at lodged stalks bending distance from the ground. Calculate and weigh grain in the ear of not lodged and lodged plants. Count the earthworms, do interviews with moles and ground squirrel, frogs and mice, which meet on the spot.



That would have been from today's part about skyrocketing stupidity of mysteries believers around the whole world everything.






If interested, contact