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Lightning photo

Crop circles archive

table of very many crop circles found (1000+), during the years up to 2010, sorted by country
Crop circles
Understand thunderstorms and lightnings

The most comprehensive crop circle table in the world

Orher countries than Great Britain; link to separate page with British Crop Circles


2006-03-30Crop circle at Queensland, Conondalegrasspic
2005-09-13Crop circle at Byron Baysandpic
2004-03-28Crop circle at Sunshine Coast, Conondalegrasspic
2007-07-07Crop circle at Burgenland, Dürnbachbarleypic
2004-07-05Crop circle at Mitterdorfwheatpic
2010-07-11Crop circle at Liege, Momallewheatpic
2010-06-08Crop circle at Flanderen, Wamontbarleypic
2009-07-05Crop circle at Frelouxwheatpic
2009-07-02Crop circle at Liege, Momalle/Remicourtwheatpic
2009-07-01Crop circle at Liege, Momalle / Fexhe-Le-Haut Clocherwheatpic
2009-05-05Crop circle at Frelouxpic
2007-07-25Crop circle at Marache, Waterloowheatpic
2007-07-20Crop circle at Gaverewheatpic
2007-07-15Crop circle at Braine L'Alleudwheatpic
2007-07-12Crop circle at Vlanderen, Brussegemwheatpic
2007-07-01Crop circle at Oost Vlanderen, Watervurenstrasatwheatpic
2007-07-01Crop circle at Drieswheatpic
2007-06-16Crop circle at Walterloowheatpic
2007-06-14Crop circle at Daalwheatpic
2007-06-11Crop circle at Waterloowheatpic
2007-06-08Crop circle at Haalstwheatpic
2007-05-02Crop circle at Ostflandern, Hoezekouterdreef, nr. Aalstbarleypic
2006-07-18Crop circle at Oost Vlaanderen, Haalertpic
2006-07-17Crop circle at Waterloowheatpic
2006-07-17Crop circle at Waterloo, Lions Moundpic
2006-07-10Crop circle at Brabant, Kessel Lopic
2006-06-23Crop circle at Hoelbeek, Bilzenpic
2006-06-17Crop circle at Lions Mound, Waterloowheatpic
2005-06-27Crop circle at East Flanders, Nieuwerkerken
2005-06-20Crop circle at Brabant, Halle-Booienhoven / Dormaalwheatpic
2005-06-20Crop circle at Brabant, Zaventempic
2004-09-10Crop circle at Meeuwen-Gruitrode, Limburgcornpic
2004-07-28Crop circle at Nukerke, Oostvlaanderenbarleypic
2004-07-14Crop circle at Ianden, Limburgwheatpic
2004-06-22Crop circle at Heers, Limburgpic
2004-05-22Crop circle at Zellik, Assepic
2006-06-25Crop circle at Zapadno-hercegovačka, Ljubuški
2009-10-29Crop circle at Santa Catarina, Ipuacuwheatpic
2008-11-20Crop circle at Rio Grande Do Sul, sobradinhowheatpic
2008-11-19Crop circle at Santa Catarina, Formosa Do Sulwheatpic
2008-11-19Crop circle at Santa Catarina, Faxinal Dos Guedeswheat
2008-11-16Crop circle at Santa Catarina, Ipuacuwheatpic
2008-11-16Crop circle at Santa Catarina, Ouro Verdewheatpic
2008-11-12Crop circle at Santa Catarina, Xanxerewheatpic
2008-11-09Crop circle at Santa Catarina, Ipuacutriticalepic
2008-11-09Crop circle at Santa Catarina, Ipuacuwheatpic
2009-09-19Crop circle at Saskatchewan, Moose Jawcerealpic
2009-08-25Crop circle at Alberta, Settlerwheatpic
2008-08-30Crop circle at Alberta, Flatbushwheatpic
2008-07-28Crop circle at British Columbia, Duncangrasspic
2008-07-20Crop circle at British Columbia, Duncangrasspic
2008-07-11Crop circle at Ontario, Holmesvillewheatpic
2008-06-07Crop circle at British Columbia, QuamichanLakegrass
2007-10-01Crop circle at Ontario, Shakespearecornpic
2007-10-01Crop circle at Ontario, Londesboroughcornpic
2007-09-05Crop circle at Saskatchewan, Quill Lakewheat
2007-08-26Crop circle at Saskatchewan, St. Gregorwheatpic
2007-08-26Crop circle at British Columbia, Abbotsfordcornpic
2007-07-24Crop circle at British Columbia, Rosedalecornpic
2007-07-24Crop circle at British Columbia, Abbotsfordcornpic
2006-08-28Crop circle at Alberta, Provostpic
2006-08-18Crop circle at Ontario, Schombergsorghumpic
2006-07-31Crop circle at British Columbia, Armstronggrasspic
2005-12-09Crop circle at Ontario, Sudburyicepic
2005-08-28Crop circle at Alberta, Near High River, south of Calgarybarleypic
2005-08-27Crop circle at Saskatchewan, Steelmanwheatpic
2005-08-14Crop circle at Saskatchewan, Aneroidpeas
2005-08-14Crop circle at Saskatchewan, Aneroidpeas
2005-06-03Crop circle at Manitoba, Sandy Baygrasspic
2005-01Crop circle at Ontario, St. Catharinesicepic
2004-10-17Crop circle at Ontario, Waterloocornpic
2004-10-07Crop circle at Saskatchewan, Moose Jawwheat
2004-10-06Crop circle at Saskatchewan, Assiniboiawheat
2004-10-01Crop circle at British Columbia, Chilliwackcornpic
2004-09-22Crop circle at Saskatchewan, Humboldtbarleypic
2004-09-11Crop circle at Quebec, Noyancornpic
2004-09-02Crop circle at Saskatchewan, Wadenawheatpic
2004-09Crop circle at Ontario (2), Breslau (2)corn
2004-09Crop circle at Ontario, Breslaucornpic
2004-08-26Crop circle at Alberta, Calgarygrasspic
2004-08Crop circle at British Columbia, Matsquicornpic
2004-07-27Crop circle at Ontario, Ashgrovewheatpic
2004-07-21Crop circle at Ontario, Grand Bendwheatpic
2004-07-12Crop circle at British Columbia, Prince Georgegrasspic
2004-07-07Crop circle at Alberta, Taberbarleypic
2004-07Crop circle at British Columbia, Grand Forksbarley
2004-06-24Crop circle at New Brunswick, Erbs Covegrasspic
2004-06-24Crop circle at Ontario, Essex Countysoybeanspic
2004-05-26Crop circle at Northwest Territories, Nahanni Buttetrees
2004-05-26Crop circle at Northwest Territories (2), Nahanni Butte (2)trees
2003-11-30Crop circle at Ontario, Grand Bendwheatpic
2003-08-08Crop circle at Saskatchewan, Revenuewheatpic
2010-06-28Crop circle at Medimurje, Sveti Martinwheatpic
2007-06-25Crop circle at Medjimurje, Vrhovljwheatpic
2006-06-19Crop circle at Splitsko-dalmatinska, Vidoši, Vinjani Gornjigrasspic
2006-06-15Crop circle at Varaždinska, Brezovawheatpic
2006-06-09Crop circle at Međimurje, Vrhovljanwheatpic
2005-04-28Crop circle at Limassolpic
CzechCrop circle at
2010-08-01Crop circle at Moravia, Velesovicewheatpic
2010-07-16Crop circle at South Moravia, Radejovwheatpic
2008-06-28Crop circle at Liberec, Jitravawheatpic
2007-07-06Crop circle at Mlada Boleslav, Honsobwheatpic
2006-07-16Crop circle at Semily, Turnovwheatpic
2005-08-02Crop circle at Pardubicepic
2004-08-10Crop circle at Kutna Hora, Kutna Horawheat
2004-08-04Crop circle at Sumperk, Pisarovoats
2004-07-31Crop circle at Hodonin, Zeleticecereal
2004-07-31Crop circle at Kutna Hora, Kutna Horawheat
2004-07-30Crop circle at Uherske Hradiste, Sumice II.wheat
2004-07-30Crop circle at Sumperk, Novy Malin II.oats
2004-07-28Crop circle at Sumperk, Novy Malin I.oats
2004-07-23Crop circle at Kromeriz, Rataje-Popovice II.wheat
2004-07-23Crop circle at Kromeriz, Rataje-Popovice I.barley
2004-07-19Crop circle at Klatovy, Brod u Kolinceryepic
2004-07-18Crop circle at Uherske Hradiste, Sumice I.wheatpic
2004-07-18Crop circle at Uherske Hradiste, Ostrozska Nova Ves - Kunovicewheatpic
2004-07-18Crop circle at Zlín, Zlínwheat
2004-07-14Crop circle at Uherske Hradiste, Modra - Velehradwheat
2004-07-13Crop circle at Frydek - Mistek, Brusperkrye
2004-07-04Crop circle at Sumperk, Sumperkwheatpic
2004-08-24Crop circle at Bornholm, near Ronne
2004-06-28Crop circle at Fyn, Glamsbjergbarley
2004-06-15Crop circle at Jylland, Viborgryepic
2006-06-15Crop circle at Southern Finland, Southern Finlandweeds
2010-07-24Crop circle at Limousin, Vigenwheatpic
2009-06-08Crop circle at Cher, Bourgescerealpic
2008-07-22Crop circle at Drome, Valencewheatpic
2008-07-11Crop circle at Moselle, Sarraltroffcerealpic
2008-06-18Crop circle at Bourgogne, Verdun-sur-lesDoubswheatpic
2008-06-07Crop circle at Moselle, Marlybarley?pic
2008-05-17Crop circle at Lorraine, Sailly-Achâtel, nr. Nancybarleypic
2007-05-27Crop circle at Moselle, Hessetriticalepic
2006-06-16Crop circle at Deux Sévres, La Mothe-Saint-Héraywheatpic
2006-06Crop circle at Loiret, Montagrisoats
2006-05-29Crop circle at Deux-Sevres, La Couardebarleypic
2006-05-28Crop circle at Loiret, Amillybarleypic
2006-04Crop circle at Charente Maritimegrass
2004-07-06Crop circle at Essonne, Boussy-Saint-Antoinepic
2010-08-14Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Hoeckelheimwheatpic
2010-08-14Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Goettingenwheatpic
2010-08-07Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Zevenwheatpic
2010-07-22Crop circle at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Wismarwheatpic
2010-07-16Crop circle at Bayern, Oberschleissheim (nr. Munich)barleypic
2010-07-08Crop circle at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Wismarwheatpic
2010-06-30Crop circle at North Rhine-Westphalia, Groß Schneenbarleypic
2010-06-30Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Groß Schneenwheat?pic
2010-06-29Crop circle at North Rhine-Westphalia, Kaldauen (Siegburg)barleypic
2010-06-27Crop circle at Hessen, Berlepsch-Ellerodewheatpic
2010-06-12Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Meensenbarleypic
2010-05-23Crop circle at Hessen, Zierenbergrapepic
2010-05-14Crop circle at Hessen, Zierenbergrapepic
2009-08-02Crop circle at Bavaria, Illschwangwheatpic
2009-07-26Crop circle at Hessen, Gertenbach - Hübenthalwheatpic
2009-07-23Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Meensenwheatpic
2009-07-19Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Burg Plesse (Eddigehausen, Reyershausen)wheatpic
2009-07-19Crop circle at Berlin, Berlin-Mahlsdorfbarleypic
2009-07-17Crop circle at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Kaltenhof, Insel Poel (Poel Island)wheatpic
2009-07-16Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Wolbrechtshausenwheatpic
2009-07-12Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Barterode / Esebeck, nr. Göttingenwheatpic
2009-07-05Crop circle at Bavaria, Pfaffenhofen a.d. Ilm, wheatpic
2009-05-30Crop circle at Hessen, Ehlenbarleypic
2009-05-21Crop circle at Hessen, Zierenbergbarleypic
2009-05-01Crop circle at Hessen, Hessia, Wattenbachrapepic
2008-11-15Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Niedernjesamustardpic
2008-11-15Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Olenhusen/Tiefenbrunnmustardpic
2008-08-03Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Grone, Göttingenwheatpic
2008-07-31Crop circle at Thüringen, Marksuhlwheatpic
2008-07-30Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Dransfeldwheatpic
2008-07-25Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Volkmarshausenwheatpic
2008-07-23Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Sieboldshausenwheatpic
2008-07-17Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Bördel, Dransfedwheat
2008-07-15Crop circle at Nordrhein-Westfalen, Lindlarwheatpic
2008-07-11Crop circle at Bavaria, Alling - Germeringwheatpic
2008-07-07Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Sudheimwheatpic
2008-07-05Crop circle at Nordrhein-Westfalen, Wylerwheatpic
2008-07-04Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Krebeckwheatpic
2008-07-01Crop circle at Hessen, Fritzlarwheatpic
2008-06-29Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Jühnde - Meensenwheat?pic
2008-06-27Crop circle at Baden-Württemberg, Horb-Bildechingenwheatpic
2008-06-23Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Secklendorfwheatpic
2008-06-23Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Edendorfwheatpic
2008-06-23Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Gifkendorfwheatpic
2008-06-23Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Reinshof - Niedernjesawheatpic
2007-08-03Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Hedenmünden - Römerlagerwheat
2007-07-28Crop circle at Bavaria, Fischenwheatpic
2007-07-26Crop circle at Bavaria, Tapfheimspeltpic
2007-07-25Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Göttingen-Geismarwheatpic
2007-07-21Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Dankelshausenwheatpic
2007-07-21Crop circle at Brandenburg, Wernitzwheat?pic
2007-07-09Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Reinhausenwheatpic
2007-07-03Crop circle at Hessen, Gertenbach - Hübenthalwheatpic
2007-07-01Crop circle at Baden-Württemberg, Horb am Neckarwheatpic
2007-06-30Crop circle at Bavaria, Bad Kissingenwheat?pic
2007-06-24Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Klein Wiershausenwheatpic
2007-06-24Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Klein Wiershausenwheatpic
2007-06-24Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Neustadt am Rübenbergewheatpic
2007-06-17Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Klein Wiershausenwheatpic
2007-06-14Crop circle at Saarland, Schiffweilerryepic
2007-06-07Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Hagerhof, Bördelwheat?pic
2007-06-07Crop circle at Bavaria, Hausenbarleypic
2007-05-29Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Hannoversch Mündenspeltpic
2007-05-21Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Meensenryepic
2007-04-30Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Hedenmündenrapepic
2007-04-23Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Meensenrapepic
2007-04-23Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Meensenrapepic
2007-04-23Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Meensenrapepic
2007-04-22Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Meensenrapepic
2006-12-22Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Gut Wellersen, nr. Göttingenmustardpic
2006-10-25Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Göttingenmustardpic
2006-10-18Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Göttingenmustardpic
2006-10-01Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Jühndetriticalepic
2006-08-11Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Meensen (3)wheatpic
2006-08-11Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Meensen (2)wheatpic
2006-08-05Crop circle at Bayern, Selbbarleypic
2006-08-01Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Meensen (1)wheatpic
2006-08-01Crop circle at Bavaria, Hadorfwheatpic
2006-07-24Crop circle at Brandenburg, Bredowwheatpic
2006-07-17Crop circle at Nordrhein-Westfalen, Bergheim-Stommelnwheat
2006-07-17Crop circle at Bayern, Gablingenwheatpic
2006-07-16Crop circle at Brandenburg, Seeburg, nr. Berlinoatspic
2006-07-16Crop circle at Baden-Württemberg, Bambergenwheatpic
2006-07-15Crop circle at Bavaria, Oberhausenwheatpic
2006-07-13Crop circle at Hessen, Calden-Ehrstenwheatpic
2006-07-12Crop circle at Bayern, Hanfeldwheatpic
2006-07-11Crop circle at Bayern, Hassfurtwheatpic
2006-07-10Crop circle at Baden-Württemberg, Schwetzingenrye?pic
2006-07-06Crop circle at Bavaria, Marloffsteinwheatpic
2006-07-02Crop circle at Baden-Württemberg, Niederbiegenwheatpic
2006-06-25Crop circle at Bavaria, Memmelsdorfwheatpic
2006-06-21Crop circle at Hessen, Dörnbergwheatpic
2006-06-09Crop circle at Hessen, Gut Burghasungenrapepic
2005-08-25Crop circle at Bavaria, Ermreuth - Dachstadt, Markt Igensdorfwheatpic
2005-08-16Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Stadtoldendorfwheatpic
2005-08-13Crop circle at Bavaria, Nördlingenwheatpic
2005-08-09Crop circle at Bayern, Würzburgwheatpic
2005-08-07Crop circle at Bavaria, Wollomooswheatpic
2005-08-03Crop circle at Altnuifra, Baden-Württembergwheatpic
2005-08-03Crop circle at Sachsen-Anhalt, Osternienburgwheatpic
2005-08-03Crop circle at Bavaria, Hanfeld - Starnbergwheatpic
2005-08-01Crop circle at Bayern, Hörzhausenpic
2005-07-31Crop circle at Wendeburg, Lower Saxonywheat
2005-07-30Crop circle at Bavaria, Eggolsheim - Adelsdorf
2005-07-30Crop circle at Sachsen, Waldenburgwheatpic
2005-07-26Crop circle at Brandenburg, Wernitzwheatpic
2005-07-24Crop circle at Bavaria, Dillingenwheatpic
2005-07-21Crop circle at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Golmwheatpic
2005-07-18Crop circle at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Drammendorf/Rothenkirchen - Isle of Ruegen
2005-07-17Crop circle at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Gustow/Datzlow - Isle of Ruegenwheatpic
2005-07-17Crop circle at Rheinland-Pfalz, Kelberg - Müllenbachcerealpic
2005-07-15Crop circle at Bavaria, Wüstensteinbarleypic
2005-07-14Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Kalkriese - Bramschewheatpic
2005-07-09Crop circle at Rheinland-Pfalz, wheatpic
2005-07-06Crop circle at Bavaria, Unterweilenbachwheatpic
2005-06-28Crop circle at Baden-Württemberg, Gondelsheim, nr. Karlsruhebarley?
2005-06-28Crop circle at Rheinland-Pfalz, Kalt (n. Koblenz)wheat?pic
2005-06-25Crop circle at Nordrhein-Westfalen, Lohmar-Scheiderhöhewheatpic
2005-06-25Crop circle at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Neustrelitz
2005-06-24Crop circle at Rheinland-Pfalz, Schmitshausenwh, ba, rypic
2005-06-20Crop circle at Nordrhein-Westfalen, Köln-Esch (nr. Cologne)wheatpic
2005-06-18Crop circle at Nordrhein-Westfalen, Köln-Esch (nr. Cologne)barley?pic
2005-06-01Crop circle at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Poppelvitz, Isle of Ruegenbarley
2005-05-25Crop circle at Baden-Württemberg, Empfingen - Nordstetten, near Horb am Neckarbarleypic
2005-05-06Crop circle at Baden-Württemberg, Berwangen - Massenbachhausenrapepic
2005-05-01Crop circle at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Breesen, Ruegenrape
2004-06-29Crop circle at Saarland, Bedersdorfwheat
2004-06-27Crop circle at Lower Saxony, Bramsche, near Osnabrueckwheatpic
2004-06-26Crop circle at Rheinland-Pfalz, Südwestpfalzwheat?pic
2004-06-21Crop circle at Saarland, Wallerfangenwheatpic
2004-06-20Crop circle at Nordrhein-Westfalen, Pulheim (near Cologne)wheatpic
2004-06-06Crop circle at Nordrhein-Westfalen, Koln-Esch (near Cologne)wheatpic
2004-06-05Crop circle at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Isle of Rügenbarleypic
2004-05-31Crop circle at Rheinland-Pfalz, Rhine-Isle Petersause, near Mainzbarleypic
2004-05-07Crop circle at Mecllenburg-Vorpommern, Isle of Rügenrapepic
2004-05-07Crop circle at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Isle of Rügenrapepic
2004-05-07Crop circle at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Isle of Rügenrapepic
2004-05-04Crop circle at Baden-Württemberg, near Sinsheimrapepic
2004-05-02Crop circle at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Isle of Rügenrapepic
2004-05-02Crop circle at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Isle of Rügenrapepic
2004-04-28Crop circle at Rheinland-Pfalz, Südwestpfalzrapepic
2006-07-09Crop circle at Mezokomarompic
2011-01-29Crop circle at Magelang, Tegalrejoricepic
2011-01-25Crop circle at Yogyakarta, Wanujoyoricepic
2011-01-23Crop circle at Yogyakarta, Slemanricepic
2010-06-29Crop circle at Friuli Venezia Giulia, Merlana di Bagnaria Arsawheatpic
2010-06-21Crop circle at Perugia, Umbertidebarley?pic
2010-06-14Crop circle at Toscana, Collesalvettiwheatpic
2010-06-13Crop circle at Piemont, Poirinowheat?pic
2010-06-11Crop circle at Emilia Romagna, San Andreacerealpic
2010-06-10Crop circle at Marche, Varanocerealpic
2010-06-09Crop circle at Marche, Fanocerealpic
2010-06-05Crop circle at Veneto (Prov. Padova), Montagnanacerealpic
2010-06-03Crop circle at Veneto (Prov. Padova), Santa Maria dell Adigecerealpic
2010-06-02Crop circle at Marche (Prov. Macerata), Fontepeschieracerealpic
2010-06-01Crop circle at Piemont (Prov. Cuneo), Prioccacerealpic
2010-05-31Crop circle at Veneto (Prov. Padova), Tribano, nr Padovabarley?pic
2010-05-29Crop circle at Marche (Prov. Fermp), Lido di Fermocerealpic
2010-05-28Crop circle at Basiano, Lombardia (Reg. Milano)wheat?pic
2010-05-27Crop circle at Lombardia (Milano), Rhowheat?pic
2010-05-27Crop circle at Marche (Prov. Ascoli Piceno), Montegranarocerealpic
2010-05-26Crop circle at Piemont (Prov. Torino), San Benignorapepic
2010-05-22Crop circle at Marche (Prov. Fermo), San Marco alle Paludicerealpic
2010-05-02Crop circle at Lombardia (Brescia), Bagnolo Mellacerealpic
2010-05-01Crop circle at Sicilia (Caltanissetta), Riesicerealpic
2010-04-30Crop circle at Latium (Roma), Taraquiniacerealpic
2009-06-23Crop circle at Lombardia, Bergamo, Cascina Pianecerealpic
2009-06-20Crop circle at Piemonte, Torino, Cascina Martinawheatpic
2009-06-11Crop circle at Emilia Romagna, Parma, Torrechiarabarleypic
2009-06-06Crop circle at Emilia Romagna, Castelfranco Nonantolacerealpic
2009-06-06Crop circle at Marche, Ancona, Moisecerealpic
2009-06-05Crop circle at Puglia, Taranto, Monteiasibarleypic
2009-05-25Crop circle at Lombardia, Milano, Brugheriobarleypic
2008-06-29Crop circle at Marche, Anconabarley?pic
2008-06-29Crop circle at Piemonte, Villanova D'Astiwheat?pic
2008-06-26Crop circle at Marche, Poliverigi (AN)barley?pic
2008-06-22Crop circle at Piemonte, Pontecurone (AL)cerealpic
2008-06-19Crop circle at Piemonte, Montaldo Roero (CN)barley?pic
2008-06-15Crop circle at Piemonte, Ravinali (CN)cerealpic
2008-06-12Crop circle at Emilia Romagna, Lizzanocerealpic
2008-06-11Crop circle at Lombardia, Varedo (MI)barley?pic
2008-06-04Crop circle at Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD)wheatpic
2008-05-27Crop circle at Piemonte, Montecastello (AL)cerealpic
2008-05-13Crop circle at Marche, Castel D'Emilio (AN)cerealpic
2008-05-07Crop circle at Piemonte, Gallo d'Alba (CN)cerealpic
2008-04-27Crop circle at Lombardia, Rho (Mi)barleypic
2008-04-20Crop circle at Sicilia, Riesipic
2007-06-29Crop circle at Milano, Desiocerealpic
2007-06-21Crop circle at Lombardia, Uboldo, Varesebarley?pic
2007-06-19Crop circle at Pisa, Calcinaiabarley?pic
2007-06-16Crop circle at Lombardia, Voghera, Paviabarley?pic
2007-06-16Crop circle at PV, Vogherapic
2007-06-11Crop circle at Marche, Candia, Anconawheatpic
2007-06-11Crop circle at Marche, Anconawheatpic
2007-06-10Crop circle at Piemonte, Monteau da Powheatpic
2007-06-10Crop circle at Udine, Lignano Sabbiedorowheatpic
2007-05-23Crop circle at Sicilia, Riesicerealpic
2007-05-23Crop circle at Veneto, Padova, Vowheatpic
2007-05-22Crop circle at Marche, San Constanzowheatpic
2007-05-22Crop circle at Emilia Romagna, Argentacerealpic
2007-05-21Crop circle at Marche, Anconacerealpic
2007-05-20Crop circle at Marche, Anconacerealpic
2007-05-20Crop circle at Sardegna, Cagliari, Sinnaicerealpic
2007-05-20Crop circle at Sardegna, Sassari, Marabarley?pic
2007-05-20Crop circle at Sardegna, Cagliari, Settimo San Pietrocerealpic
2007-05-20Crop circle at Sardegna, Cagliari, Sinnaiwheat?pic
2007-05-17Crop circle at Piemonte, Faroglianopic
2007-05-13Crop circle at Emilia Romagna, Forliwheatpic
2007-05-08Crop circle at Emilia Romagna, Coccolia (nr. Ravenna)wheat?pic
2007-05-03Crop circle at Emilia Romagna, Forlibarley?pic
2007-05-03Crop circle at Emilia Romagna, Forlibarley?pic
2007-04-07Crop circle at Emilia Romagna, Consandolo Ferraracereal
2007-01-04Crop circle at Emilia Romagna, Consandolowheat
2006-07-01Crop circle at Marche, San Biaggio di Osimo (Ancona)wheatpic
2006-06-29Crop circle at Piemonte, Pralormo (Torino)wheatpic
2006-06-28Crop circle at Marche, Osimowheatpic
2006-06-25Crop circle at Piemonte, Poirino, Torino
2006-06-24Crop circle at Marche, Montegranaro (AP)wheatpic
2006-06-23Crop circle at Marche, Montegranaro (AP)wheatpic
2006-06-23Crop circle at Emilia Romagna, Lizzano (Cesena)wheatpic
2006-06-17Crop circle at Tuscany, Calcinaiawheatpic
2006-06-16Crop circle at Marche, Santa Lucia, Recanati (Macerata)wheatpic
2006-06-10Crop circle at Marche, Cartoceto (PU)alfalfapic
2006-06-09Crop circle at Asti, Isola d'Astiwheatpic
2006-06-09Crop circle at Emilia Romagna, Gavello di Mirandola (MO)wheatpic
2006-06-07Crop circle at Piemonte, Rocchino, Acqui Termewheatpic
2006-06Crop circle at Friuli Venezia Giulia, Pordenonewheat?pic
2006-05-28Crop circle at Piemonte, Appendini di Buriascowheatpic
2006-05-26Crop circle at Piemonte, Gallo d'Alba (Cuneo)barleypic
2006-05-21Crop circle at Lombardia, Rho (Mi)barleypic
2006-05-19Crop circle at Piemonte, Rocchetta Belbo (Cuneo)barleypic
2005-09-27Crop circle at Lombardia, Meda (MI)grasspic
2005-07-24Crop circle at Piemonte, Alessandriapic
2005-07-10Crop circle at Piemonte, Monteu da Po (TO)wheatpic
2005-07-03Crop circle at Marche, Montegranarowheatpic
2005-07-02Crop circle at Marche, Offida (AP)wheatpic
2005-06-26Crop circle at Emilia Romagna, Panocchiawheatpic
2005-06-25Crop circle at Marche, Morrovalle (MC)pic
2005-06-24Crop circle at Marche, Montegranaro (AP)wheatpic
2005-06-21Crop circle at Marche, Osimopic
2005-06-18Crop circle at Marche, Montegranaro (AP)wheatpic
2005-06-13Crop circle at Umbria, Marscianopic
2005-06-09Crop circle at Emilia Romagna, Sala Baganza (PR)wheatpic
2005-06-09Crop circle at Emilia Romagna, Mercato Saracenopic
2005-06-07Crop circle at Toscana, Arezzobarleypic
2005-06-06Crop circle at Piemonte, Roddiwheatpic
2005-06-02Crop circle at Toscana, Peccioli-Capannoli (PI)wheatpic
2005-06-01Crop circle at Friuli Venezia Giulia, Ranzano (PN)barleypic
2005-05-22Crop circle at Piemonte, Macellowheatpic
2004-11-01Crop circle at Piemonte, Carmagnola (TO)wheat
2004-09-25Crop circle at Lombardia, Briosco (MI)wheat
2004-09-21Crop circle at Emilia Romagna, Malandrianograsspic
2004-08-31Crop circle at Lombardia, Terdobbiate (NO)ricepic
2004-07-11Crop circle at Piemonte, Marene (CN)oats
2004-07-07Crop circle at Umbria, Fontevole (PG)wheatpic
2004-07-04Crop circle at Lombardia, Desio (Mi)pic
2004-06-30Crop circle at Umbria, San Martino in Colle (PG)wheatpic
2004-06-27Crop circle at Friuli Venezia Giulia, Campolongo del Torre (UD)pic
2004-06-27Crop circle at Emilia Romagna, Lizzano, Cesenapic
2004-06-26Crop circle at Emilia Romagna, Panocchiapic
2004-06-24Crop circle at Emilia Romagna, Casalbaroncolo (Pr)pic
2004-06-22Crop circle at Lombardia, Cormano (MI)pic
2004-06-20Crop circle at Piemonte, Cuneopic
2004-06-19Crop circle at Lombardia, Baranzate (MI)pic
2004-06-18Crop circle at Piemonte, Pontecuronewheatpic
2004-06-12Crop circle at Emilia Romagna, Bacciolino di Mercato Saracenopic
2004-06-10Crop circle at Emilia Romagna, Borello, Cesenapic
2004-06-07Crop circle at Friuli Venezia Giulia, Pordenone
2004-06-05Crop circle at Piemonte, Acqui Terme (AL)pic
2004-06-05Crop circle at Lazio, Sabaudia, Latinapic
2004-06-03Crop circle at Toscana, Orciano (Pisa)pic
2004-06-02Crop circle at Lombardia, Rho (Mi)pic
2003-07-12Crop circle at Lombardia, Turbigo (MI)wheatpic
2003-06-30Crop circle at Umbria, San Mariano, Perugiapic
2003-06-27Crop circle at Toscana, Fornacette, Pisawheatpic
2003-06-20Crop circle at Marche, Montegranaro (AP)pic
2003-06-16Crop circle at Piemonte, Perosa Canavese (TO)wheatpic
2003-06-16Crop circle at Toscana, Cortona, Arezzowheatpic
2003-06-16Crop circle at Lazio, Tre Fontane (Roma)pic
2003-06-15Crop circle at Marche, Montegranaro (AP)
2003-06-15Crop circle at Lazio, Sabaudia, Latinawheatpic
2003-06-14Crop circle at Veneto, Le Glorie di Correggiolipic
2003-06-13Crop circle at Marche, Montegranaro (AP)pic
2003-06-09Crop circle at Marche, Potenza Picena (AP)pic
2003-06-09Crop circle at Lazio, Capena (Roma)pic
2003-06-08Crop circle at Marche, Montegranaro (AP)wheatpic
2003-05-27Crop circle at Sardegna, Settimo San Pietro (CA)
2003-05-20Crop circle at Friuli Venezia Giulia, Ranzano (PN)barleypic
2003-05-19Crop circle at Emilia Romagna, Loiano (BO)grasspic
2003-04-22Crop circle at Sardegna, Villaspeciosa (CA)pic
2000-05-07Crop circle at Sardegna, Villaspeciosa (CA)pic
1985-08Crop circle at Friuli Venezia Giulia, Castions di Zoppola (PN)
1983-06-05Crop circle at Lombardia, Varzi
Korea, S
2008-06-03Crop circle at Boryoung Citypic
2011-03-20Crop circle at Tequixquiac, nr. Santiagooatspic
2005-05-01Crop circle at Michoacán, Moreliaoatspic
2010-06-25Crop circle at Noord-Brabant, Etten-Leurwheatpic
2009-07-10Crop circle at Noord Brabant, Standaartdbuitenwheatpic
2009-07-07Crop circle at Noord Brabant, Standdardbuitenwheatpic
2009-07-01Crop circle at Noord Brabant, Standaartdbuitenwheatpic
2008-08-08Crop circle at Noord Holland, Benningbroekwheatpic
2008-07-10Crop circle at Zeeland, Brouwershavenwheatpic
2008-06-24Crop circle at Gelderland, Berg en Dalwheatpic
2008-06-15Crop circle at Felvoland, Almerebarleypic
2007-07-25Crop circle at Noord Brabant, Standaartbuitenwheatpic
2007-07-22Crop circle at Noord Brabant, Standartbuitenwheatpic
2007-07-19Crop circle at Noord Brabant, Zevenbergenbarleypic
2007-07-17Crop circle at Noord Brabant, Hoevenwheatpic
2007-07-01Crop circle at Noord Brabant, Bosschenhoofdwheatpic
2007-06-28Crop circle at Noord Brabant, Bosschenhoofdwheatpic
2007-06-28Crop circle at Noord Brabant, Bosschenhoofdwheatpic
2007-06-26Crop circle at Noord Brabant, Bosschenhoofdwheatpic
2007-06-21Crop circle at Noord Brabant, Andelwheatpic
2007-06-21Crop circle at Noord Brabant, Bosschenhoofdwheatpic
2007-06-21Crop circle at Noord Brabant, Bredagrasspic
2007-03-13Crop circle at Noord Brabant, Hoevencerealpic
2006-07-16Crop circle at Zeeland, Dreischoorwheatpic
2006-07-16Crop circle at Noord Brabant, Etten-Leurwheatpic
2006-07-13Crop circle at Noord Brabant, Zevenbergenbarleypic
2006-07-08Crop circle at Hoeven, Noord Brabantwheatpic
2006-07-04Crop circle at Gelderland, Berg en Dalpic
2005-06-01Crop circle at Gelderland, Doetinchemgrasspic
2005-04-06Crop circle at Noord Brabant, Hoevengrasspic
2004-08-28Crop circle at Assen, Drenthebarleypic
2004-07-26Crop circle at Noord Brabant, Vlijmenwheatpic
2004-07-23Crop circle at Noord Brabant, Hoevenwheatpic
2004-07-18Crop circle at Noord Brabant, Millbarleypic
2004-07-16Crop circle at Gelderland, Harnhemwheatpic
2004-06-27Crop circle at Valkenburg, Limburgpic
2004-06-24Crop circle at Berg en Dal, Gelderlandpic
2004-06-18Crop circle at Gelderland, Wijchenwheatpic
2004-06-13Crop circle at Wijchen, Gelderlandwheatpic
2004-06-12Crop circle at Wageningen, Gelderlandpic
2004-05-07Crop circle at Noord Brabant, Hoevengrasspic
New Zealand
2010-02-01Crop circle at Canterbury, Alburycerealpic
2010-08-15Crop circle at Skien, Ballestadwheatpic
2010-08-09Crop circle at Arhus, nr. Skien, Telemarkwheatpic
2007-07-30Crop circle at Akerhus, Holterwheatpic
2007-06-27Crop circle at Telemark, Gulset, nr. Skienbarley?pic
2004-04-24Crop circle at Hardangerviddasnowpic
2008-06-22Crop circle at Pierwszypic
2007-07-02Crop circle at Labiszynbarley?pic
2007-06-24Crop circle at Warminsk - Mazurskopic
2006-07-14Crop circle at Warzawa, Kepnawheatpic
2006-07-13Crop circle at Makowarskwheatpic
2005-07-12Crop circle at Borekpic
2005-07-10Crop circle at Mlynypic
2005-07-09Crop circle at Kwieciszewiepic
2005-07-09Crop circle at Wistka Szlacheckapic
2005-07-08Crop circle at Wejherowiepic
2005-07-07Crop circle at Trzeciewiec near Bydgoszczwheatpic
2005-07-02Crop circle at Godziecinpic
2005-06-18Crop circle at Central Poland, Paprosryepic
2005-06-17Crop circle at Central Poland, Paproswheatpic
2005-06-17Crop circle at Central Poland, Paproswheatpic
2005-06-13Crop circle at Zlotowiepic
2005-05-31Crop circle at Mlynywheatpic
2004-08-06Crop circle at Strzelnwheatpic
2004-08-01Crop circle at Strzeln, Wylatowowheatpic
2004-07-10Crop circle at Wylatowopic
2004-07-07Crop circle at Bydgoszszwheatpic
2004-07-05Crop circle at Wylatowowheatpic
2004-06-23Crop circle at Domatkovryepic
2004-06-22Crop circle at Stawincapic
2004-06-22Crop circle at Szczeciniewheat?pic
2004-06-13Crop circle at Zamek Bierzglowickiryepic
2004-05-26Crop circle at Zlotowobarley?pic
2004-05-16Crop circle at Wylatowowheatpic
2004-05-15Crop circle at Zabnopic
2004-00-06Crop circle at Strzelnwheatpic
2010-06-15Crop circle at Krasnodar, Belorechenskwheatpic
2009-06-22Crop circle at Novokubanskie District, Krasnodarcereal
2009-06-17Crop circle at Novokubansk, Krasnodar, Armavircerealpic
2009-06-11Crop circle at Krasnodar, Dinsky districtcerealpic
2004-11-23Crop circle at Cyxom Loresnowpic
2004-06-18Crop circle at Southern Russia, Znamenskygrasspic
2009-07-09Crop circle at Tlmace, cast Lipnikwheatpic
2008-06-20Crop circle at Nove Zamky, Hulcerealpic
2007-06-13Crop circle at Vljutomerwheat?pic
2007-06-09Crop circle at Mariborwheat?pic
2007-06-02Crop circle at Podravska, Pobrezjewheat?pic
2006-07-18Crop circle at Krapjepic
2005-07-21Crop circle at Drazenci near Ptujwheatpic
2000-06-20Crop circle at Pečarovci, Murska Sobotawheatpic
2008-07-05Crop circle at Barcelona, Vacarissescerealpic
2008-07-01Crop circle at Andalucia, Malagacerealpic
2008-06-27Crop circle at Madrid, Madridwheat?pic
2008-06-12Crop circle at Bizkaia, Montes Bandera, Bilbaograsspic
2008-01-07Crop circle at Andalucia, Tajocerealpic
2004-06-14Crop circle at Castellfollit del Boixpic
2007-08-10Crop circle at Akersbergwheatpic
2004-08-20Crop circle at Dalarna, Backmoenpic
2010-07-08Crop circle at Zurich (Kanton), Hochfeldenwheatpic
2009-07-12Crop circle at Thurgau, Hörhausenwheatpic
2008-08-09Crop circle at Vaud, Longirodwheat?pic
2008-08-09Crop circle at Vaud, Longirodwheatpic
2008-07-17Crop circle at Vaud, Morrenswheatpic
2008-07-08Crop circle at Kanton Zuerich, Guetighausenwheatpic
2008-06-21Crop circle at Thurgau, Diessenhofenwheatpic
2008-06-15Crop circle at Zürichwheatpic
2008-06-13Crop circle at Bern, Kirchbergwheatpic
2007-08-05Crop circle at Neuchatel, Rochefortwheatpic
2007-07-27Crop circle at Waadt, Chalet a Gobetwheatpic
2007-07-13Crop circle at Waadt, Dommartinwheatpic
2007-07-01Crop circle at Waadt, Payernewheatpic
2007-07-01Crop circle at Graubünden, Felsbergwheatpic
2007-06-24Crop circle at Graubünden, Reichenau / Farschwheatpic
2007-05-20Crop circle at Schaffhausen, Rheinauryepic
2007-05-20Crop circle at Luzern, Ettiswillbarleypic
2006-07-19Crop circle at Bern, Gümmenenwheatpic
2006-07-03Crop circle at Argau, Stettenwheatpic
2005-09-01Crop circle at Bern, Binggeli
2005-08-19Crop circle at Interlakenwheatpic
2005-07-28Crop circle at Zuerich, Reutlingenwheatpic
2005-07-23Crop circle at Bern, Bätterkindenoatspic
2005-07-20Crop circle at Freiburg, Balliswilwheatpic
2005-07-18Crop circle at Bern, Münchenbuchseebarleypic
2005-07-09Crop circle at Kanton Schaffhausen, Neunkirchwheatpic
2005-07-08Crop circle at Kanton Zürich, Eglisaubarley?pic
2005-07-01Crop circle at Bern, Studenbarleypic
2005-06-12Crop circle at Kanton Thurgau, Wetzikonpic
2004-07-24Crop circle at Wiesendangenpic
2004-07-17Crop circle at Worbpic
2004-07-03Crop circle at Kanton Zurick, Thalheimwheatpic
2004-06-27Crop circle at Kanton Schaffhausen, Buettenhardtwheatpic
2008-07-26Crop circle at Minnesota, Fosstonwheatpic
2008-07-23Crop circle at Minnesota, Fosstonwheatpic
2008-06-30Crop circle at Illinois, Greenvillewheatpic
2008-05-06Crop circle at Tennessee, Madinsonville, Monroe Countywheatpic
2007-10-03Crop circle at Iowa, cornpic
2007-09-23Crop circle at Ohio, Madisonburg, Wayne Countysoybeanspic
2007-06-29Crop circle at Washington, Wilburwheat?pic
2007-06-14Crop circle at Arkansas, witheld so far by farmer requestwheatpic
2007-05-27Crop circle at North Carolina, West Ashevillegrasspic
2007-05-21Crop circle at Kansas, Mission (Kansas City)grasspic
2007-05-14Crop circle at Tennessee, Medisonvillewheatpic
2007-05-11Crop circle at California, Red Bluff, Tehama Countyalfalfapic
2007-05-10Crop circle at Louisiana, Epps, West Carroll Parishwheatpic
2006-09-09Crop circle at Kansas, Beloitsorghumpic
2006-08-16Crop circle at Illinois, Geneseosoybeanspic
2006-07Crop circle at Illinois, Bellevillesoybeanspic
2006-06-29Crop circle at Indiana, Huntingburgwheatpic
2006-06-25Crop circle at Indiana, Huntingburgwheatpic
2006-06-02Crop circle at Kansas, Heringtonwheatpic
2005-11-30Crop circle at Texas, Sabine Passgrasspic
2005-09-30Crop circle at Michigan, near Lake Eriecornpic
2005-08-21Crop circle at North Dakota, near Northwoodwheatpic
2005-08-21Crop circle at Illinois, Coles Countycornpic
2005-07-05Crop circle at Ohio, Greene Countywheatpic
2005-07-01Crop circle at North Carolina, Weaverevillegrasspic
2005-06-23Crop circle at Wisconsin, Trevorwheatpic
2005-06-22Crop circle at North Carolina, pic
2005-06-12Crop circle at North Carolina, Green Mountain, Yancey Countygrasspic
2005-06-12Crop circle at North Carolina, Green Mountaingrass
2005-04-26Crop circle at Missouri, Kansas Citygrasspic
2004-09-09Crop circle at Ohio, Rardencorn
2004-09-01Crop circle at Ohio, Miamisburgcornpic
2004-08-10Crop circle at Ohio, West Unionsoybeanspic
2004-08-04Crop circle at Maury County, Nr Spring Hillcornpic
2004-07-29Crop circle at Washington County, Cottage Groveoatspic
2004-07-19Crop circle at Chippewa County, Wisconsin, Tildenoatspic
2004-07-14Crop circle at Connecticut, New Milfordcornpic
2004-07-05Crop circle at Ohio, Eagle Twonoat
2004-07-05Crop circle at Ohio, Hillsborocornpic
2004-07-03Crop circle at Iowa, Eagle Groveoatpic
2004-06-30Crop circle at Utah, Spanish Forkbarleypic
2004-06-29Crop circle at California, Solano Countywheatpic
2004-06-15Crop circle at Missouri, Sedaliagrass
2004-06-11Crop circle at North Carolina, Branchvillewheat
2004-05-24Crop circle at Arkansas, Cay Countywheatpic